Frosted Films

Frosted Films are applied to the inside or outside of windows to give the effect of frosted glass.


What are Frosted Films?

Frosted Films are applied to the inside or outside of windows to give the effect of frosted glass. They are generally polyethylene terephthalate also known as PET, a polymer from the polyester family which is known for its resilience, durability and response to various treatments.

Where are Frosted Films Used?

They are used in homes, offices, shops, buildings of all sorts and the windows of automobiles and boats. As they can be used in various places, they are used indoors and outdoors. They are most popular in office settings wherein meetings and senior employees require their privacy. They filter UV and heat, reducing the temperature in the heat, but also retain heat in the cold. They also substitute as signs and decorations.

Types of Frosted Films we offer

  • Simple Frosted Films
  • Opaque Films
  • Coloured Films
  • Patterned Frosted Films
  • Light Diffusing Films
  • Matt Films
  • Clear Water Films
  • Clear Sandblast Films
  • Crystal Films
  • Printed Films
  • Reverse Cut Films
  • Standard Cut Films
  • Blank Films

Technical Specs of Frosted Films

Metric Specs
Weight Depends on the thickness of the roll
Thickness Varies by requirement
Details Glass films and vinyl films used to mimic the effect of Frosted Glass. They can be customized with various colours, transparencies and light transmissions to allow variation in the level of privacy.
Can be printed, cut (reverse and standard) or left blank
Uses Decoration, Office, Home, Hotel, Indoor/Outdoor
Print Method Varies by requirement
Estimated Lifespan 10 to 15 years depending on maintenance, temperature and location
Common Sizes
Shape Options Square, Rectangle, Rounded Corners, Circle, Oval, Custom, Custom with Border (Halo effect)
Polished Edges Polished Edges only
Drilled Holes & Standoffs

Why Redberries?

Frosted Films Project Management

With 10 years of experience, Redberries attempts to meet the most specific requirements. Their managers are qualified and ensure that the quality is maintained from the start to the end. Various services are offered to the client. Every challenge is dealt with patience and clear-minded professionalism.

Frosted Films Design & Engineering

The engineering is only made possible due to harmony among the engineering, production and installation team members. They push themselves to provide only the best product and use their knowledge to make the client’s dream come true. They provide the appropriate materials and make sure that all the necessities are there.

Frosted Films Production

The film is manufactured with products which meet international quality standards. Experience ensures that they can deal with all kinds of challenges and needs. The films consistency is maintained and kept within a proper guideline. Each film meets the standard, which is set very high.

Frosted Films Installation

It is the primer of the entire process. A survey is conducted to give the whole team a map to follow with the process. The installation is conducted by experienced and trained professionals only. Insurance is provided and installation regulations are followed strictly to ensure quality.

Frosted Films Maintenance& Repair

The importance of repair and maintenance of films is understood by Redberries. It helps extend the life of the film. Various packages are provided for the client to select from, they are all economical and affordable.

Taking Care of Your Frosted Films

While films are quite durable, they are prone to be scratched. Outdoor films especially end up torn and covered in dirt. To tackle the dirt and scratches you can pair regular maintenance with using cleaning solutions. Ensure that you use a soft cloth with the solution to protect it from damage.