Stainless steel signages

A classy and dignified way of introducing your brand is the use of stainless steel signages. These signages are rust-free and greatly durable.


What are Stainless steel signages?

A classy and dignified way of introducing your brand is the use of stainless steel signages. These signages are rust-free and greatly durable. If you want they can be given a gold or brass finish as well. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The alloy used for stainless steel is 304 Grade. This makes it the most resistible against corrosion and combats tarnishing in most circumstances. For the gold finish, titanium-plated stainless steel is used. To make this material, a combination of 304 stainless is mixed with a thin layer of tinted titanium. The sides of the letters and logos have exposed 304 stainless after the fabrication process which later on is buffed to make smooth polish letters or satin letters for an elegant and consistent appearance.

Where are Stainless Steel Signages Used?

Stainless steel signages are a demand of corporate and government organizations. They are used both outdoors and indoors for a very classy look. Your project may require single-directional polish stainless steel or premium titanium coated stainless steel, both of these requirements will be produced exactly as the specified fabricated sign. The artwork is done by using precision-guided lasers, routers, jigsaws to cut and shape the requested letter, logo, or shapes which can be extracted either from thin gauge sheets of stainless steel or titanium-coated stainless steel.

Types of Stainless steel signage we offer

  • Stainless steel signage
  • Reception stainless steel signage
  • Solid stainless steel signage
  • Metal signage

Technical Specs of Stainless Steel Signages

Features Rust free;
highly durable;
option of front and backlight;
Unlimited design options
Excellent for LED backlighting
Easy Installation
 Materials used Both sides and front stainless steel; sides stainless steel and front acrylic
Sides finish Glossy mirror finish; brush finish
Illumination Cool LEDs
Power source AC220V
Operating power DC12V
LED lifetime >50,000 hours
Suited for Outdoor; indoor; waterproof; windproof

Why Redberries?

Stainless Steel Signages Project Management

We start the project by taking ideas from the client and then work seamlessly as a team to deliver you the best products well within the budget and deadlines.

Flex Face Signages Design & Engineering

We never compromise with quality. We upgrade ourselves with the best quality designs brought up by our in-house experienced engineers. Along with new ideas we always try to go with the best value.

Stainless Steel Signages Production

We have traditional to modern options of production. Depending on the site location we give you advice on illumination. Our team has a premium signage production unit that promises to keep your corporate identity at the top.

Stainless Steel Signages Installation

Our team carries out the entire installation process by themselves. You do not need to worry about anything.

Stainless Steel Signages Maintenance & Repair

We came up with the thought of signing a maintenance contract that would be economic for you and you do not need to put labor on anything. We will visit and re-visit on a regular basis for maintenance and repair.

Taking Care of Your Stainless Steel Signages

Stainless Steel signages are generally durable ones. With due maintenance, both illuminated or non-illuminated signage can be taken care of. Our maintenance and repair team can help you do so.