3D Letter signage

It has a high degree of attraction and provides uniqueness to your corporate individuality.

What are 3D Letter signage
As evident by the nomenclature, 3d letter signs are cutouts of letter in three dimensions, used for display. This dimensional cut out can be used through letters or logos, and allows your company’s name/logo to be visible from all sides. It has a high degree of attraction and provides uniqueness to your corporate individuality.

Where are project sign boards used
Ranging across the spectrum, a variety of industries are involved in using this signage. From architectural builders, to advertising companies, and more, everyone requires a bespoke method of reaching to the public. They are used on walls, outside shops, popular public places, sponsorship events, and more. The letters float on the wall providing a classy and modern look.

Types of 3D Letter signage we offer

  • Acrylic 3d letter
  • Acrylic 3d letter with black ACP
  • LED
  • Lit 3d letter cutouts
  • Built up letter cutouts
  • Metal letter cut outs
  • Illuminated 3d signage
  • Raised flat letters
  • Aluminum cut out
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Copper

Technical specs of 3D Letter signage boards

Metric Specs
Weight 0.22lb per letter
Thickness 20mm
Details For indoor and outdoor purpose, a completely customizable letter and logo cut service to grant uniqueness to your company’s image
Uses Advertisement, publicity, informative, directional, appeal and aesthetics
Print Method Not applicable
Estimated Lifespan 7+ years
Common Sizes On signboard: 600mm*500mm
Shape Options Square, rectangle, customized, letter cut
Polished Edges Machine cut and polish
Drilled Holes & Standoffs Drilled holes for installation purpose

Why Redberries?

3D Letter signage boards project management
Giving a modern and lifted appeal to your company’s name, three dimensional cut out signages provide a unique look. They are the prerequisite to place your company on the threshold of progress and attract a high consumer reaction. So we ensure that we plan your project accordingly straight from the scratch.

3D Letter signage boards design and engineering
The crux of its purpose is laid into effective designing and engineering. Our creative professionals take great care to ensure quality and precise engineering of the product.

3D Letter signage boards production
The production is carried out with the latest technology giving high precision to each letter. Every alphabet and logo design is made with extreme care to create a replica of your company’s symbol to be placed on the walls. Quality is thoroughly ensured.

3D Letter signage boards installation
The accurate installation is of high value. Our team takes immense care to provide and align effective display of the product to help your company’s goals to turn into reality.

3D Letter signage boards maintenance and repair
Periodic maintenance is provided by our professionals at very reasonable price. Letters are to be handled with extreme care, and although our installation team ensures a solid and effective placement has been done. Regular checkups and polishing enhance the lifespan.

Taking care of your 3D Letter signage boards
Apart from natural calamities or in house constructions, no external harm can reach the signs. Regular cleaning should be done and tightening of hooks should be periodically carried out.