Digital Marketing: How to Sail Startups in Dubai Post Lockdown?

4 Digital Marketing Tips for Dubai Startups

The global pandemic might have brought the entire world to a standstill, but digital marketing startups in the UAE are signaling a change. The change to make the most of opportunities, the change to push the business ideas with a fresh excitement like never before, even amid the limitations. Governments around the world might have enforced lockdowns and advised people to stay at home, but start-ups continue to prosper due to a superpower called technology in our hands. Being ‘online’ is ‘the new normal.’ We all are experiencing the transition ourselves where a huge chunk of the population, who had never contemplated online shopping before, are now going online for their daily needs. In fact, data shows that consumer demand for e-commerce services in Dubai has increased by 300 percent during the pandemic.

For start-ups, being ‘online’ is the biggest advantage. Besides, let’s not forget that nearly 98.98 percent of the UAE population are active social media users, and on average they spend over 7 hours daily on the internet. This means that if you are a startup in Dubai, you cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing. Your customers are online, and so should you.

There has been a steep increase in competition in the online advertising space with every company trying to muscle its way in and capture the largest market share. Here are a few digital marketing tips for startups that can help your business stand out from the crowd by capturing your audience’s attention.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

While advertising and marketing campaigns are important to target your customers with what you have to offer, it is also equally important to focus on increasing your organic traffic. This means that your website needs to list the first few results on search engines when your potential customers search for products and services you offer.

This can take time and investment and if you’re unsure how to go about it, you can always look for digital marketing companies in Dubai to make your website optimal and increase its organic traffic.

2. Pay-Per-Click Ads:

Some customers may not scroll down on the search results and simply click on the ads that are displayed on top of search engine results. Therefore, by using the pay-per-click advertising model, you can place your ads at the top of the search results to drive traffic to your website. Hence, whenever a potential customer searches for the products and services you offer, your ad will appear before the organic search results. While working on boosting your SEO, you can drive traffic to your site with these ads too.

For a startup, this is especially beneficial since you only pay for the number of clicks your ad receives, as opposed to a flat fee, making a cost-effective way to bring more customers to your platform.

3. Content Marketing:

Direct marketing is important to create brand awareness and to increase brand visibility. But aggressive direct marketing strategies can be off-putting for customers. Therefore, an easy way to create interest and conversation around your products and services is content marketing. Using this strategy, you can generate curiosity and interest among your potential customers through inexplicit and subtle ways that gently nudges them to explore your products and services.

For instance, you could create content on the problems and challenges that customers face and provide valuable insights on how they can be resolved using your products or services. Because your potential customers are interested in resolving their issues, quality content can drive them to your platforms to test out your offerings.

4. Display Ads:

Pay-per-click ads help you capture customers who are searching for products and services you offer. Display ads, on the other hand, can help you attract customers who are not actively looking for your offerings. If you target the right platforms and websites for your display ads, it can turn out to be quite effective with a good return on investment.

While these are some basic tips to keep in mind while devising a digital marketing strategy for your startup, it is important to keep in mind that the list is not exhaustive for the sake of brevity. Some other strategies Dubai startups should consider include social media marketing, influencer marketing, and remarketing, which refers to targeted ads for people who have shown interest in your product or service but have not purchased them, among various others.

How Fashion and Apparel Industry can harp on Digital Marketing?


In UAE, every day is a shopping festival, at least for the fashion and apparel industry. With mind-boggling offers and international fashion brands on offer, this time is the best for the fashion industry in the region.

In the last few years, Fashion and Apparel Industry has experienced a major shift. Shops are now on smartphones as e-commerce portals and mobile applications. What’s more exciting is the fact that e-shoppers have received this trend favorably, making apparel the most commonly shopped-for category on smartphones. Browsers are more interested in upgrading their wardrobe and accessories collection in their leisure moments than anything else. Demand for branded apparel has risen up enormously. To add up to it, e-tail has made shopping a simple and rewarding experience. All these opportunities are inspiring fashion and apparel merchandisers to increase their online presence and serve the prospects in a highly intelligent way.


Search engine marketing and social media marketing both go hand in hand while scoring brownie points for the fashion industry. There are numerous versatile opportunities both the mediums present while targeting the prospects online. And mobile has a great role to play while attracting the target segment with new launches, flash sales, latest season trends, etc.

But the effort isn’t as easy as it looks. Digital marketing for the fashion and apparel sector keeps digital marketing teams on their toes. Achieving sales targets, tracking conversions, implementing robust analytics, regular analytics audits, creative appeal, and relatable campaigns – all keep the fashion brand alive in the digital circuit.

Fashion products in-sight have better rates of conversions, hence continuous activity in terms of the offer, range, and brands always reaps returns. Here’s an interesting stat that says 91% of smartphone owners purchased or plan to purchase something after seeing an ad they described as relevant.

Google Display Ads and Ads on Social Media Platforms improve visibility of a product, drive in more clicks and prospects of conversions as well.

What’s Next?

The potent prospects of digital media in the fashion industry call for a unique digital marketing strategy that is friendly and flexible in its own way. Fashion e-commerce brands can adopt this unique approach by being a friend or a companion in search of exciting fashion grabs.

The approach is similar to what image consultants do while serving their clients with the best that suits their body type. Digital trial rooms are the future where on a fashion e-tail site a customer can insert their body measurements and get the exact look of the dress on their proportions. Isn’t that exciting? Well surely, that is. The possibilities are immense on the fashion industry’s digital marketing and so are the returns. All the fashion e-tail brands need is the right opportunity to embrace this digital wave and win big.

How we can help?

Right from managing e-commerce retail stores to conceiving and executing result-oriented strategies, Red Berries can facilitate the fashion industry’s digital marketing goals effectively. That includes the implementation of advanced analytics tools to derive insights from a fashion shopper’s browsing behavior. This helps us define customer-centric strategies that in turn facilitate better conversions for the fashion sector digitally.

Red Berries Recommendation for E-commerce Industry

Pad up your monthly/seasonal digital marketing campaigns with RoI-oriented Web Analytics configuration and audits for the best-performing digital marketing campaign. To know more, contact our team of digital experts for a digital marketing evaluation customized for your own fashion brand.

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How Hospitality Industry Thrives on Digital Marketing Dubai?


Be it on-season or off-season, the hospitality industry is always on its toes while digital marketing fronts are considered. But did you know what idea drives the search sessions for a hotel property on Google? Is it the wanderlust of the travelers, or business trips that drive travelers to destinations across the world?
As per statistics, more rooms are booked for the purpose of traveling and vacationing than for business trips. These leisure searches may require months of planning in advance and can even be booked last minute. That’s the versatility of the hospitality industry that caters to such a wide variety of audiences. Hence, better preparation and tracking of customers’ journey, both long-term and instant will always be a hotel brand’s priority. Tapping both categories of customers is an opportunity that no hotel marketer must miss.


Tapping into different buyer cycles and easing their booking experience is the very first marketing approach for any hotel marketer. Usually, trip planning is hounded by lots of doubts – whether the room booking will be comfortable, or will I get the best value for my hotel spending? Not just that, 69% of leisure travelers worry they’re not finding the best price or making the best decision while booking a trip. 1
It is the utmost duty of every hotel marketer to address such concerns. The time frame within which a prospect is planning hotel bookings or trip logistics may vary individual per se. This may prove challenging for marketers who are trying to stand out of the competition and increase their prospects for a travel planning journey.

What’s Next?

Now, that the hospitality industry is trying to tap into multiple target segments, efforts must be made to analyze different buyer personas and define their travel planning journey effectively. As part of this, each relevant search should be used as a source of insights. Data like repeated website visits, the bounce rate on booking page, viewed videos, brand searches on search engines is ideally traced to conceive and execute audience-driven campaign strategy.
Digital insights like these help hotel brands gain unparalleled insights into their target audience’s mindset and behavior. The search tracks here establish travelers’ intentions and give enough material to observe their intentions on digital media.

What do we do?

Digital marketing’s advanced analytics tools can help various hotel brands derive insights from a traveler’s behavior. Combined with creative intelligence, customer-centric strategies, and intuitive hotel service, these analytics can help the hospitality industry increase conversion rates. At Red Berries, our analytics expertise meets the insightful minds to achieve result-oriented strategies and operations. Tailored content writing to meet different search stages also helps the hospitality sector secure sales, be it on-season or off-season.

Red Berries Recommendation for Hotels

Continue your digital marketing Dubai campaign annually along with Web Analytics Configuration and Analysis for the best-performing digital marketing campaign. To know more, contact our team of digital experts for a digital marketing evaluation customized for the hospitality industry.

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With Digital Marketing Service in Dubai, target Beauty-Care Industry Customers better.

 Digital Marketing Service in Dubai is what Beauty Care Industry relies on!

While standing on the other side of the tide as a beauty blogger in UAE, I’ve seen the industry implement a lot of novelties in its marketing and promotion. From product launches and Events to blogger meets, from advertorials to online product reviews, from print to social media, the journey has been an exciting one.
In this shift, there has been one common thread that brought together the beauty industry’s success on the whole. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s nothing else but digital marketing services in Dubai. From 2010 to 2015, Digital Media has transformed the way the beauty industry functions.

Why Online Marketing for Beauty-Care?

UAE alone has witnessed a great surge in cosmetics and beauty care product consumption. As per the Khaleej Times report published in the year 2014, UAE topped the beauty spend in the Middle East and Africa region with the highest per capita spend.
The rising demand for cosmetics, beauty care ranges,s, and fragrances has UPPED the bar in terms of product range and quality.
Women NOW love to buy new shades, products, and beauty care ranges!
Coz they know there is always a room for improvement of looks. 😉
This pursuit of betterment is the driving force why women shoppers lookout for something different to enhance their looks.

Internet Marketing for Beauty Care– An Overview

Now, the country’s practical customers have the power of Digital Media. Here, they can follow the beauty-care brand updates and leverage the power of being different.

Recent research stats from Google Think Insights say 63% of beauty shoppers conduct research online. This reported influence of social media, advertising, and retail branding vary across categories and age brackets.
Women belonging to 21-34 years of age follow beauty-care websites, blogs, product reviews, videos, and social networks at twice the rate of women over the age of thirty-four.

This is their regular source of beauty information and updates. Influenced by such regular communication, sixty-six percent (66%) of such targeted audience plan their beauty care purchases in advance before going to the store.
This forms a great reason why digital is the way to go. Just to target beauty-care industry customers better.

Beauty Vlogger Diaries

The simple 5-min hair do’s, beauty tips, tricks, and tutorials work wonders on YouTube. I see no wonder when many brands try to use such videos to their ‘BRANDED’ benefit.

Customer Reviews:

This is the most interesting as well as the tricky part of digital marketing. This is an extension of Word of Mouth has taken the shape of ‘real-life’ reviews.
This gives more power to women who use the product and share their experiences with the world.
Remember, the beauty care industry thrives on REVIEWS.
Good or bad! It doesn’t matter. Because it’s natural.
Based on some studies, it can be said that a mix of bad and good reviews is good for building credibility online.
YOU CAN’T BE GOOD ALL THE TIME – 100% positive reviews are just a fantasy. Reality is a mix of both. Also, brands can moderate and monitor the reviews that are irrelevant.

Other Digital Frontiers

Many fragrance companies, the cosmetic industry, and beauty care brands have realized the benefit of going the DIGITAL way. Exotic photoshoots, events, videos, social media communication, effective search presence – all call for an intelligent digital media agency.

Finding that ain’t easy now!

Many brand managers share their woes when talked about their digital agency. Many times, they don’t get the proactive support that being in UAE’s beauty industry requires. To all such brand managers, here’s a PRO TIP – choose an agency based on its experience and build your thriving online beauty empire.
Remember, this association can help you target your women’s audience the better way and improve your digital presence as well.
You can find the case studies on how Red Berries Digital has helped various beauty-care brands in their digital endeavors here –

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Digital Marketing Services in Dubai for Vicenzaoro Exhibitors

How Digital Marketing Services in Dubai can help participants in Vicenzaoro Dubai

Looks matter the most in the jewelry industry in UAE. The glitter, glamour, and class of every jewelry piece require a definite expression. Many jewelry marketers are trying different avenues for that distinctive presentation and make their jewelry designs look exquisite, original, and appealing,

Besides bedecking their stores with flamboyant gold sets on the stores, many jewelry brands are also participating in VICENZAORO DUBAI – 2015. Touted at the definitive global jewelry show, the event is set to capture the limelight of the jewelry industry in Dubai. Every jeweler is trying to leverage this 4-day event by focusing on their stands, stalls, branding, and other essentials.

But amidst all these arrangements, the jewelry marketers forget to take an important step in event marketing in Dubai. This marketing is an essential aspect that assures footfall to a brand’s stall.

Jewelry brands that are keen on getting a maximum share of interactions with the target audience should align their event marketing with online marketing in Dubai.

The buzz built around an event over the online platforms not only creates brand awareness but also stirs up the interest of jewelry lovers. It engages them through a variety of designs, high-quality standards and pulls them out of their den. As a result, jewelry designing companies and brands can secure get high engagement in an event by drawing people towards your stall. Just through the use of social media. Isn’t that great? We think that it’s a great way to look at events from a social perspective.

With the VICENZAORO DUBAI event a few weeks ahead of us, now is the time to align event marketing with one of the top digital marketing agencies in Dubai and reap the long-term benefits. Red Berries, a Leading digital marketing agency in Dubai can help you achieve this desired alignment with their expertise in the digital media and jewelry industry. With coherent communication aimed to draw in more business for jewelry brands and designers, the best digital agency in Dubai provides advancement in digital marketing Dubai.

Kick start your digital marketing for this VICENZAORO DUBAI – 2015!  Contact Red Berries now.

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