Way finding Signages

Way finding Signages are signals used to help in navigation in any environment, by any means (foot or transport). These are placed at strategic points to provide necessary and apt information to the people.


What is Way finding Signages

These are signals used to help in navigation in any environment, by any means (foot or transport). These are placed at strategic points to provide necessary and apt information to the people. Construction of these is based on principles of design and human psychology to approach and serve people appropriately.

Where is Way Finding SignagesUsed?

They are used in outdoor and indoor settings. Placed on streets they serve as road signs, and markers of danger. They are placed in airports, stations and malls to give an idea of places for handicapped individuals and location of specific places.

How to Appropriately Use Way Finding Signages?

To put your sign to the best use you should follow these steps:
1. Visit the location where you want to put the sign multiple times to see whether it is an appropriate place with high visibility.
2. Use simple language and do not put too many details. Keep it brief and easy to understand.
3. Check the design as frequently and see to it being concise, clear and legible.
4. Legibility should be paired with appropriate colours.
5. Use neutral colours with a contrast colour for text.
6. Place it at a proper height.
7. Maintain it and ensure that all damages are immediately checked and repaired.

Types of Way Finding Signages we offer

  • Directional Signs
  • Identification Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Confirmation Signs

Technical Specs of Way Finding Signage

Metric Specs
Weight Varies by requirement
Thickness Varies by requirement
Details These are signs which are generally used to navigate in outdoor or indoor environments. They provide directions, notices for the handicap and other notices.
Uses Indoor, Outdoor, Corporate, Educational, Healthcare, Retail, Sports Venues, Stadiums
Print Method UV digital printing, scratch-resistant
Estimated Lifespan 5-12 years depending on weather conditions and maintenance
Common Sizes Varies by requirement
Shape Options Rectangular, Square, Custom
Polished Edges Polished Edges only
Drilled Holes & Standoffs Drilled holes and offer aluminum standoffs

Why Redberries?

Way Finding SignageProject Management

Redberries provide clients with experienced and knowledgeable managers who know how to tackle all challenges. They communicate efficiently with the client to get a proper idea of what the client needs. After-sales services are also provided.

Way Finding SignageDesign & Engineering

Coordination within the other teams allows efficiency of engineering. Sketches are made to give the client an idea of what the end-result will look like. Each step is followed concisely to guarantee effective production.

Way Finding SignageProduction

Quality resources and materials are used to produce way finding signages. These signs are made with a lot of care to give the client only the best. The fabrication team stands with a minimum of 10 years of experience. Their experience contributes to their effectiveness.

Way Finding SignageInstallation

They start with a survey to get a visual of the client’s ideas. Then, they follow these ideas exactly to provide the client a representation of their dreams.

Way Finding SignageMaintenance& Repair

They offer after-sales services to ensure that your sign is taken care of. Packages of various kinds are offered to ensure the client is not worried about budgets.

Taking Care of Your Way Finding Signage

Not applicable