LED 3D signages

LED 3D signages are an elegant manner of promoting your brand image

What are LED 3D signages
LED 3D signages are an elegant manner of promoting your brand image. They are available in transparent, translucent and opaque forms. This gives the clients to customize their choices. They are widely used in corporate and retail sectors. They are water resistant and have a glossy finish with an intensive 3D effect.

Where are LED 3D signages Used?
LED 3D signages can be used both in outdoors and indoors. It is widely used in corporate and retail sectors.

Types of LED 3D signages we offer

  • 3D acrylic signage
  • 3D push through signage
  • Acrylic signage
  • Acrylic sign board
  • Indoor acrylic signage
  • Outdoor acrylic signage
  • Solid acrylic signage

Technical Specs of LED 3D signages / Features

Materials Acrylic
Color Varies as customized
Light source LEDs
Illumination option Both front and sides light pass; only front light pass and sides opaque; only side light pass and front opaque
Power source AC220V
Operating power DC12V
LED lifetime >50,000 hours
Suited for Outdoor, indoor, waterproof and windproof
Warranty One year
features Water resistant, no fear of rain.
Glossy finish to ensure your brand shines in all its glory.
Both indoor and outdoor, to ensure your presence can be marked anywhere.
Inventive 3D effect, for that bespoke effect that everyone longs for.
Light passing option on front and sides, this makes it look so attractive that it becomes impossible for your client to miss it at night.

Why Redberries?

3D LED signage Project Management
It is the duty of the project management to survey sites and manage them both physically and photographically. We have the capability of a well-equipped production planning at every stage and take care of the installation of signage programs.

3D LED signage Design & Engineering
Our team never delivers you with final product unless giving you a rough sketch about how it would look at your location. There are different structural designs that the engineers produce and with every sign we provide quotations along with specifications. We never compromise with quality.

3D LED signage Production
According to the requirements of the location we coat the metals either with polyester powder, polyurethane paint or with vitreous enamel. We decorate the signs and the sign boards with exterior grade self-adhesive vinyl which is either self-colored or inkjet printed or screen printed.

3D LED signage Installation
When issues of fixed scaffolds, availability of hydraulic platform and issues of electric cradles come we take care of it all.

3D LED signage Maintenance & Repair
We never think you as a new customer or anything. Whether you have issued your product by us or not does not product. We are always at your service. And we provide you with the benefit of not only repairing structural products but also the illuminating ones.

Taking Care of Your 3D LED signage
Regularly maintain your signage for its longevity. Keep in touch with your hoarding manufacturer or contact any other and maintain and repair your signages on time.