Reception Signage

A Reception Signage is a sign used generally in the reception area of any hotel or any restaurant or any building or any office.


What is Reception Signage?

A Reception Signage is a sign used generally in the reception area of any hotel or any restaurant or any building or any office. They can be made of any material and comes in many varieties. If you are a businessman, then it can really enhance the aesthetic beauty of your reception and leave a good impression on your clients.

Where are Reception Signages used?

As the name suggests reception Signages are typically for receptions and that means they are meant for indoors only. The material of these signages can range from plain aluminium to acrylic. You can choose what is best for your reception and order according to that.

Types of Reception Signages we offer

  • Aluminium Reception Signage
  • Brushed Aluminium Reception Signage
  • Acrylic Reception Signage
  • Backlit Reception Signage
  • LED Box Reception Signage
  • Wooden Reception Signage

Technical Specs of Reception Signage

Metric Specs
Weight It will depend on your requirements.
Material Aluminium
Brushed Aluminium
Thickness It will be according to the material of your choice,
Details We deliver signages especially made for receptions. You can choose any material we will deliver you 100% customised Reception Signages.
Uses Reception Signages are for the receptions of your offices, hotels or restaurants.
Estimated Lifespan Its indoor placement gives it a better lifespan. With good care it can last up to 5 years or more.
Common Sizes 12”x12”, 24”x12”, 36”x18”, 2”x4”, 4”x4”, 4”x8” or any other customised size.
Shape Options Standard: Rectangle, square
Any other customised size.

Why Redberries?

Reception Signage Project Management

The success of any Reception Signage project rests on the project management. We, at Redberries, have an experienced team of project managers who can guide you with your Reception Signage project. Even after the completion of the project, if you face any problem we never fail to assist you.

Reception Signage Design and Engineering

Reception Signages are important as they are the first thing your clients notice after entering your office. We realise this fact and that is why try to deliver you a perfect design for you. Our designing and engineering team are dedicated to ensure you your desired reception Signage.

Reception Signage Production

Superior product quality is what makes us a reputable name in the Reception Signage industry. Our expert production team never compromises with the quality of the product. We can guarantee you that you will get a better product than you have imagined.

Reception Signage Installation

Our reception Signage installation team works very hard to gift you a seamless installation. A perfect design is always incomplete without a perfect placement. Therefore, we try our best to ensure you the perfect placement of your Reception Signage.

Reception Signage Maintenance and Repair

Reception Signages require proper maintenance in order to keep its attractive look intact. We provide our clients very cost effective maintenance and repair package so that they need not to worry about anything.

Taking care of Reception Signage

The indoor placement makes the Reception Signages more long lasting and durable than other signages. Just make sure to remove the dust regularly from it using a wet cloth and that would be enough.