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When a record label came to us and told us that they would like to target specific customers who prefer to listen to particular artists and genres, we were excited for the challenge. Going forward, we tailored them an ad campaign on Spotify, where one can actually create intricate ads that will be exposed to listeners who click on particular tracks and artists. This platform opens up a dimension of audio ads, which essentially indicates “getting the cake” when it comes to record labels and music-related brands. Imagine the plethora of opportunities that opens up for musicians and music-related brands on a platform where audio ads are a reality!

Since its advent in 2006, Spotify has been “the” place for not only music junkies, but also top music brands as well as recording labels to explore new customer bases as well as new music, depending on which category you belong to. The platform, which acts as a music sharing as well as listening hub, has grown tremendously in the past few years, with up to 6 million paid subscribers and over 24 million active users from around the world. No wonder that the platform has become a breeding ground for agencies and labels to advertise themselves and reach out to new and untapped consumers.

We at RedberriesDigital Marketing Dubai provide numerous advertising options for companies and brands, which are looking to promote themselves on this music sharing hub. These options are essentially tailored according to the preferences of the companies, brands, blogs or musicians, depending on aspects such as the desired consumer base or the desired genre of music within which they want to concentrate.

Depending on their preferences, these are the various options which we provide for advertising on Spotify:

  • Audio ads: 30 second long samples which are played between or before songs
  • Display ads: clickable ads placed at the corner of the music, which instantly take the user to the website of the brand or musician
  • Branded playlists: these are tailor-made playlists to reach out to certain sections of consumers. They contain the logo of the brand or musician who is advertising the collection.
  • Sponsored sessions: these are mobile-based video ads which are especially attractive for consumers as they guarantee 30-minute ad free listening once the video is watched.
  • Homepage Ads: these include display ads which are showcased on the homepage of Spotify to all users who visit the site.
  • Video Takeovers: these are video or display ads which are inserted into the breaks between two songs.

Redberries FactFile:

About $3 billion has been paid out to publishing houses, collecting societies, and recording labels by Spotify for the purpose of music rights.
You can tap into all of that music & fans by considering Spotify advertising.