Flex Face Signages

Flex face signage is an outdoor translucent signage application that we can see in retail parks, shop fronts and other customer facing surfaces.

What are Flex Face Signages

Flex face signage is an outdoor translucent signage application that we can see in retail parks, shop fronts and other customer-facing surfaces. This is a flexible PVC banner that is scalable and is seamless. It catches the eye with a decorative base hanged out with black clips or hooks. Flex Face Signages have a polyester fabric and a Carbon compound pole system that ensures that not only they are durable but also long lasting. Flex Face Signages are printed both double sided and single sided, so you can have them customized as per your requirement.

Where are Flex Face Signages Used?

Flex face signages can be used both internally and externally. They are mostly used in retail parks, external shop fronts, mobile units, sports stadiums, airports, train and bus stations and to other places of public attractions. Flex Banners are lightweight and can be easily carried to places, if need arises. They offer excellent design options, which attract hoards of visitors interested in your product to your shop. There are a multiple benefits of using Flex Face Signages for your advertising campaign.

Types of Flex Face we offer

  • Illuminated boxes
  • Non-illuminated on iron /aluminum frames
  • Flex Banners with Hemmed edges and metal grommets

Technical Specs of Flex Face Signages /Features

Features Water and weather resistant; ease of transportation
Material used PVC for large signages; light and very robust aluminum for longevity
Shape Customized shape
Size customizable
Frames Iron/Aluminum
Printing 4 color digitally printed
Thickness Option of upto 510 gsm
Non Frame Hanging support We put in Hemmed edges and metal grommets.

Why Redberries?

Flex Face Signages Project Management

Redberries understands and plans your requirement, and our efficient team helps in planning, installing, and maintaining the best Flex Face Signages for your business. We ensure that the most cost-effective solution is put in place so that your product garners the best attention and your sales skyrocket.

Flex Face Signages Design & Engineering

We provide you with the best quality products, designs and engineering which is done by the pro in the house. By the help of research, we come up with new ideas and developments and always go best with design and engineering.

Flex Face Signages Production

We can give you various options of manufacturing, as we have many techniques brought in practice by the premium signage production unit. Our production team would keep corporate identity standardized with the suggestions of all the benchmarks needed for your advertising location.

Flex Face Signages Installation

The team carries their own ladder, step ladders and aluminium tower scaffolds. Hence all the requirements and regulations are fulfilled by our team.

Flex Face Signages Maintenance & Repair

And of course it’s not that we will formally do your work when needed but we will establish a long-term relationship with you and would look after your maintenance needs.

Taking Care of Your Flex Face Signages

Flex signages are generally durable and flexible to use. With due maintenance, it can be taken care of greatly be it the illuminated or the non-illuminated one.