Rooftop Signages

Rooftop signs are more prominent than the standard wall signs. When thinking of something top-of-the-mind, the rooftop signages are your answer.


What are Rooftop Signages?

Rooftop signs are more prominent than the standard wall signs. When thinking of something top-of-the-mind, the rooftop signages are your answer. For a good advertising strategy put the Rooftop Signages and just see how your marketing enriches. Nobody can ignore this gigantic structure. Then why won’t you make your rooftop attractive? Strike your customers with bold, well-illuminated signages with features like LED, neon, or front-lit or back-lit signs.

Where are Rooftop Signages Used?

Rooftop signs are of great usage. It can be seen from long distances and is considered to have a higher impact than any other billboard. It is great for any business establishment to do their marketing and advertisement with hoardings on the roof of their shops.

Types of Rooftop Signages we offer

  • Single side
  • Two sides
  • Three sides

Technical Specs of rooftop signages

Features Dimensional accuracy; superior strength; high robustness
Shape Rectangular
Material Mild steel
Coating Surface treatment coated
Thickness 2-5mm
Height customizable

Why Redberries?

Rooftop signages Project Management

Redberries offers a quality controlled signage solution; the signage project management follows starts as we assess the client’s request. We then look at the perfect way to do a complete analysis of the product and plan a roadmap to complete it with the client’s specifications and deadlines.

Rooftop Signages Design and Engineering

Signage design and engineering is artwork done in integration where every sign assembling and processes are impeccable. We provide you with the facility of designing and re-designing the signs as long as it suits the location keeping in mind the requirements of nature and using appropriate materials that go with the requirement respectively.

Rooftop Signages Production

Our Signage production team is an experienced one, who is highly trained in sign production and fabrication. We offer expertise which can meet all the demands and produce a quality product. The team uses a wide range of materials that are available locally and internationally like stainless steel, acrylic, and aluminum, and so on.

Rooftop Signages Installation

After surveying and designing come the question of installation. The sign installations are carried out by highly qualified and seasoned signs professionals who use the equipment that is in tally with the health and safety parameters.

Rooftop Signages Maintenance and Repair

As said, to ensure a healthy long-term relationship with our clients we offer regular sign repair and sign maintenance services. There is nothing to worry about the cost, as we provide with best cost-effective packages that become economic.

Taking Care of Your Rooftop Signages

The more frequent and adequate will be your maintenance for your rooftop signage the newer your sign would look with a long-lasting life. Whenever there is a disarray of your signage display it loses your impression as a corporate. Sometimes the repairs are costly but sometimes they are small and cost-effective. But the twist! even the simple tasks of maintenance or repair cannot be done just like that. Always contact your manufacturer or any hoarding manufacturer and get your maintenance done timely with an assurance of sustainable longevity.

Stainless steel signages

A classy and dignified way of introducing your brand is the use of stainless steel signages. These signages are rust-free and greatly durable.


What are Stainless steel signages?

A classy and dignified way of introducing your brand is the use of stainless steel signages. These signages are rust-free and greatly durable. If you want they can be given a gold or brass finish as well. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The alloy used for stainless steel is 304 Grade. This makes it the most resistible against corrosion and combats tarnishing in most circumstances. For the gold finish, titanium-plated stainless steel is used. To make this material, a combination of 304 stainless is mixed with a thin layer of tinted titanium. The sides of the letters and logos have exposed 304 stainless after the fabrication process which later on is buffed to make smooth polish letters or satin letters for an elegant and consistent appearance.

Where are Stainless Steel Signages Used?

Stainless steel signages are a demand of corporate and government organizations. They are used both outdoors and indoors for a very classy look. Your project may require single-directional polish stainless steel or premium titanium coated stainless steel, both of these requirements will be produced exactly as the specified fabricated sign. The artwork is done by using precision-guided lasers, routers, jigsaws to cut and shape the requested letter, logo, or shapes which can be extracted either from thin gauge sheets of stainless steel or titanium-coated stainless steel.

Types of Stainless steel signage we offer

  • Stainless steel signage
  • Reception stainless steel signage
  • Solid stainless steel signage
  • Metal signage

Technical Specs of Stainless Steel Signages

Features Rust free;
highly durable;
option of front and backlight;
Unlimited design options
Excellent for LED backlighting
Easy Installation
 Materials used Both sides and front stainless steel; sides stainless steel and front acrylic
Sides finish Glossy mirror finish; brush finish
Illumination Cool LEDs
Power source AC220V
Operating power DC12V
LED lifetime >50,000 hours
Suited for Outdoor; indoor; waterproof; windproof

Why Redberries?

Stainless Steel Signages Project Management

We start the project by taking ideas from the client and then work seamlessly as a team to deliver you the best products well within the budget and deadlines.

Flex Face Signages Design & Engineering

We never compromise with quality. We upgrade ourselves with the best quality designs brought up by our in-house experienced engineers. Along with new ideas we always try to go with the best value.

Stainless Steel Signages Production

We have traditional to modern options of production. Depending on the site location we give you advice on illumination. Our team has a premium signage production unit that promises to keep your corporate identity at the top.

Stainless Steel Signages Installation

Our team carries out the entire installation process by themselves. You do not need to worry about anything.

Stainless Steel Signages Maintenance & Repair

We came up with the thought of signing a maintenance contract that would be economic for you and you do not need to put labor on anything. We will visit and re-visit on a regular basis for maintenance and repair.

Taking Care of Your Stainless Steel Signages

Stainless Steel signages are generally durable ones. With due maintenance, both illuminated or non-illuminated signage can be taken care of. Our maintenance and repair team can help you do so.

Way finding Signages

Way finding Signages are signals used to help in navigation in any environment, by any means (foot or transport). These are placed at strategic points to provide necessary and apt information to the people.


What is Way finding Signages

These are signals used to help in navigation in any environment, by any means (foot or transport). These are placed at strategic points to provide necessary and apt information to the people. Construction of these is based on principles of design and human psychology to approach and serve people appropriately.

Where is Way Finding SignagesUsed?

They are used in outdoor and indoor settings. Placed on streets they serve as road signs, and markers of danger. They are placed in airports, stations and malls to give an idea of places for handicapped individuals and location of specific places.

How to Appropriately Use Way Finding Signages?

To put your sign to the best use you should follow these steps:
1. Visit the location where you want to put the sign multiple times to see whether it is an appropriate place with high visibility.
2. Use simple language and do not put too many details. Keep it brief and easy to understand.
3. Check the design as frequently and see to it being concise, clear and legible.
4. Legibility should be paired with appropriate colours.
5. Use neutral colours with a contrast colour for text.
6. Place it at a proper height.
7. Maintain it and ensure that all damages are immediately checked and repaired.

Types of Way Finding Signages we offer

  • Directional Signs
  • Identification Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Confirmation Signs

Technical Specs of Way Finding Signage

Metric Specs
Weight Varies by requirement
Thickness Varies by requirement
Details These are signs which are generally used to navigate in outdoor or indoor environments. They provide directions, notices for the handicap and other notices.
Uses Indoor, Outdoor, Corporate, Educational, Healthcare, Retail, Sports Venues, Stadiums
Print Method UV digital printing, scratch-resistant
Estimated Lifespan 5-12 years depending on weather conditions and maintenance
Common Sizes Varies by requirement
Shape Options Rectangular, Square, Custom
Polished Edges Polished Edges only
Drilled Holes & Standoffs Drilled holes and offer aluminum standoffs

Why Redberries?

Way Finding SignageProject Management

Redberries provide clients with experienced and knowledgeable managers who know how to tackle all challenges. They communicate efficiently with the client to get a proper idea of what the client needs. After-sales services are also provided.

Way Finding SignageDesign & Engineering

Coordination within the other teams allows efficiency of engineering. Sketches are made to give the client an idea of what the end-result will look like. Each step is followed concisely to guarantee effective production.

Way Finding SignageProduction

Quality resources and materials are used to produce way finding signages. These signs are made with a lot of care to give the client only the best. The fabrication team stands with a minimum of 10 years of experience. Their experience contributes to their effectiveness.

Way Finding SignageInstallation

They start with a survey to get a visual of the client’s ideas. Then, they follow these ideas exactly to provide the client a representation of their dreams.

Way Finding SignageMaintenance& Repair

They offer after-sales services to ensure that your sign is taken care of. Packages of various kinds are offered to ensure the client is not worried about budgets.

Taking Care of Your Way Finding Signage

Not applicable

Directional Signage

Directional Signs or Signage are a way to either direct people to a particular place or location of interest, or target the flow of movement to a particular direction.


Directional Signs or Signage are a way to either direct people to a particular place or location of interest, or target the flow of movement to a particular direction. Direction or way finding signage is integral to any business to let people know of their certain business areas. They are also important for general purposes like how to go to certain place(s) or how to direct motion of people to a certain targeted area. Targeted area might be a particular building, a particular area or section or to certain services inside a building.

If you are looking out for an external directional or way finding signage with a clear intent and be noticed distinctly, then we have multiple options to choose from. Car parking signage, school’s way finding signage, road and vehicle signage and a lot more are available. Even for internal directions we have signage like for restroom, elevators and more to count. You will have lot to choose from.

Moreover, directional signage on roads also help pedestrians in finding their way out or direct them where to go in case of heavy traffic, busy areas and to provide flow to pedestrian traffic. For business purposes, they work best in the way that if your business is located at a prime location, it is easy to find way to it. But then it costs huge bucks. Instead of that, you could go for a low profile location but put up directional signage from a certain distance to make people reach to you. This will not only help you save a lot of capital, but also get noticed at the same time. You could choose from aluminium signs to billboards and banners, to corrugated yard and lawn signs. You name it and we have it, suiting to various customer needs, demands and business requirements.

Redberries provides design and production of both custom-made and pre-built directional signage along with various other variety of signage. Get your business or services get a directional or any other kind of signage being both designed and produced of high quality and as per your choices.

Safety Signage UAE

When a record label came to us and told us that they would like to target specific customers who prefer to listen to particular artists and genres, we were excited for the challenge. Going forward, we tailored them an ad campaign on Spotify, where one can actually create intricate ads that will be exposed to listeners who click on particular tracks and artists. This platform opens up a dimension of audio ads, which essentially indicates “getting the cake” when it comes to record labels and music-related brands. Imagine the plethora of opportunities that opens up for musicians and music-related brands on a platform where audio ads are a reality!

Since its advent in 2006, Spotify has been “the” place for not only music junkies, but also top music brands as well as recording labels to explore new customer bases as well as new music, depending on which category you belong to. The platform, which acts as a music sharing as well as listening hub, has grown tremendously in the past few years, with up to 6 million paid subscribers and over 24 million active users from around the world. No wonder that the platform has become a breeding ground for agencies and labels to advertise themselves and reach out to new and untapped consumers.

We at RedberriesDigital Marketing Dubai provide numerous advertising options for companies and brands, which are looking to promote themselves on this music sharing hub. These options are essentially tailored according to the preferences of the companies, brands, blogs or musicians, depending on aspects such as the desired consumer base or the desired genre of music within which they want to concentrate.

Depending on their preferences, these are the various options which we provide for advertising on Spotify:

  • Audio ads: 30 second long samples which are played between or before songs
  • Display ads: clickable ads placed at the corner of the music, which instantly take the user to the website of the brand or musician
  • Branded playlists: these are tailor-made playlists to reach out to certain sections of consumers. They contain the logo of the brand or musician who is advertising the collection.
  • Sponsored sessions: these are mobile-based video ads which are especially attractive for consumers as they guarantee 30-minute ad free listening once the video is watched.
  • Homepage Ads: these include display ads which are showcased on the homepage of Spotify to all users who visit the site.
  • Video Takeovers: these are video or display ads which are inserted into the breaks between two songs.

Redberries FactFile:

About $3 billion has been paid out to publishing houses, collecting societies, and recording labels by Spotify for the purpose of music rights.
You can tap into all of that music & fans by considering Spotify advertising.