Brightex signage

Brightex Signage is mostly made up of acrylic sheets that are shaped into certain alphabets denoting the brand or the emblem of the brand


What are Brightex signage?

These are one among various sign hoarding that we make. These are the most commonly used day/night signages. Theses type of Signage is mostly made up of acrylic sheets that are shaped into certain alphabets denoting the brand or the emblem of the brand. The size of the alphabets and the emblem can be varied to match the size of the hoarding.

Where are Brightex signage Used?

Brightex Signage suit various environments from malls, restaurants, hotels, theme park, and Institutions. These signages are placed in well lit areas making it easy to look. They are used to denote the outlet name, outlet emblem, brand name, brand emblem and many more.

Types of Brightex signage we offer

We cater the need of our client by making customized Brightex Signage that matches their brand. We also provide stock Signage option. All of our signages are best manufactured under experts of signage engineering who have an average of 10 years of experience.

  • Acrylic Brightex Signage
  • Metallic Brightex Signage
  • Wooden Brightex Signage
  • Stainless Steel Brightex Signage

Technical Specs of Brightex signage/Features

Metric Specs
Weight Depends on the size
Thickness 6mm-9mm
Uses Commonly used to denote outlet name, outlet emblem
Print Method Specialized printing technique that makes the design pleasant
Estimated Lifespan 5+ years
Shape Options Rectangle, Circle, Customized shaped
Polished Edges Yes, product comes with polished edges to give an aesthetic look

Why Redberries?

Brightex Signage Project Management

We strive to bring in even minute details straight from canvas to the actual make. Signage project management is critical for any kind of development in the design, shape, size. Our commitment does not end with the order finalization, it is where our team effort begins.
The Project Management Service include,
Gathering the client’s requirement
Wholistic analysis of the project
Rough design process
Regular project feedback/ status report
Make of the product
Installation completion

Brightex Signage Design & Engineering

We make sure that the Signage Design best fits your needs and implements your brand style in all aspects. It is the outcome of all the qualified personals in our team who engineer product based on the needs.

Designing and redesigning of a sign ensuring that it best fits the location

Ensuring that the material used matches the overall environment
Bringing in the futuristic view by projecting the actual design over the environment
Brightex Signage Production

We have highly trained sign production and fabrication team with an average of 10 years of experience in the field to meet the demanding specification. We have state of art facilities to best produce your signs with maximum precision and perfection.

We use wide varieties of materials available to engineer the sign for you.

We use varied manufacturing techniques from simple and traditional hand made to complex computer-controlled cutters, lasers for cutting.
We also provide illumination methods depending on the site.

Brightex Signage Installation

Installation is not the process where our work ends, it is where our actual project starts. If the installation requires any innovative methods to be used, we incorporate it.

Brightex Signage Maintenance & Repair

We ensure that your Sign remains fresh as new by regular sign repair and sign maintenance to prolong the life of Signage.