8 Website Redesign Errors That Can Hurt Your SEO

The effectiveness of any online business’s search engine optimization strategies is critical to its success. If you want to make a lot of money from your online store, make sure that all of your content appears on the first pages of search engines. Even though SEO is such an important issue, it is often overlooked when redesigning a website. In most cases, website designers will focus on the aesthetics and physical appearance of the website. Beautiful websites are a must-have. But what is the point of having a beautiful website if it is not found in search engines?

Website redesigning is typically a large-scale project that necessitates significant technical and financial resources.

However, if you relaunch a website that does not speak the search engine language, the entire project may fail. How can you ensure that all of your old website’s SEO value is not only retained but enhanced? How can you ensure that your new website speaks search engine language? To answer these questions, you must avoid the following SEO mistakes when redesigning your website.

1.Viewing SEO as an “After-Design” Practice 

The first mistake that most website owners make when redesigning their websites is failing to consider SEO from the start! Most designers will push it to the end of the web design process or, worse, delegate SEO optimization duties to individuals who are less qualified to handle them. As a result, they end up with a website that isn’t well-optimized for SEO. You should understand that SEO is a team sport whose success is dependent on the effectiveness of web design and redesign processes.

You’re probably wondering where SEO fits into the web design process. Throughout the process of redesigning your website, you must keep SEO in mind. From the prospecting stage to the launch date, SEO should always be a top priority. I recommend that you create an eCommerce SEO migration checklist before beginning your redesign journey. It will assist you in becoming more acquainted with everything you should do.

2.Having a Web Design That Isn’t Responsive

Web design has a significant impact on SEO, and any mistakes made during web redesign could cause your site to fail. To get the most out of your web redesign efforts, you must create a website appealing to both the human eye and search engine crawlers. The notion that web design is solely about aesthetics is deceptive and should be avoided. Your online presence will be influenced by the design of your website. As a result, it is the key to increasing your visibility in search engines.

An excellent web design will produce perfect search engine rankings, whereas a poor web design will harm your search engine rankings. What is unappealing to the human eye is also unattractive to search engines. If the design of your website is unappealing to users, the majority of them will abandon it. When search engines notice that people leave your website in large numbers, they will almost certainly lower your rankings.

Failing to address an out-of-date web design is a big mistake that could jeopardize your SEO success.

When redesigning your website, you should spend money on high-quality visuals. This is because high-quality visuals significantly impact the amount of time a user spends on your website. According to statistics, 38 percent of web visitors will leave a website immediately if the design is not appealing. As a result, a visually appealing design will keep visitors on-site for a more extended period, positively impacting the site’s conversion rates and SEO.

3. Failure to implement a mobile-friendly design.

Having a mobile-friendly website can have a significant impact on SEO. For a long time, Google has emphasized the importance of mobile friendliness. Google announced an algorithm update in 2015 for websites that did not provide an excellent mobile experience. The impact included a drop in rank in search engine results pages for websites that were not mobile-friendly.

The number of people who use mobile devices has significantly increased, particularly in recent years. According to Statista, there were 3.5 billion mobile users in 2019. This figure has risen since then. If you want to capitalize on the massive traffic coming from mobile devices, you should consider making your website more mobile-friendly during your next redesign project.

4. Failure to Implement Appropriate Security Protocols

The presence or absence of online security tools, measures, and protocols can significantly impact SEO. Security is a concern for everyone who uses the internet, not just SEO specialists and web designers. Every click your users make on your website leaves a trail of personal, sensitive data that must be safeguarded at all costs. As a result, the security of user data and privacy concerns have been incorporated into every aspect of the website design process.

Google announced in 2015 that an SSL certificate on a website would be used as one of the key factors in ranking websites. It is also used as a tiebreaker when two or more websites are tied in all other ranking factors.

To ensure that you reach the top of search engine results pages, you must purchase and install an SSL certificate. You must include SSL installation as part of your website redesign process. Never relaunch a website that may jeopardize user data or privacy.

5. Failure to Perform an SEO Audit on Your Old Website

Another SEO mistake that most designers make when redesigning their website is failing to conduct an SEO audit on their previous site. An SEO audit will assist you in identifying some of the areas that require improvement. It will also help you identify some of your last website’s errors that were a threat to SEO. Furthermore, the SEO audit will inform you which aspects of your SEO strategy are working and which are not. After you’ve seen what you lack in terms of SEO, you’ll need to create a unified website redesign strategy that addresses all of the flaws discovered during the SEO audit.

6. Failing to Consult Your User Experience Team

Redesigning your website is a collaborative effort that necessitates the participation of individuals from various backgrounds. It is not something that should be left solely to web designers. The UX team is one of the most critical team members in redesigning an SEO-optimized website. The primary goal of a website is to provide the best possible user experience. When redesigning your website or implementing positive SEO, you must keep your users engaged and encourage them to take action.

Allowing your website visitors to find exactly what they are looking for and having clear and intuitive paths to enable users to see what they are looking for will improve the user experience. When redesigning your website or implementing positive SEO, you must keep your users engaged and encourage them to take action.

Allowing your website visitors to find exactly what they are looking for and having clear and intuitive paths to enable users to see what they are looking for will improve the user experience. A positive user experience will lead to an increase in the number of satisfied customers. Your SEO will benefit as a result of this.

7. Failing to migrate blogs and articles from your old site to the new site

When redesigning your website, you must ensure that all valuable blog content, articles, white papers, videos, and images are transferred from your old site to your new site. Even though it is difficult, transferring your valuable content is critical to retaining your current SEO value.

Blog pages and articles that your customers found exciting and captivating. You should be aware that redesigning your website is only meant to improve your existing website and has nothing to do with creating something entirely new.

8. Failure to Complete Redirect Mapping Properly

It is critical to ensure that the URLs from your previous website correspond with those of your redesigned website when redesigning a website. This ensures that any website visitor who clicks on an old link will not receive the 404 error. Most web designers disregard some web pages from senior websites because they do not generate the same traffic as the top pages. However, regardless of how little traffic a page receives, you must redirect all your website’s web pages. To avoid SEO blunders, redirect old content to a new web page with a similar copy.

Finally, redesigning and launching a new website can be a daunting task, especially if you want to keep your old website’s SEO value. If you can avoid these SEO blunders, you will be able to quickly align your new site’s search engine rankings with the performance of your old site. The best way to approach the redesign process is to plan ahead of time and budget for it. You should also look for an experienced website designer. A good website designer will assist you in relaunching a perfect website that will increase the value of your SEO and improve your rankings in search engine results pages.

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Metrics for Understanding Page Speed Insights

Page Speed has always been an essential factor in how a website performs in search engines and how customers perceive a website to be usable. It can also influence whether or not a user converts or makes a purchase on a website.

We’ve all been guilty at some point of leaving a particularly slow webpage and restarting our search…

Insights into Page Speed

Before we can effectively and sustainably optimize a website for Page Speed, we must first understand what Google (and other search engines) consider when calculating your website’s score on the Page Speed Insights report. While it is clear what aspects are measured and reported, it is not always clear what those metrics are and what they measure.

That is why we have created this guide: to help you understand the Page Speed Insight metrics to make your website more user-friendly and accessible to the end-user.

The Most Contented Paint (LCP)

The Largest Contentful Paint metric is a key metric in the Page Speed Insights report and will play a role in the May 2021 Google Algorithm Update, which we recommend you read up on if you haven’t already. Put, the most contentful The amount of render time spent populating and visualizing the largest image or text block within the viewport specified in your browser is measured by Paint. All LCP is relative to the time the page first began loading.

The Very First Contentful Paint (FCP)

In general, First Paint refers to the precise second that ANYTHING on your browser is rendered. The First Paint is typically a header/banner image at the top of the page you are attempting to load, or it may simply be the background color of the page in question. ‘Painting’ a banner image or page background first creates the illusion of a fast-loading page.

However, there is an additional level to First Paint… First and foremost, Contentful Paint. First, Contentful Paint (FCP) is far more effective at controlling your page speed. It measures how long it takes for the first piece of actual content (whether text/copy or visual assets) to appear on your browser.

To put it simply, FCP is the point at which content that your user can interact with or benefit from becomes visible.

Time to Interactive (TTI)

Time to Interactive (TTI) is another Page Speed metric that is extremely important to Search Engines and (if not more so) to the user. Time to Interactive denotes (as expected) the amount of time it takes for a web page to become fully interactive.

When it comes to SEO and Page Speed, the term ‘interactive’ can be quite subjective; however, Google defines Time To Internative (TTI) using three criteria:

  • The website rendered and displayed helpful information.
  • Most/all visible page elements have had event handlers successfully registered.
  • The page now responds to user interactions quickly and effectively, usually within 50milliseconds.

Simply put, Time To Interactive is the point at which your site/web page visitors can view, navigate, and engage without encountering any problems or delays.

Index of Rapidity

Speed Index is a simple concept (this is an anomaly in the world of SEO, where everything is usually mind-blowingly complex). As defined by Google, a site’s Speed Index measures the time (in seconds) it takes for the content on your web page/site to become visually populated.

Google benchmarks a web page’s Speed Index score (obtained using the Speedline Node.js module) against the HTTP Archive data when calculating the index.

Time Spent on Blocking

With this metric, you can see how long (seconds) it takes for a web page to respond to user input. User inputs like mouse clicks, keyboard presses, and screen taps are examples of this.

It is possible to calculate Total Blocking Time by adding all ‘Long Tasks’ between the FCP and the TTI points. After that, any task that takes more than 50 milliseconds is considered “Long Task,” and the Total Blocking Time (TBT) is calculated; thus, a task taking 70 milliseconds would result in a TBT of 20 milliseconds, for example.

Layout Modifications Added Together (CLS)

In May 2021, CLS will once again play a significant role in the CWV Algorithm Update (and again, we encourage you to learn more about this via our guide). A layout shift occurs every time a visible element moves or shifts suddenly from one frame to another.

Have you ever gone to click something on a webpage, and just before you do… the whole page (or at least most of it) moves suddenly… and you end up clicking the wrong thing? We’ve all been there… and it’s called Cumulative Layout Shift.

Put: Cumulative Layout Shift is the sum of all unexpected and sudden layout shifts that occur during a web page’s lifespan during a user’s sessions.

Finally, do you require assistance in enhancing your Page Speed results? Struggling to make your site more user-friendly? Our teams of experts would be happy to help!

Why SEO Is Important and What You Need to Know About SEO Trends 2022?

Why SEO Is Important: Ins and Outs of SEO in Dubai

The future is knocking on our doors with fresh opportunities. The time is right to analyze past actions and make future strategies regarding online business. Many of the brands and companies in Dubai are evaluating their online SEO marketing decisions and charting the future course of action. They know that SEO is a big game-changer in online marketing success. Brand marketers, therefore, have definitely realized that SEO is much more than keywords and search rankings.

Just like we need air to breathe in, we need Search Engine Optimization to breathe in the online marketing world. It is the elixir of goodness for all. Marketers now know this development really well and are ready to venture into the online world with the best of their knowledge and decisions. For such decision-makers, Red Berries Digital, Dubai helps businesses to tap into the potential Trends of SEO in Dubai for 2022 – Ins and Outs with expert insights.

SEO has become a bigger part of the game where the stakes are more and more is the return on investment. But the way how this game is played matters the most. The rules of this game are simple but need adaptations with the changing marketing arena. It is a completely transformative experience that the brands are looking for.

There are some major developments with SEO that every marketer must know SEO Trends 2022

Inbound Links

Inbound links or back-links strongly indicate a brand’s worth. Make these traffic-driving links truly exceptional with highly relevant and valuable content for the target audience. Every word counts in content writing, so make sure you get the crisp, clear, and catchy content that meets today’s target’s eye.

If possible, use a relevant citation from an authoritative influence in your business’ field or expertise. This gives a great boost in brand awareness, positive brand image, and recall.

Mobile Marketing

Mobiles marketing is a necessity nowadays and marketers really understand that. From optimizing their websites for mobiles to concentrating on mobile SEO keywords, marketers should work on every possible way to make the most of the mobile search landscape and give users a highly sensible mobile experience.

Serve Audience over Multiple Platforms and Channels

Searches nowadays are highly fragmented. User’s fragmented behavior over online platforms reveals this fact. To deal with this, marketers must work towards building different online platforms, Go beyond Google and try to optimize brand presence over Wikipedia, Amazon, and mobile applications to make the most of online business share.

Long Tail Keywords Work – Really

Long-tail keywords really work. They streamline the search and present the best possible user-friendly experience, a must for specific online conversions. As a result, work towards using long-tail keyword phrases in all types of online communication for the best return on investment.

Rankings Not A Metric To Online Marketing

Rankings were an indicator of online media success, but not now. Due to the fragmentation of search traffic from different devices, the ranking has sort of deviated from its purpose. Instead of focusing on rankings, marketers must expand brand visibility across multiple webs, mobile and make full use of digital space.

Highly Personalized Content to Drive Brand Loyalty

Search marketing has become highly refined with personalized web experiences. The personalization is carried out on the basis of data collected from a person’s previous engagement, online behavior, buyer personas, and target conversions.

Social Engagement Can’t Be Overlooked

Social Engagement by building your brand’s voice over online platforms greatly matters to survive the online world. Through this, many brands in Dubai have distinctly positioned themselves as thought leaders in their field of work. This not only improves search visibility growth but also strengthens the organic search marketing strategy.

To Sum Up With, Organic Search Is Still Relevant

Organic search results still drive in the most visitors and businesses across different web platforms. Considering its importance, organic search optimization is a prominent tool and no marketer can afford to overlook it in the digital space.

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Businesses that need SEO Services in Dubai

While SEO services can be highly effective in Dubai for a number of businesses/industries, it proves to have a ‘Midas touch’ to a certain number of industries, even better than others. This makes them adopt SEO as their core marketing strategy while still garnering benefits from other marketing strategies as well.

If you are a SAAS (Software as a Service) or PAAS (Product as a Service) based system, then you must have something to offer others who are actively searching for you. SEO helps such businesses to get noticed by such customers when they are looking or searching for them.

So here is a list of 8 such businesses which can reap a lot of benefits from SEO Services in Dubai.

Online Businesses

Those businesses which don’t have a brick-and-mortar store and rely solely on online sales are in dire need of SEO to appear on top of SERPs. As inbound and outbound strategies are the only options to market products, SEO helps in expanding their visibility online. Such companies can generate more leads when exposed to the general masses with a defined and implemented optimization strategy.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars benefit a great deal from SEO when they appear for searches catering to what cuisines they offer and at what location they are located; even in the case of “near me” searches too. A well-carried optimization campaign can help them gain greater visibility, even more than their competitors, and influence their online presence with local reviews.

Even less investment and limited time frame fetches them a great deal of visitors and thus, increases business opportunities.

Medical Service Providers

Businesses providing medical services benefit a lot from SEO in the way that they get visibility through local SEO implementation. This is possible by the addition of relevant and fresh content on the website, which helps search engines to rank them. Additionally, they can get themselves registered on local business directories for higher chances of appearing in searches local to their area of practice. This works great when the content is specific to their specialization.

Legal Service Providers

Lawyers and legal service providers avail the same benefits as medical professionals. Mostly, lawyers have a specific specialization and operate locally well. This gives them a better competitive edge over their counterparts and keyword opportunities. Moreover, people looking for legal advice are quite specific with their searches, the way lawyers and service providers are specific about their services. This helps them target potential customers and connect with them.

Real Estate Business

Agents and real estate companies benefit best from local optimization as people are constantly looking for a particular kind of property, particular cities, zip codes, etc. This helps local real estate companies and agents benefit a great deal with even casual ad posting. Moreover, they have better keyword opportunities and lesser competition. Registering business locally helps massively.

Niche-based companies

Now niche here refers to general business but catering to highly specific needs with an even more highly specific target audience. As they are clear about their keyword, possible searches and target audience, etc., they benefit hugely from SEO. Though traffic is less, the audience is smaller in size but the quality of traffic and relevancy of the audience is much higher.

Pet Service Providers

Again, just like the above services, pet service providers like grooming, pet sitting, walking, vet, training, and many others to count have a huge audience base. They too have a great quality of content on their websites (if any) and are benefitted from local SEO implementation. Saying so, reviews provide a great deal of helping hand. These service providers need reviews more for improved local rankings.

Small/Medium Businesses and Startups

Last but not least, just like niche-based companies, there are small/medium businesses and startups which again benefit from SEO. Though not completely local, these businesses cater to certain demographics and targeting smaller yet particular niches. Startups benefit the most in the initial stages due to the scope of scaling and less investment with considerable results in a short span of time.

And yes, these are some of the many businesses which make great profits when it comes to the implementation of SEO. This list is not in any definite order based on the degree of benefits earned. So if you are planning to start a business, then this will give you a brief idea as to what all opportunities you have in store. If you think we missed out on something really important, then don’t forget to mention it.

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