3D wooden signages

3D wooden signages are the wood dimensional letters and logos that bring out the beauty of the wood grains.

What are 3D wooden signages?
3D wooden signages are the wood dimensional letters and logos that bring out the beauty of the wood grains. They are made up of any type of wood including weather-resistant like redwood and cedar. It enhances the natural beauty of the wood and makes it very appealing. Being wood nerds we have a passion of exploring wood and its uses. So our obsession made us to try rediscovering something out of wood and change its traditional views.

Where are 3D wooden signages used?
3D wooden signages have varied uses. When thinking of transforming your shop entrance why don’t you try out large hanging wooden signs? Customize your thoughts and let your wooden signs get designed the way you want to show your company name or logo. Even go for your signature lines or quotes and welcome your guests in vogue! Bring life to your empty walls with the help of wooden carved signs. We offer wooden plates for every room, be it reception or boardroom, canteen, office, restroom and so on. Encrypt your nameplate with your designation or personalized official name signs.

Types of 3D wooden signages we offer

  • D type hand printed
  • Dimensional sign letters

Technical Specs of 3D wooden signages/Features

Height customized
Width customized
Printed sides Single side
Shape Square; rectangular
Drilled holes None
Materials used Weather resistant wood

Why Redberries?

3D wooden Signages Project Management
Redberries offers a quality controlled signage solution, the 3D wooden Signages project management always starts with client’s brief and ends with offering the best result to the clients. Before initiatingthe project we try to give a complete analysis by projecting a 360 degree model with superimposed artworks.

3D wooden Signages Design & Engineering
A way of integration, this signage and designing is always impeccable. We never superimpose a particular design from the very beginning. We look into the location and considering the environmental factors we design and re-design till it suits all the necessities respectively.

3D wooden Signages Production
Our production team is an expert one who have a complete knowledge of sign production and fabrication. We never compromise with quality and our team uses a variety of woods that are available nationally as well as internationally.

3D wooden Signages Installation
We never consider signage installation at the end. After survey and design analysis we take care of the installation and we have high quality professionals in that matter. They use the equipment keeping in health and safety legislation in mind.

3D wooden Signages Maintenance & Repair
We establish healthy long-term relationships with our clients and take the responsibility of maintaining and repairing the products. We offer with good maintenance packages that become economic for every client.

Taking Care of Your 3D wooden Signages
To maintain your corporate image it is very much needed to maintain your 3D wooden Signages

Every sign can be taken care of if you regularly maintain it. Repairs are sometimes costly as well , so It is advisable to be in touch with your product manufacturer so that they can help you with regular maintenance and repair facilities.