3D Backlit Signage

3D Backlit Sigange is a semi-translucent signage structure or decal placed in front of a light source.

What is 3D Backlit Signage?

3D Backlit Sigange is a semi-translucent signage structure or decal placed in front of a light source. This arrangement allows the light to shine through the decal and, thus, creates an attractive and illuminated signage.

Where are 3D Backlit Signages used?

Though it primarily looks attractive outdoors, it can be used indoors too. Backlits are commonly used as a store front signage in order to showcase the store’s name and logo. Companies also use them for the roadside advertisement during both day and night time.

Types of 3D Backlit Signage we offer

  • 3D backlit with acrylic lettering
  • 3D backlit with aluminium lettering
  • 3D backlit with metal panels (ACP)
  • 3D backlit with brushed brass lettering

Technical specs of 3D backlit signage

Metric Specs
Weight Depends on your requirements.
Thickness .0124”
Details We offer customised backlit decals to be adhered on the rigid backlit surface.
Uses Indoor/outdoor. Typically used in store front window and roadside advertisement.
Print Method The four colour processed and UV inked decals are eco-friendly and fade proof.
Estimated Lifespan 4+ years when properly maintained.
Common Sizes 12”x24”, 18”x48”, 2’x6’ and other customised sizes.
Shape Options  Customized, square, rectangle, oval, circle. Option of with border and without border is also available to you.
Polished Edges Raw material cut and polished.

Why Redberries?

3D Backlit Signage Project Management

We understand the importance of project management in signage industry. Our properly trained and expert project managers will be always there to assist you throughout the project. We also offer our guidance whenever you seek.

3D Backlit Signage Design and Engineering

Our designing and engineering team never disappoints our customers. We try our best to deliver you the customised backlits. It is our duty to ensure whether the backlit is of required size &shape and whether it is placed in a perfect position.

3D Backlit Signage Production

Quality is the thing upon which the reputation of any company depends. We take quality control with utmost seriousness. Therefore, our production team never compromises with the quality of the product delivered to our customers.

3D Backlit Signage Installation

Installing a backlit is, no doubt, a tricky job. However, with our highly experience and expert installation team we never fail to do this job perfectly. We can guarantee you the proper and flawless placement of your backlit signage.

3D Backlit Signage Maintenance and Repair

Proper maintenance can add to the lifespan of any signage and backlits are not any exception. Our company also offers you a pocket friendly Maintenance and Repair package so that you do not have to worry about your backlits.

Taking care of your 3D Backlit Signage

Proper care and time to time maintenance means a better longevity and better lifespan of your backlit decal. Remove the dust from them on a regular basis using a damp cloth. The regular cleaning will contribute to keep your signage bright and vibrant, but avoid power washers as it can damage the adhesive quality of your backlit.