5 Trends To Watch Out For in The Social Media Space, This Year!

The Social Media space has been changing with every passing year in terms of the number of applications, platforms, the way consumers use and interact, and the way information is shared. Due to new technologies coming in, there is an immense number of tools being developed in the Social Media trends to attract the audience and keep them engaged. Companies through Social Media are trying to reach the audience and trying to bring them authentic information to build trust and connect with them. Companies are trying to monitor and understand the media consumption habits of the customers which are changing with changing time.

It is very important for Digital Marketers to stay abreast with the trends for 2019 which are expected to be popular this year.

Here are the 5 trends for 2019 which are expected to be huge in Social Media Marketing.

1. It’s all about what you see

Video content is going to be more powerful in 2019. As per an industry expert, 80% of the content we consume is video hence Marketers could concentrate on generating more original content. YouTube as a platform continues to thrive as more and more YouTubers are joining in and making incredible content to keep the audience engaged. The Live videos seem to gain popularity through YouTube, Facebook and now Instagram. Brands can utilize the feature to stay up in the feeds of their customers.

2. Content remains the King

The quality of the content is the key and will continue to stay one in 2019. It is important for the brands to concentrate on the content which they are putting up on the Social Media platforms.
Content is what the audience interact with and trusts the brand if the content is good. Content creators are continuously struggling with the challenges like repetitive content, irrelevant content hence it is important that brands come out with original and relevant content and personalize it as per the target audience to stay relevant in the business.

3. Personalization

It is expected that in 2019, the business which use personalization to enhance the customer experience as one of their main strategies are likely to succeed. There is abundance of information available online but due to social media platforms, it is easy for the brands to identify and target their audience with targeted offers. Personalized emails are another way brands are trying to use the power of technology and information to make the experience for the customers to be more personal.

4. Social Listening

It is crucial for the brands to know what the customers must say about their brands. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are some of the ways the customers voice out their opinions about their experiences with the brands, it could be good or bad. Brads need to be aware of what is being said by the people online. Various Social listening tools are out in the market which are trying to gauge customers’ opinions about the brands and helping brand to correct or align their strategies accordingly.

5. Chatbots

With the advent of Artificial intelligence, the Chatbots have come in the scene are going to grow more in 2019.Facebook, Amazon and Google are already using Chatbots on their platforms and have been prompt in adopting the AI to enhance the customer experience. Millennials seem to be adapting to the changing technology at a faster pace so the brands which aim to target them must be using AI to stay in the game. IT is predicted that by 2020, 85% of the interactions will be through Chatbots.

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Social Media Trends in UAE

The six year old Arab Spring in the Middle East saw a new era of social media trends newsgathering where Twitter was used to identify, share and verify stories. And six years on, the social media usage has only increased and UAE in particular has witnessed a boom of digital.

The digital agencies and specialists have gained momentum with the increasing number of brands willing to go digital and making the most of it. Besides that, there has been an increasing number of bloggers and influencers aka internet celebrity creating an identity of their own on digital space.

The social media landscape changes often and at a fast pace. Therefore, as an agency, brand or an influencer, you need to stay up-to-speed with the changes and use them at your advantage.

Here are the five social media trends that have had a major impact in 2018 and will shape the year to come.

Social Media Advertising

The spend on digital, thought with slight margin, beat the TV ad spend in the previous year and the ever-growing use of social media advertisement as well as native advertising is going to continue to increase amongst the brands. Putting it to correct use can deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time. And this is likely to go a long way in boosting consumer engagement and enhancing brand reach. The popularity is due to the fact that performance can be monitored and measured on digital and thus, executed accordingly.

Influencer Marketing

Bloggers and vloggers aka internet celebs are the new trendsetter 2018. Digital influencers do not only act as brand ambassadors for the products and services but also greatly influence, encourage and motivate their followers and subscribers to make use of the advertised products and services and it has seemed to work so far.

For example, Huda Kattan, an Iraqi-American beauty blogger/makeup artist and now a Dubai-based entrepreneur is the world’s highest paid social influencer with 29.1 M followers on Instagram. According to the first ever Instagram Rich List, she charges $18,000 per sponsored post.

Online-Offline Experience Integration

In present day, the consumer has changed – his heartbeat is online at one and offline the other. Therefore, in 2018, online and offline experiences cannot be treated as separated entities and need to be enhanced and unified for a better user experience. Its prime example could be Alibaba, the major e-commerce platform worldwide, which has worked to integrate online and offline touchpoints. And by doing that, they improved the user experience which in turn has increased their sales.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the next big thing in digital – while it is still relatively new, several brands have already started making the use of this technology to enhance user experience. This technology is going to define and influence how we dress, what product we use and the advertising we see in daily life. Coca Cola has been amongst the few brands who experimented with it in their campaign to celebrate Chinese New Year. Followed by Estee Lauder which allowed their users to play with makeup in a video from their Facebook Messenger.

AR is the most interactive form of advertisement which means higher potential for top of the mind recall.

Video Content

Video is the king and the Middle East loves video. According to a data, the region has the second highest online video viewership after United States. The growing popularity of Snapchat, Instagram stories, IGTV, Facebook Live and growing number of Youtubers is the proof. According to a survey, 80% of the internet users said that they would be willing to watch a video than read a blog post. Digital marketers and brands need to create more engaging videos for their products and services and use this social media marketing tool to its full potential.

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