Social Media Marketing in UAE is Changing the Business Landscape

Social media platforms were launched with the idea of connecting people across the world to share their social & cultural happenings with their friends, family, and acquaintances, virtually. This aspect of social media marketing is still relevant today. But it has also has been beneficial for many small, medium, and large enterprises for branding, awareness, and advertising purposes.

Major social media marketing platforms have evolved in order to cater to business needs of all sizes. Remember when your Instagram feed was in chronological order (a post that was posted first would appear on top). Now the most engaged post appears on top. Such tweaks in the algorithm have been hugely beneficial for businesses and social media marketing platforms.

Factors improving the business ecosystem through social media marketing UAE:


Artificial intelligence and chatbots have played a huge role in the evolution of social media for businesses. Many automated chatbots have helped to increase business revenue even when they have an off day. Voice search is the new way of increasing brand presence as it is a more convenient method than typing.


Major social media marketing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram keep on updating their algorithm and give better results to advertisers. With the launch of WhatsApp for Business, customers can place an order through a message and they don’t need to fill up any form.

Customer Service:

Listening to customer complaints and actioning them has been done over social media nowadays. This is due to the fact that social media requires an immediate response and customers grow more impatient with a delayed response through the traditional way of calling or emailing.

We will be seeing a huge change in the way we interact with products and services on Social Media. Messaging platforms for one will be taking over the social media regime. Users will be invited to chatbots to solve queries, receive product information, register documents and resumes, and get instant solutions.

Stories will be the next big thing!

Users will be able to interact with their products via story advertising in a much proactive way with quick messaging and chatbots. This means you better get stories as a part of those good old content calendars.

The rise of the AR!

Augmented Reality will improve ordering sequences, product showcasing, and service understanding for consumers. You can bet that social media marketing will be one of the most popular applications for the technology, bringing people together over vast distances, and providing an entirely new UI for social interactions.

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Can Social Media Advertisement Result in Conversions?

Many of us associate Social Media promotions with Brand Awareness, but how many of us do believe that social media advertising can also drive conversions. There are many marketers who segregate social media for AWARENESS, and Google ads for ROI conversions. So, if you also think the same way, then time for a reality check has come.

Social media is now one of the leading mediums pitched above conventional advertising mediums and platforms in Dubai.

It has engaged a sizeable population across the world and given brands an opportunity to connect with their target segments with a post, or a campaign idea.

If you think there would be no proper reception among the target audience, then you might be undermining the popularity of social media. There are 71% of consumers, likely to purchase a product based on social media referrals. Other statistics reveal that more than half of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least two years reported it helped them improve sales.

All these trends point to one thing – to use social media for campaigns effectively and generate RoI. Many brands acknowledge that point, but don’t know HOW to achieve it? For such marketers, we have an easy way out. Tracking and analytics enable such marketing-oriented brands to interpret the data generated from the campaigns and use it to catapult brand growth. Proper website analytics and configuration also enable brands to track the traffic and their rate of conversions. Keeping a tab on this trend can enable brands to track conversions and sales.

Social listening of audience behavior through comments and online conversations also provides insights to determine which social strategies are/are not working and whether some adaptations are needed in the current plan.

Clarity of marketing goals is a must to ascertain the RoI and conversions on social media marketing. If Sales are the sole target, then all the social media activities will be centered on improving the desirability of the product or service in addition to the sale ads. While running ads, following A/B testing also helps ascertain which communication route is performing better.

These are a few of the tactics that ascertain RoI on Social Media Advertising if followed on a continuous basis. Wish to know how the prospects of Social media advertising in the UAE, then leave a comment below.

Keep in touch with Red Berries – A social media marketing agency in Dubai to keep yourself updated on emerging issues in the Digital industry. If you have any questions, require any help or you looking for a Digital Marketing Agency Dubai then, contact us today!. Also like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Linkedin for more updates.