Channelume Signage

Channelume signages is a category of hoarding that is made up of Aluminum boundary.

What are Channelume Signage?
Channelume signages is a category of hoarding that is made up of Aluminum boundary. Theses signs stand out when they are used in various public space. These signages are made to last long and requires minimum to no maintenance. The flexible nature of Channelume offer a versatile use in various public space allowing it to blend with the environment.

Where are Channelume Signageused?
Many corporate offices and shops tend to buy Channelume Signage since they last long. These signs can give a modern look to your brand and can totally increase the brand value. Back lit Channelume Signage can make your brand stand out in a public.

We provide service to

  • Car Manufacturers
  • Food Outlets
  • Hotels
  • Stage Shows
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail Sector

Types of Channelume Signage we offer
We custom make Signages depending on the need of the client. Certain clients prefer Backlit channelume signage, some require stickered channelume signage. Customization is optional and we also provide you with stock signs for a particular sector.

  • Backlit Channelume Signage
  • Stickered Channelume Signage
  • Channelume with edge
  • Channelume without edge

Technical Specs of Channelume Signage/Features

Metric Specs
Weight Depends on the size
Thickness 6mm
Uses Brand Signs, Oil and Gas signs, Shop hoardings
Estimated Lifespan 2-3 years (not under direct sunlight)
Shape Options Alphabets, Circles, Rectangles
Polished Edges Yes, all the Signs come with polished edges to produce aesthetic look
Drilled Holes & Standoffs Yes, there are previously drilled holes and standoffs that make it easy for you to fix.

Why Redberries?

Channelume SignageProject Management
We aim to deliver maximum details from canvas to the actual design. Project management is vital for any kind improvement in the design, shape, size. The commitment of our team does not end with the order finalization, it is where our team effort actually begins.

The Project Management Service include,
Collect the client’s ideas
Exhaustive analysis of the project is made next.
A rough design is built.
Regular project feedback/ status report is collected
Make of the product
Installation completion

Channelume SignageDesign & Engineering
Our chore is it to make sure that the Signage Design best fits you needs and implements your brand style in all aspects. It is due to the outcome from all the qualified personals in our team who engineer product based on the needs.

Designing and redesigning the sign to ensure the best fit in the location.
Make sure that the material used matches the overall environment
Futuristic view is brought in by projecting the project over the actual placement of your sign.

Channelume Signage Production
Our company has highly trained sign production and fabrication team with an estimated average of 10 years of experience in this field which help us design and produce the Signage with best care. Our company possess a state of art facility to produce the sign with maximum precision and perfection.

Wide varieties of materials are used to engineer the sign for you.
Combination of manufacturing techniques from simple and traditional hand made to complex computer-controlled cutters, lasers for cutting are used to produce the signs.
Various illumination methods are also provided depending on the site.

Channelume Signage Installation
Installation does not remain the finalprocess, it is where our actual project starts. If the Installation requires use of any new method, we make the fullest use of our team to apply it properly.

Channelume Signage Maintenance & Repair
We make sure that your Sign remains fresh as new by regularly repairing the signage and maintain it to prolong the life.