Door Identification Signage

Door Identification Signages are basically printed images, graphics, designs, general instructions, or information on a metal panel.


What is Door Identification Signage?

Door Identification Signages are basically printed images, graphics, designs, general instructions, or information on a metal panel. The panel material can be anything from aluminum to acrylic to wood according to your choice. They can be really helpful to identify the accessible facilities in any building, office, hotel, restaurant, or store.

Where are Door Identification Signages used?

Door Identification Signages are convenient to use both indoors and outdoors though they are more popular for their indoor usage. They can be helpful to guide people towards their desired facilities. The hotels, restaurants, offices, stores make extensive use of the Door Identification Signages on their doors.

Types of Door Identification Signages we offer:

  • Aluminum Door Identification Signage
  • Brushed Aluminium Door Identification Signage
  • Reflective Aluminium Door Identification Signage
  • Acrylic Door Aluminium Signage
  • Wooden Door Identification Signage
  • Antique Brass Door Identification Signage

Technical specs of Door Identification Signage

Metric Specs
Weight Usually very lightweight but it will depend on your requirements.
Thickness 2mm/ 4mm
Details We deliver Door Identification signage according to your needs and instructions.
Uses Primarily for indoor usage. They can be used on the doors of hotel rooms, restrooms, toilets, office cabins or classrooms.
Material Aluminum, brass, acrylic, wood
Estimated lifespan Depending on the placement and the care it can last up to 5+ years.
Common sizes 12”x12”, 2”x2”, 4”x4” or any other customized size.
Shape options Standard: Rectangle/square (with/ without rounded corners)
It can also come in any customized shape and size.
Polish Brushed, oil rubbed oxidized, and polished finish
Drilled holes and standoffs Standard: One hole on each corner.
Customized: According to the requirements.

Why Redberries?

Door Identification Signage Project Management

Project management is an important service in any kind of signage project. Our experienced project managers deal with every signage project with equal seriousness and dedication. They will guide you with proper solutions to your signage needs.

Door Identification Signage Design and Engineering

The reputation of any signage company depends largely on the design and engineering team. Our highly qualified designers never fail to satisfy you with their attractive designs. The engineering team also works in coordination with the designing team so that they can provide you the proper placement for your door identification signage.

Door Identification Signage Production

Our signages are unquestionable when it comes to quality. Our quality control policy is strict and this enables us to deliver you superior products. Our highly dedicated production team works hard to meet all the requirements of our clients without fail.

Door Identification Signage Installation

Installation is a crucial part of the whole signage project. The durability of the signage depends on its placement. Therefore, we take the installation job very seriously and our engineering team remains dedicated to ensuring our clients the proper installation of their door signages.

Door Identification Signage Maintenance and Repair

Door Identification Signages are not something that will need time to time maintenance or repair. However, if you need our guidance, you can subscribe to our repair and maintenance package and avail of all the facilities.

Taking care of Door Identification Signage

Taking care of Door identification Signage is easy and less time-consuming. All you will be needed to do is to keep it dust-free using a dry or damp cloth in order to maintain its bright and attractive look.