Twitter Advertising Dubai, UAE

According to the co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, the platform started off as a place where one can get updates about what someone was doing in any part of the world, in real-time. When a company, brand, or blog taps into this platform, where stories and conversations are developing in real-time, having contributors from around the world, they are open to a large new game of marketing. So when a brand comes to us and wants to access the world of Twitter for marketing, we help them play a part in shaping or starting their own story on the platform where everyone can play a part.

One of the biggest aspects that can help a brand further their own image and market their product on Twitter would be to be one with the people. The tweets that individuals do are on the basis of certain trending hashtags, which in turn correspond to real-time events which are booming in popularity. In an essence, a story is being created and molded by the people on Twitter who use tweets with the trending hashtags. We at Redberries Digital Marketing Dubai help companies to tap into this story that is being molded constantly by people around the world, thereby helping them make an impact through their content and their tweets so that they are noticed.

We help companies tailor their advertisement campaigns around certain events and popular happenings in the world, depending on the time and the day, through which we help them tap into the flow of the event as a whole, capitalizing on the intense moolah that might be generated among the people due to the event. We also help brands, companies, and blogs in tailoring their own advertising campaigns through sponsored tweets and other modes of reaching out to people.

Some of the various ways in which we help brands and companies reach out to people on Twitter include the following:

  • Creating promoted accounts that are visible to users searching similar accounts.
  • Creating hashtags and making them the core of the advertising campaign in order to ensure they achieve trending status.
  • Creating promoted tweets in order to ensure that certain tweets reach out to targeted consumers bases.
  • Incorporating trending hashtags into the tweets of the company or brand and ensuring that they are used to create a well-sustained and balanced promotional campaign.
  • Creating paid ad campaigns and ensuring high ROI (Returns on Investment) through these campaigns.
  • Creating tweets with the links to Native Landing pages belonging to the company, brand, or blog so that consumers can directly land on their designated page.

Redberries FactFile:

The number of searches on Twitter is higher than the number of searches on Yahoo and Bing combined.

Facebook Advertising in Dubai

We had a client who wanted to increase the inherent reach of his online business and hence, held an online competition which he marketed through Facebook. After spending large amounts of money on advertisements and post boosts, even though the client was able to reach across to a large number of individuals, the conversion rate remained low. That’s when the company turned to us. The biggest advice that we could give the client was, patience and nurture, owing to the fact that Facebook is like a baby, it needs constant monitoring as well as changes in the form of constant developments. By becoming the babysitter for Facebook, we turned around the situation for the client.

Facebook is a constantly changing environment and hence, needs a dynamic approach to make the most use of. We at Redberries Digital Marketing, Dubai provide tailor made ad campaigns for companies, agencies, blogs and brands to make the most of the platform. One of the biggest aspects that we look into is the creation of Facebook ads targeted at specific audiences, which may be structured in order to reach particular individuals depending on the specific preferences and needs of the brand or company.

We ensure that the company or brand in question can single out certain sections of the consumer base, which can give them the maximum number of conversions. Moreover, we provide the companies and brands with a completely stable and affordable budget in order for them to tailor their advertising campaign on.

These are the aspects which we provide to the companies and brands for their advertising requirements on Facebook:

  • Monitoring Facebook ad campaigns for the stipulated time periods, depending on the company or the brand’s preference.
  • Creating image-based and video ads in order to ensure that traffic can be channelized into a native landing site.
  • Create campaigns to drive more customers to the fan page of your brand or company.
  • Increase the number of engagements in your company or brand app by drawing customers to it.
  • Managing analytics and monitoring the statistics of how a company’s or brand’s advertisements are behaving.

Redberries FactFile:

Approximately $234 million worth of virtual gifts and goods were bought by users through Facebook over a quarter.

LinkedIn Ads & Marketing Solutions

Want to reach a highly targeted professional audience with your message?


Do you know the name of the world’s largest professional network? Yes, it’s LinkedIn.
LinkedIn surely houses professionals from any industry. And, it is very likely that we would find someone interested in our product there.
“There’s no clutter on LinkedIn – members are there to do business”

Do you use LinkedIn to generate new business? But, why will posting ads in LinkedIn help you grow?
LinkedIn ads are an excellent way to increase visibility and generate leads. LinkedIn is a powerful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform because you are able to target your ads specifically to your audience based on certain criteria like, Job title, Industry, Job function, Age, Gender, etc.

In addition to the above, professional members are more receptive to business messages. The Ad campaigns are easy to launch and manage, resulting in lower cost and time, helping generate better return on investment.

Any PPC program can target using keywords, interests, gender, age or location, but, LinkedIn provides an edge, as it helps to truly identify the core audience by delving deeper and targeting by company, job title, job function and groups. That gives an edge by providing the unique ability to tailor messaging and target the exact audience segment that you might need. These are unparalleled capabilities not only within the B2B space, but within the entire pay-per-click space.

When a company wants to connect with influencers and other individuals or companies within the same industry, they have to ensure that they have tailor-made ads for targeting these individuals. Many a times, companies are faced with obstacles such as lack of adequately specific ads and inadequate ad designing skills due to which they miss out on several opportunities for collaborations. Owing to this, the orginisation is not able to reach out to the potential audience who would be able to profit from the offerings, skills or the product that the comapny has to offer.

In order to ensure adequate reach and strong connections on a platform like LinkedIn, it is necessary to have a well-equipped as well as well designed ad campaign. Overall benefits that our LinkedIn PPC Advertising campaign would provide are:
Reach your target customer at the right time with the right ad
Drive right traffic to you
Generate quality leads
Generate higher click through rates (CTR)
Lower Cost per click(CPC)
Keeping advertising budget under control
Real time “trackability”
Better placement of ads
Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)

We at Red Berries Digital Marketing, Dubai will help you with the perfect LinkedIn PPC advertising strategy that would meet your needs, saving you time & money.

LinkedIn acts as a platform that enables professionals to connect with each other and access opportunities that could help them upgrade as well as publicize their business among other interested individuals. Whenever a blogger or a corporate professional wants to connect with influencers on the platform, he needs to create an ad campaign which he uses to get in touch with individuals amongst whom he can share his content. These ad campaigns need to cover aspects such as catering to a specific audience and ensuring that it reaches out to individuals who can in turn act as collaborators for content creation.

We at Redberries Digital Marketing, Dubai ensure that professionals, companies, brands and bloggers can effectively use the nuances of the platform in order to reach out to an influencer market that can really help in ensuring that the business in question can reach new heights. Moreover, by connecting with already established collaborators; businesses, brands and individuals will be able to tap into largely profitable realms of expansion which will help them considerably.

RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai provides the following services with regards to advertising on LinkedIn:

  • Creating campaigns for Sponsored Updates, where company updates can be promoted through ad campaigns
  • Using individual accounts of the employees in a business or company in order to sponsor company updates through individual ad campaigns
  • Creating Business Ads accounts dedicated for the purpose of sponsoring updates for a particular business or brand through various ad campaigns
  • Monitoring both CPC as well as CPM for the ad campaigns which are run on the platform
  • Connecting with members on LinkedIn who may have liked, shared or commented on the status of the company, brand or blog, and approaching them for promoting company updates through sponsored ads which benefit them as well.

Redberries FactFile:

The most sought after skill on LinkedIn in the year 2014 was Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

You Tube Marketing and Advertising Agency in Dubai

YouTube is the media revolution of the 21st century that cable TV was for the 20th century. With the most popular videos having viewership figures in billions, YouTube has become a pervasive medium of entertainment and education. The subject matter of video content ranging from make-up to mathematics, with cat videos somewhere in between, this platform offers a massive landscape for advertisers.

YouTube as a medium of communication offers the qualitative benefits of TV, with far greater control over the targeting of the desired market segment. Moreover, it is a highly interactive medium, with the inherent quality of generating direct feedback through comments/likes and direct call to action e.g. ‘click here'.

Redberries simplifies this world of YouTube Advertising by helping you find the right strategy based on very important questions like

  • What type of content does my target audience to view? Which channels should I target to reach them?
  • Which type of ad should I go for a simple display ad or a streaming ad, skippable or non-skippable?
  • How will my brand image be affected by associating with the XYZ channel?
  • How will the choice of device of my target customer base affect my decision about the type of ad to be used?

Redberries suite of YouTube advertising services will help your brand in leveraging the power of YouTube:

  • Accurate customer targeting based on in-depth research
  • Data analytics of viewer behavior, responses
  • Performance analytics of ads
  • Post campaign support for assessment, review, and learnings

Redberries factfile:

There has been an increase of 40% in the number of people watching YouTube as compared to March 2014, get your piece of the pie with Redberries.

Social Media Artwork

Social Media Artwork

‘How should I distribute my online ad budget between different social media platforms?’
‘How can I achieve a 40% increase in brand recall on Facebook ads in my next campaign?’
‘Can I look into newer avenues of social media such as MMOs?
Is there credible guidance that I can rely on to help me make the right decision?


While having anonline and social media presence is utterly simple, making it significant enough and leveraging the true capabilities of the medium being used (e.g. Pinterest, Instagram) is easier said than done.

Social media landscape is characterized by complexity, volatility and unpredictability. Redberries’offers seasoned expertise in producing the ideal creative campaign that delivers maximum ROI.

Redberries’offers solutions to clients at different stages of exposure to online advertising-be it clients venturing into this for the first time or those with an established marketing presence looking for a boost.

Redberries’understands the nuances of online creative campaigns, and provides cutting edge solutions:

  • Combining perspectives from both the strategic social media management POV and the community management POV
  • Carving a niche by targeting modes of outreach beyond conventional social network (e.g. Facebook), publish (e.g. WordPress) or share based media (e.g. Tumblr) to virtual worlds, MMOs and social games
  • Comprehensive strategy that incorporates the best social media tools, responsive to changes and effective in achieving campaign objectives

Redberries FactFile:

Facebook provides more than 600 attributes for targeting customers, including home ownership status, level of education, frequency of online purchase.
Go beyond relationship status, gender and zip codes with Redberries

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    Tracking & Reporting

    Tracking & Reporting

    Having a social media presence is a basic necessity for anyone-be it an author trying to promote his book, or a manufacturer wanting direct engagement with customers? But neglecting the tonnes of valuable customer insight you can generate by studying the way in which users interact with your social media avatars is like using a cell phone only for speaking and not listening.


    In a world of driven analytics and data mining, a systematic assessment of your social media performance generates very crucial information:

    • Customer sentiment
    • Overall visibility of the brand
    • Social score relative to competitors/peers
    • Impact/success of ad-campaigns
    • Current and upcoming trends
    • Potential dangers, warning signs
    • Information relevant to innovation/ideation

    In the chaos of the social media universe, marketers must overcome a number of challenges:

    • How to get people to talk about or engage with them?
    • How to combine data from multiple platforms and derive a coherent meaning out of it?
    • How to make use of algorithms that form an essential part of social media measurement?
    • How to formulate an effective social media measurement strategy at an optimal cost?

    RedberriesSocial Media Tracking & Reporting tools answer these challenges and enable you to really listen and understand your target audience, while delivering intelligence that leads to accurate decision making and ensuring that every penny spent on social media activity counts.

    Redberries structured social media approach refines your social media approach and emboldens your presence:

    • In-depth analysis and review of current social media standings
    • SMART goal setting for social media targets
    • Tracking counts, trends and sentiment metrics
    • Dynamic, visually enhanced report generation
    • Collation of data across social media platforms for comprehensive interpretation

    Redberries FactFile:

    Less than 30% of businesses have a structured approach for social media measurement, make sure your brand is a class
    apart of them by using Redberries Social Media Tracking & Reporting services.

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    All queries are answered within 10 hours during work days and within 16 hours during holidays.

      Social Media Management Agency in Dubai

      Best Social Media Management Services Agency In Dubai, UAE - Red Berries

      We're An Expert Agency For Social Media Management and Marketing Services


      Social Media Agency In Dubai
      Social Media Agency In Dubai

      Red Berries – Leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

      Anyone can be active on social media and post as frequently as they want to. But the outcome will be seen only after considering and giving attention to the creative designs & content written. What, where, and when to post is the most important aspect of handling social media. We follow the best industry practices and therefore grow your audience and businesses by implementing tailor-made creative strategies for your brand.

      The main advantage of social media marketing services in Dubai is that the audience is chosen by us and not by the platforms themselves. By using the demographics, behavior, and interests dataset, we can customize our ads and have a targeted audience as per the campaign requirements. This helps us to maximize ROI on social media advertising. Our team has years of experience in running social media ads on various platforms and therefore helps your brand to have a specific advertising message for each platform as not all social media platforms have the same type of audience. We understand your business needs and align our advertising goals to them.

      With its coherent mix of social strategies, Red Berries creates shared platforms where both businesses and users participate in an engaging way. Not just that, the agency also helps the companies to track and measure the impact of social media campaigns and continually improve the efforts. Act now to know more about your social quotient.

      What We Can Do

      • Linkedin Advertising

        LinkedIn PPC advertising strategy that would meet your needs, saving you time & money targeting working professionals and decision makers.

      • Facebook Advertising

        Tailor made ad campaigns for companies, agencies, blogs and brands to make the most of the platform.

      • Twitter Advertising

        Tailor advertisement campaigns around events and popular happenings in the world.

      Social Media Management Company Dubai
      Social Media Management Company Dubai
      • YouTube Advertising

        Redberries suite of YouTube advertising services will help your brand in leveraging the power of YouTube

      • Social Media Management and Consulting

        By understanding your Social Media Marketing needs and brand offerings, we help you grow your business and add value to your brand by reminding people about it.

      • Page and Campaign Management

        Make your pages significant enough to leverage the true capabilities of the platforms using content and marketing campaigns.

      Influence – The New Social Way Of Marketing

      Influence marketing is the new way to work on brand buzz (awareness and discussion) through classified content writing. It engages the user with a brand through experiential marketing using shared technologies such as blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, social networks, communities, forums, etc.

      There are hundreds of social media platforms. Which ones do you use? Do you have the right social mix? Let Red Berries help you decide. The agency with its marketing acumen helps companies decide the right mix of social platforms for maximum product exposure among the desired customers.

      Right social mix – what can it do for you?

      It can change the entire scenario of how customers look at your brands. It helps businesses retain their customers and provide them contentment by initiating fresh conversations and direct dialogues.

      A new social way of marketing, this base involves marketers as influencers and initiates a two-way interaction between businesses and customers. Here, they listen to the audience and participate in ongoing conversations. And involve customers with an inspiring content base.

      Social Media Marketing – Listen First

      Conversations are effective only when brands listen to their customers. This listening activity includes the target's social hangout stops their beliefs, behavior, and expectations from a branded relationship.

      This listening social streak continues where brands listen to their customers and respond to them in an equally exciting way through inspiring communication.

      Content – The Trigger To Social Media

      Without content, all marketing efforts are vague. Content activates social media with inspiring nuggets, engaging conversations, and effective distribution. But it should be the one the audience wants. That is the key to successful content optimised for the shared world.

      Influence – the New Word of Mouth Publicity

      The ongoing conversations here act as a catalyst involving users to participate and share the inspiring content among their followers. This triggers the word of mouth publicity, which gives the initiated conversation a great exposure and impression.

      Social Media Content Strategy

      Social Content Strategy is easy to make but difficult to implement. Red Berries Social Media Marketing Agency Dubai takes a thoughtful way to execute the content as per the requirement of a brand.

      This approach identifies the engaging writing created as per the audience’s wants and desires. Next to it, the agency creates desirable platforms and publishes conversational content for effective customer engagement.

      Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai

      Social Media Marketing helps your brand to interact with the audience in real-time as anyone can follow your company pages or profiles. This type of interaction cannot be found in any other media broadcasting channel. Social Media helps your brand to give an identity and a personality that can be defined by the creatives that are designed and the way captions are written. Our team helps to add value to your company goals by identifying your brand personality and increasing the engagement rate on social media channels.

      This helps not only your brand to be more active on social media channels, but also increase revenue for your company as your audience will start purchasing from your brand if they had any positive interaction on the platform.

      Before we proceed with creating campaign strategies for your brand, we understand and analyze what does your company does and what are its brand values. We also do a competitor’s analysis take the current situation into account to not only improve the brand messages but also differentiate and give a competitive edge to it.

      Social Media Management Dubai
      Social Media Management Dubai

      Social media marketing is a complex phenomenon marked by rapid evolution and frenetic pace of change:

      • Newer platforms keep emerging that have to be befriended
      • Usage patterns shift with updates to applications, sites
      • Growing technical prowess of devices opens up newer grounds for engagement
      • Demographic factors influence the adoption and prevalence of social media platforms

      Internet is social. All shared action engaged conversations, and marketing happens here. Such is the influence of this medium that all the businesses – big or small are heading towards the social world to gain success in their social media campaigns. Want to get the shared edge for your business?

      Red Berries is a Social media management and marketing agency in Dubai that offers unparalleled consulting advice, rendering your organization with a powerful social presence that catalyzes your business growth:

      • In-depth understanding of different industries, markets, sectors, and their social media attributes owing to vast experience in this domain and a long list of satisfied clients to verify the same
      • Strong network with influencers across industries
      • Customized tools for ROI measurement in addition to existing established tracking tools- Tracking & Reporting solutions at your service
      • Extensive social media expertise ranging from conventional social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) to even newer avenues of social media such as MMOs, virtual worlds, and so on- Creative
      • Campaigns team on board to ensure the success of every campaign
      • Specialized capabilities in social media crisis handling
      Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai
      Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai

      Using social media marketing to help you grow your business in Dubai.

      By understanding your social media marketing needs and brand offerings, we help you grow your business and add value to your brand by reminding people about it. Remarketing existing customers also plays a huge role in social media advertising and marketing as people who may have visited your website in the past may make a decision to purchase once they see an ad again.

      We work closely with your team to understand your brand’s offering and implement tailor-made advertising strategies to grow your business. This helps us to get ideas on how to make your ad campaigns more creative to catch the attention of the audience and persuade them to make a purchase. With our industry expertise and result-driven advertising strategy, we help your brand stand out and differentiate it from your competitors. Red Berries Social Media Marketing team will research your brand as well as your competitors thoroughly and then go ahead with brand strategy development and the implementation.

      RedBerries FactFile:

      More than 45% of internet users look at social media before making a purchase! Create a successful social media game plan with RedberriesSocial Media Consultancy.

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