Antique Brass Signage

Antique Brass Signages are brass signages with an antique look

What is Antique Brass Signage?
As the name suggest, Antique Brass Signages are brass signages with an antique look. The brass signages are durable and shatter proof as they are made with a metal like brass. At the same, those are light weight and easy to install. Any design, graphic or letter can be engraved on the brass panel to make a perfect brass signage

Where are Antique Brass Signages used?
It can be used both internally and externally. However, brass signages are typically made and used for displaying business names, suite numbers, logos and general instructions & information. Internal offices; hotel rooms, receptions, lobbies and bathrooms; stores are the perfect places to install an antique brass signage. The antique look of the Antique Bras Signages will definitely be an addition to the aesthetic beauty of your office, hotel or store.

Types of Antique Brass Signage we offer

  • Brushed finish
  • Polished finish
  • Oxidized finish

Technical Specs of Antique Brass Signage

Metric Specs
Material 260 brass
Size Up to 48”x24”
Thickness 1/40”
Shape Rectangle (with/without rounded/notched corners), oval or any other customized size.
Mounting Varies
Finish We provide brass signage brushed, oil rubbed oxidized and polished finish.
Coating We use protective clear coating in our brass signages to reduce maintenance and provide long-lasting protection.
Dimensions Customized
Usage Indoor/outdoor. Office doors, hotel rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, restrooms, general instructions.

Why Redberries?

Antique Brass Signage Project Management
We, at Redberries, understand how much it is important to provide a proper project management in any signage program. We have a team of project managers who are highly experienced in this field. They can give you proper signage solutions keeping all your needs and requirements in mind. Moreover, they also guide you through out the process making your experience a smooth one.

Antique Brass Signage Design and Engineering
When it comes to the antique brass signages, the importance of designing becomes immense. The design should match the antique theme in order to make a perfect antique looking brass signage and our highly qualified designing and engineering team never disappoints our clients. They can create and install a flawless brass signage keeping all the placement and size requirements in mind.

Antique Brass Signage Production
We understand that we cannot compromise with the quality of the products we deliver. That is why, it remains always our aim to use premium quality material and deliver you a product with unquestionable quality. Just let us know your requirements and specifications and you will get the signage exactly as you wanted.

Antique Brass Signage Installation
We also offer a hassle free brass signage installation. The placement of your signage is important and we realise that. Therefore, we never fail to give your brass signage the perfect placement with exact finish.

Antique Brass Signage Management and Repair
Brass signages do not need extensive management or repair. Still you can avail our cost effective maintenance and repair package in order to take all the benefits of it whenever it is needed.

Taking care of Antique Brass Signages
Taking care of brass signage is comparatively easy. You can just wipe the signage with a dry cloth to avoid tarnishing. Wipe the dust more often if you want to keep its bright for a long time. Reapply lacquer when needed.