3D Acrylic Signages

A very good replacement of glass, acrylic is actually a kind of plastic, hard plastic.

What are 3D Acrylic Signages?
A very good replacement of glass, acrylic is actually a kind of plastic, hard plastic. It is, basically, by product of the process of turning the crude oil into petrol. A whole lot of experiment can be done with its size, colour, shape and finish. This versatility of acrylic makes it perfect for the signages. Acrylic signage is more durable; has more clean, polished and modern look; and is more convenient to install.

Where are 3D Acrylic Signages used?
3D Acrylic Signagaes can be used in many situations and both indoors and outdoors. From the facial of your shop to the reception desk of your hotel, 3D Acrylic Signage would just be perfect to draw the attention of the customers. Just keep in mind that acrylic is not something that is shatterproof.

Types of 3D Acrylic Signages we offer

  • Acrylic build up 3D letters and logos
  • 3D Beaded Acrylic Letters
  • Illuminated acrylic build up 3D letters and logos
  • 3D Pre-Coloured Acrylic Letters
  • 3D Acrylic Letters with Boarder

Technical specs of 3D Acrylic Signages

Metric Specs
Weight Depends on your requirements
Thickness 1/8” or ¼”
Details We deliver attractive acrylic according to your choice and requirements.
Uses The acrylics can add to the aesthetic beauty of your office, business or personal space both indoors and outdoors.
Print Method Standard: Front surface printing
Second Surface: Backside printing
Estimated Lifespan With proper care an acrylic covers a minimum lifespan of 5 years.
Common Sizes 12”x12”, 24”x12”, 36”x18”, 2”x4”, 4”x4”, 4”x8” or any other customised size.
Shape Options Standard shape (rectangle/square)
Customised shape/ Contour Cut
Customised shape with borders/ Halo Cut
Polished Edges Standard: With a frosted look and unpolished edges.
Polished: Smooth polished edges.
Drilled Holes and Standoffs We provide drilled holes according the customer requirements with aluminium standoffs.

Why Redberries?

3D Acrylic Signage Project Management
The success of any kind of signage program depends largely on a proper management. Our team of highly experienced project managers never fail to guide you throughout the project and even after the completion of the project.

3D Acrylic Signage Design and Engineering
The quality of any signage is determined by the proper signage design and engineering. We have an expert signage design and signage engineering team who never fails to deliver superior products with unquestionable quality.

3D Acrylic Signage Production
Our signage production and signage manufacturer is highly qualified and have adequate experience to meet any demand of our customers. We can deliver customised signage in a low budget but without compromising with the quality or finish.

3D Acrylic Signage Installation
Signage installation is a crucial part of the service. If not installed properly, the signage may not fulfil your purpose. We take the installation job very seriously and try to provide you a seamless installation.

3D Acrylic Signage Maintenance and Repair
Our service does not end with the signage installation. We know the need of proper maintenance of the signage. We offer signage maintenance and repair packages to ensure a hassle free experience for you.

Taking care of 3D Acrylic Signage
3D Acrylic Signages are not scratch proof or shatter proof. Place it properly, handle it carefully, wipe it with a damp cloth while cleaning, and keep the sharp objects away to ensure a long lasting acrylic.