Google Declares Content Marketing to be the Most Important Factor in SEO Rankings

If you want your website to appear on the first page of Google search results, you must use SEO techniques based on Google’s ranking factors.

Now, Google uses a slew of ranking factors. For the search engine to analyze and determine a website’s SERP position, it uses numerous algorithms (Search Engine Results Page).

The good news, then? Google has just announced content Marketing as their most important ranking factor.

According to Google’s SEO Starter Guide, “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factors discussed here.” ; and provided examples of the content they want from us, such as blog posts, social media, email, and forums.

Why does Google care about content marketing?

Google’s goal is to organize the world’s information and make it applicable to everyone. Google couldn’t do this if it weren’t for online content.

For Google to function correctly, it requires content, and it requires high-quality content in particular. The more valuable your content is to searchers, the more likely it is that Google will list it due to a search.

What are the implications for marketers of Content Marketing being the number one ranking factor?

We’ve all heard that the higher you rank in Google’s search results, the more traffic you’ll get. More sales or ‘goal hits’ results (such as sign-ups, leads, phone calls).

Last year, SEMrush polled more than 1,500 online marketers from all over the world. In contrast to the 77% in 2019, 84% of these people stated a Content Marketing strategy. As a result of Google’s latest announcement, marketers should now focus more on Content Marketing to achieve high SERP rankings. If you don’t, your online visibility could be completely wiped out by competitors who use this tactic.

What does Content Marketing imply?

Nothing should be sold.

When you create and share valuable content for your target market instead of advertising your product or service directly, you use Content Marketing to grow your business. Your demographics problems and questions should be addressed in the content.

Social media posts are one type of content marketing:

  • Use of electronic mail
  • Blogs/PR
  • Infographics and video clips
  • Ebooks with visual content
  • Case studies are real-life examples.
  • Testimonials/Reviews
  • The use of electronic guides

To reach your target audience, you must create content that caters to their wants, needs, and hobbies. It must be focused, educational, or exciting, but it must not be about selling anything.

Solve the problems of your intended audience

First and foremost, let’s set the stage. The problems your target audience faces and the solutions they seek out on the internet are two things you must be aware of. If you own a Vegan Café, for example, you know all about this. Your target audience will probably look for “easy vegan recipes” when looking for your product. Create a blog, email, or social media campaign to showcase simple vegan recipes for your café. That’s the goal of Content Marketing.

A lot of ideas will flow to you if you have a clear understanding of your target audience. However, to have a significant impact, you must first identify current market trends. Buzzsumo is one of many tools available to help you discover hot topics for content creation.

Utilizing tools like Buzzsumo, you can browse popular topics and questions to uncover new content ideas. Creating unique, engaging content regularly will help you rise in the search engine results pages.

Disseminate information in the appropriate locations

Once you’ve created great content, you’ll want to make sure the right audience sees it at the right time. Think about where you want your content to appear after you’ve created it. YouTube videos can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or hosted on your website. They can even be included in an email campaign.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should only post content where it will be seen. Sending an email campaign to introduce your team makes no sense if the vast majority of your email list is made up of repeat customers. That type of content should be reserved for potential customers!

What is the best way for Google to find my content?

Google must first find and rank your content before it can appear in search results. The situation will not improve on its own accord.

Web crawlers are pieces of software Google uses to find publicly available web pages and other online content. Crawlers examine all of the content and links before being sent back to Google’s servers. After that, Google will grade your content’s SERP position according to the quality of the content (and more factors).

What steps should I take to optimize my content for search engines?

  • Research and use of relevant keywords in the right places are just a few SEO content tactics.
  • Title tags should be optimized.
  • Make images look their best by optimizing them.
  • Produce outstanding meta descriptions.
  • Link to relevant websites that aren’t your own.
  • Linking between pages on the same website.
  • Add pictures to the mix.

Don’t have enough time to complete the task? Let us take care of all your online promotion needs.

Businesses that need SEO Services in Dubai

While SEO services can be highly effective in Dubai for a number of businesses/industries, it proves to have a ‘Midas touch’ to a certain number of industries, even better than others. This makes them adopt SEO as their core marketing strategy while still garnering benefits from other marketing strategies as well.

If you are a SAAS (Software as a Service) or PAAS (Product as a Service) based system, then you must have something to offer others who are actively searching for you. SEO helps such businesses to get noticed by such customers when they are looking or searching for them.

So here is a list of 8 such businesses which can reap a lot of benefits from SEO Services in Dubai.

Online Businesses

Those businesses which don’t have a brick-and-mortar store and rely solely on online sales are in dire need of SEO to appear on top of SERPs. As inbound and outbound strategies are the only options to market products, SEO helps in expanding their visibility online. Such companies can generate more leads when exposed to the general masses with a defined and implemented optimization strategy.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars benefit a great deal from SEO when they appear for searches catering to what cuisines they offer and at what location they are located; even in the case of “near me” searches too. A well-carried optimization campaign can help them gain greater visibility, even more than their competitors, and influence their online presence with local reviews.

Even less investment and limited time frame fetches them a great deal of visitors and thus, increases business opportunities.

Medical Service Providers

Businesses providing medical services benefit a lot from SEO in the way that they get visibility through local SEO implementation. This is possible by the addition of relevant and fresh content on the website, which helps search engines to rank them. Additionally, they can get themselves registered on local business directories for higher chances of appearing in searches local to their area of practice. This works great when the content is specific to their specialization.

Legal Service Providers

Lawyers and legal service providers avail the same benefits as medical professionals. Mostly, lawyers have a specific specialization and operate locally well. This gives them a better competitive edge over their counterparts and keyword opportunities. Moreover, people looking for legal advice are quite specific with their searches, the way lawyers and service providers are specific about their services. This helps them target potential customers and connect with them.

Real Estate Business

Agents and real estate companies benefit best from local optimization as people are constantly looking for a particular kind of property, particular cities, zip codes, etc. This helps local real estate companies and agents benefit a great deal with even casual ad posting. Moreover, they have better keyword opportunities and lesser competition. Registering business locally helps massively.

Niche-based companies

Now niche here refers to general business but catering to highly specific needs with an even more highly specific target audience. As they are clear about their keyword, possible searches and target audience, etc., they benefit hugely from SEO. Though traffic is less, the audience is smaller in size but the quality of traffic and relevancy of the audience is much higher.

Pet Service Providers

Again, just like the above services, pet service providers like grooming, pet sitting, walking, vet, training, and many others to count have a huge audience base. They too have a great quality of content on their websites (if any) and are benefitted from local SEO implementation. Saying so, reviews provide a great deal of helping hand. These service providers need reviews more for improved local rankings.

Small/Medium Businesses and Startups

Last but not least, just like niche-based companies, there are small/medium businesses and startups which again benefit from SEO. Though not completely local, these businesses cater to certain demographics and targeting smaller yet particular niches. Startups benefit the most in the initial stages due to the scope of scaling and less investment with considerable results in a short span of time.

And yes, these are some of the many businesses which make great profits when it comes to the implementation of SEO. This list is not in any definite order based on the degree of benefits earned. So if you are planning to start a business, then this will give you a brief idea as to what all opportunities you have in store. If you think we missed out on something really important, then don’t forget to mention it.

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