Door Hanger Design

A door hanger is a printed piece of card that is made in a rectangular shape. It has a die-cut hole, most probably in the shape of a hook which helps it to easily suspend from the handle or the knob of a door. Spreading the word and marketing is so effortless with door hangers, as you do not require interaction with the home/office owner. The door hanger is simply placed on the door. They can be described as one of the most cost-effective and economical methods of marketing.

It can very well be said that door hangers are a promotional and an excellent marketing tool. They can be printed with colored graphics on one or both sides.

Businesses make use of them for manual distribution to homes and apartments after which they spread your word everywhere. Door hangers work best for all, especially for businesses including landscape services, home renovation companies, pizza restaurants, broadband, and real estate agents.

The Redberries door hangers can be printed and designed as standard-sized rectangular ones as well as custom-sized or creative ones on special requests. Although the standard ones are in high demand, we provide our customers with quality and cost-efficiency in one go.

In case your business needs standard-sized or custom-printed door hangers then look no further than Redberries because we give you simple, superb quality and cost-effective door hangers to spread your message to the intended geographic area. Choose from our wide variety of options and designs which aren’t only appealing but very useful for your business too.