Project Sign boards

Project sign boards are boards placed on the sidewalks, and often on roadsides as well as rooftops as a means of mass communication.


What are project sign boards

Project sign boards are boards placed on the sidewalks, and often on roadsides as well as rooftops as a means of mass communication. They ensure that the information is communicated consistently and is a growing necessity for the major corporate houses. They serve as a means of high consumer attraction.

Where are project sign boards used

Popular uses include conveying information for a particular corporate house. In this regard, they are placed at fests, seminars, roadsides, conferences, corporate meets and more. Additionally, they are also placed as sponsors pitch to reach out to the masses near airports and other travel hubs.

Types of project sign boards we offer

  • A frame signs
  • Back lit signs
  • Banners
  • Channel letters
  • Electronic signs
  • Illuminated signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Acrylic sign board

Technical Specs of sign boards

Metric Specs
Weight 3-8kgs
Thickness Standard size 290 * 135in includes 60mm thickness
Details Project sign boards made with customized requirements serve as a necessary tool of mass communication. With low maintenance and a variety of alterations available.
Uses Roadside advertisement, informatory, product publicity
Print Method Eco friendly, weather resistant, fading and abrasion resistant
Estimated Lifespan 7+ years
Common Sizes 290*135in with alterations
Shape Options Rectangular, square, custom shape option, border cut, border curve
Polished Edges Cut and polished both
Drilled Holes & Standoffs For easy installation, standoffs are utilized. Drilled holes for height installations

Why Redberries?

Project sign board project management

Project sign boards are essential to the development of any corporate house. It aids in a strong means of communication and immediately helps to get your company noticed. Quality controlled signage solutions are provided by Redberries with excellent finishing.

Project sign board design and engineering

The design and engineering goes through a multi-layer process where in everything from visuals to production is carefully augmented. By using contemporary technology, quality and punctuality is held as the top most priority.

Project sign board production

A highly trained production and fabrication team works with individual care. They hold expertise and years of experience on the different signages we offer. A synthesis of vision and reality is actualized.

Project sign board installation

The installation holds the crux of the purpose. Project sign boards of excellent quality are installed by trained professionals. They additionally also ensure the proper installation regulations, making the products durable and ready to use.

Projects sign board maintenance and repair

The team offers a highly qualified maintenance crew. We recognize the importance of preserving things, and thus this policy is reflected as the care is provided to each piece we deliver. Maintenance and repair packages are pocket-friendly and provided by us.

Taking care of your project sign board

It is necessary to keep this product secure from roadside mishaps. To prevent the damage, regular clean up and installation check should be conducted. The scratching of the front screen should be prevented, and sharp objects should be kept away. Additionally, special care is needed to not allow graffiti or roadside mischiefs causing damage to the product.