Menu Design

Printing Menus is a great way to provide a unique look to your restaurant.

For restaurant owners, their menu is the most important thing which when impressively done, can make a huge impact on their visitors. It lets your visitors know about what you are serving and how much it costs. Sometimes the menu also contains a detailed description of the dishes.


The complete menu should contain all the restaurant offerings printed or embossed. The main aim of a menu is to attract more and more people to the eatery and get positive reviews of the place. A poorly made menu can bring the image down of the restaurant. These days’ people who go out to dine or those who receive printed menus at home are more inclined to read an attractive menu rather than a simple menu.

When Redberries prints a menu, you get a unique design with proper lamination. We add pictures of your dishes as well with a choice of embossing or foil stamping. There is a correct choice of color contrast to suit the text with the pictures. We have different cover choices that you can choose from.

We make you choose quality over cost with a variety of options to choose from. You just need to state your requirements out and we present you with an aesthetic menu that will attract more and more customers to your restaurant.