Outdoor Signage Dubai

Outdoor Signage is a poster or a banner pasted perfectly on the glass or walls of the building. It is ideal for promotion of small offers.


What is Outdoor Signage

Outdoor Signage is a poster or a banner pasted perfectly on the glass or walls of the building. It is ideal for promotion of small offers. Outdoor Signage offers great clarity and branding to the company. As a fact says, 85% of the potential customers say that Outdoor Signages are simple and convincing at the same time. It is printed according to the requirement and pasted on the desired location, thus, attracting various clients.

Where is Outdoor Signage Used?

Outdoor Signage is so convincing that it can be seen all over the market, either it is GOOGLE or WALMART. Apart from promotion, it also gives opaqueness to the glass that is why it is readily used by many brand companies. They are the best in terms of promoting business in a simple and effective manner.

Types of Outdoor Signage we offer

  • Certified Slip-Resistant Street and Sidewalk Decals
  • Custom Wooden Signs
  • 3D Pre-colored Outdoor Banner Signage
  • Reflective Outdoor Wall Decals
  • Opaque Outdoor Glass Decals

Technical Specs of Outdoor Signage

Metric Specs
Weight 0.40 lbs per square foot
Thickness 24″
Details Detailing and professional of Outdoor Signage. 100% customizable with sizes and colors intact. There are a wide variety of materials available to choose from, such as acrylic, nylon-reinforced vinyl material (Banners), acrylic, Perspex, aluminum composite panels, etc.
Uses Outdoor Boardings, Outdoor Walls, Outdoor glass walls, Malls, Offices, Institutions, etc.
Print Method Direct printing is done on vinyl banners, either self-coloured or inkjet printed.  Outdoor durable inks are specifically used for durability. High-definition printers are used for vivid full-color reproduction.
Estimated Lifespan 3+ Years
Common Sizes 24″x18″, 24″x12″, 24″x14″
Shape Options customized

Why Redberries?

Outdoor Signage Project Management

Redberries offer complete project management for the installation of Outdoor Signage Dubai. Our specialists ensure that we meet the client’s requirements and the quality is never compromised at any step of the project.

Outdoor Signage Design & Engineering

We use the most advanced technology and equipment in industrial design to manufacturing excellent quality products. Our industry specialists also help in deciding the perfect Signage according to the location and environment.

Outdoor Signage Production

Our highly trained production & fabrication team delivers the best technologically advanced signages according to the requirement. We also use complex methods, including computer-operated routers, laser cutters, machine operated manual cutters, etc. focusing on delivering the best Outdoor Signage in the market

Outdoor Signage Installation

We ensure Outdoor signage installation is done with excellent quality materials and we ensure that all work is done in accordance with the local signboard requirements and signboard install regulations.

Outdoor Signage Maintenance & Repair

Redberries understands that even the little things need maintenance and repair. We follow up with you regularly to maintain the effectiveness and longevity of the Signage.

Taking Care of Your Outdoor Signage

Outdoor Signage is usually prone to scratches and dents when mishandled. Simple care has to be followed to prevent damage.