Mobile, In App Advertising & Pop Up Advertisement

Recently, one of our clients was really concerned about the Ad-blocking software that people have started installing on their Internet browsers. While the situation is not bleak as several websites have started surpassing and sidelining their blocks while others request the internet users to turn them off in order to access their requested websites. But still digital marketing often finds these tricky situations as challenging.

We sometimes fail to cope up with the wave of technological products that have captured the market in recent days starting from Smart watches to Virtual Reality headsets. But what remains common amongst these all is the presence of Smart phones and their potential of growth. It’s well-known that now internet users on mobiles have surpassed the number of internet users depending on desktops and laptops. And also, advertisement blocking on mobile devices is still not possible as against the desktop software.

The onslaught of apps & games on mobile & tablet devices has increased the domains where customers can be targeted and has also brought innovations to the advertising methods. Marketing campaigns need to keep up with these innovations in mobile advertising and redesign campaigns to be much more effective and relevant to the target customer base.

Old is NOT Gold when it comes to Digital Marketing and we at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai understand the same. We would like to help your company make impactful Mobile advertising campaign through:

  • Careful selection of Mobile Advertising method which suits your needs
  • Targeting relevant websites and Apps for impact
  • Tracking traffic and audience behavior for better campaign planning and implementation
  • Ensuring lower costs and higher output compared to traditional methods
  • Depending on business related parameters as against just market and outreach parameters wherever possible.
  • By 2017, mobile devices will make up 87 per cent of the total sales of Internet enabled technology.
  • 87% of millennials always have their smartphone at their side, day and night
  • 78% of Facebook users are mobile only.
  • 64% of decision makers read their email via mobile phones.

(Data Reference

The phenomenal rise of smartphones has brought marketers closer to ‘the future of marketing’. Not only that, the medium has prepared them for use ‘marketing for the future’ gain maximum benefit for their brands and companies. Such is the exciting world of mobile advertising that lets such marketers reach the customers direct to their smartphones.

The making of the mobile ad success story owes its glory due to the presence of customers. If statistics are to be believed, 2 billion people at present have the power of smartphones. And these demigods are always-on this powerful device, while chatting, social networking, searching, reading news and the list is endless. Wherever they go, their mobiles follow, letting brands and companies use this opportunity and lure them with exciting offers and great deals.

Such is the extent of its growing popularity that mobile media time is now greater than desktop and other media. People wake up to and sleep with phones. 78% of millennials spend over 2 hours a day using their smartphone. And if they come across something relevant from your brand, then results will surely make a difference.

This moment of truth has brought a new awakening for brands. Now, CMOs are more than willing to invest in this advertising medium. They know the benefits of advertising on mobile are many. Assured ROI, incredible conversion rates are just few of the advantages. Kickstarting mobile marketing campaigns acts as an elixir for growing sales and marketing growth.

It is to note that 70% of searches conducted on a mobile device lead to action within an hour. A well conceived mobile strategy coupled with effective messaging and call-to-action can bring this assured return in a timely manner.

If you are wondering which way to go while advertising on mobile platforms, here’s the choice. Mobile search advertising offers brands visibility over an initiated search on smartphone. These text ads cater precisely to the immediate demand of a user and convert faster. Mobile display advertising is another popular way of advertising on these gadgets. Just a click or a swipe from a customer on this visual ad can bring the conversion effectively.

Second type of smartphone advertising belongs to mobile social media ads. Around 78% of Facebook users are mobile only. Also, these smartphone users are spending more leisure time on social media. Thus, offering more scope of advertising on social media. There are different types of mobile social advertising, ranging from click-to-website, sponsored posts, app ads, e-commerce ads, video promotion and the list is endless. Just choose rightly from the paid social ads choices and rule the smartphone world.

Third important way of utilising mobile advertising is via app-advertising. In-app advertising is the in-thing for marketers as there is a strong possibility of finding and targeting the customer right there. In fact, users spent 86% of their time on apps in 2014, as per This in itself establishes the premise for the success of mobile app-advertising. Rising use of apps and their ever increasing downloads also fuel the great side of this innovating campaign.

One important tenet to be considered before being captivated by the goodness of mobile ads is to strike a perfect balance between brevity and connect. Connecting with consumers on a personal level and addressing their on-the-go needs is the basic premise for the success of smartphone advertising. If that’s achieved, there’s a great possibility to soar ahead of competition and gain great returns as well. Sounds interesting! Well, there’s more to the exciting world of mobile advertising that can be leveraged in UAE and the Middle East markets.

Red Berries Digital can give you this golden chance to maximise the mobile advertising prospects through effectively engaging campaigns and secure maximum engagement. One of the few digital agencies in UAE to have mastered this science and art effectively, the agency can help you gain maximum mileage out of mobile campaigns. Wish to know more? Reserve a chat session with Team Red Berries and open up the possibilities for successful mobile web campaigns.

Redberries FactFile:

Redberries FactFile: 35% of sales made worldwide in 2014 were made through Mobile devices against the 18% on computers.

Mobile Search Advertising

“Okay Google, what’s the best restaurant in town?”
“Hey Siri, What is the best way to attract large traffic, have high conversions, make sales and ensure audience outreach and brand building?
Siri – Contact Redberries Digital Marketing in Dubai. Calling in three, two, one…”

The last conversation may have been fictional but it is known to many, mobile search has taken over the Search market on internet. Mobile handheld devices such as smartphones have transformed the Search market due to its mobility and ease. Google, the search giant has recognized this and hence customized its search results and search advertisements to reflect this new need.

One of the major conveniences of mobile search is the ‘Click to call’ feature through which the customer connects with the advertiser directly, leading to higher probability of conversion. Also, there are app based searches which have further diversified the mobile search market, hence increasing its complexity and outreach at the same time. This also breaks Google as the sole provider of these services which has led to lowering of costs and better services and output.

We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai understand the importance of constantly evolving and helping clients with contemporary technologies and easy solutions. We would help you in Mobile search advertising through:

  • Remodeling the advertisements to suit the Mobile search features of Click to call, Maps and others.
  • Creating tags and data which attracts the most relevant customers and traffic which has higher probability of conversion.
  • Customizing the campaign in a way which suits all kind of smartphones and search engines.
  • Keeping the campaign up-to-date with technological and other changes in the Mobile Search advertising world.
  • 80% of Internet users use smartphones to search the Web. –
  • Mobile ad spend will top $100 billion worldwide by 2016. – eMarketer
  • 89% of smartphone users notice mobile ads and 66% visit a business online or in-store after a local search. –
  • Consumer spending on mobile to top £53 billion by 2024. –

Mobile search is an inevitable aspect of any millennial’s life. Not only the life revolves around searching on this small device, but it rules many decisions. Just like an invisible power in hand, this mobile search lets any user find out anything that clicks in the mind any moment. This is a potent scenario that calls for mobile search advertising to reach the customers in need.

Partnering during a moment in need is a marketer’s moment indeed.’ Modern marketers understand this phenomenon quite well and are ready to help the customer by turning up the right time, particularly during a mobile search.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is one such way that comes with a probability of customer’s tap of approval. Available organically, this may or may not interest a customer. But, the second way out truly offers brands and companies a dynamic opportunity to tap the hidden markets through mobile search ads. Present at the time of initiated search, these ads occupy a strategic place on the mobile screen, where it becomes almost impossible for a user to ignore. In minimum words and clutter-free format, the ads convey exactly what the marketer wishes to convey on search mobile engine.

According to, 89% of smartphone users notice ads on mobile devices. Effective mobile advertising campaigns are the reasons why such ads get immediate user attention. Practical ad content with enticing call-to-action can be one such reason why these ads, instead of coming across as a disruption, facilitate faster conversions, sales or registrations.

The rising scope of mobile search marketing is evident in the dynamic country of UAE as well. With the power of smartphones, the customers initiate new mobile search on a faster basis and take a decision faster as well.

Another phenomena powered by search mobile engine is its ripe benefits to local search. Location-based mobile marketing is undoubtedly the greatest benefit of mobile search advertising. Call it the utility of GPS settings on a smartphone or the customer’s motivations of finding nearby stores; local search marketing has received a big boost due to this technology.

CMOCouncil’s statistic shows that 66% of customers visit a business online or in-store after a local search. With localized ads for mobile, marketers can target the customers through Location-Based Data.

If a marketer has to target the customers around Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, he can easily do so through seamless mobile marketing campaigns.

 But here’s the catch. To leverage maximum benefits of mobile ad network, brand marketers must make their websites mobile friendly. The idea is to give a user seamless experience on a smartphone and accompany him on to a journey of conversion, rather than hindering him on the go. Not only will it utilise each dirham spent on ads for mobile and improve mobile ads revenue as well.

To make the most of this amazing platform, marketers like you need a trusted digital agency in UAE. Red Berries Digital can be the partner you through innovative mobile search advertising campaigns. Our agency is Google Partners that gives us an upper hand over competitors. Also, it gives us a great responsibility to value such collaboration and work for the benefit of the clients in UAE.

In each mobile ad campaign, we try to add value based on analytics data and make them effective in our own ways and means. Our motivations are to help the clients make way for their success story over mobile media. You can also build a success-story through mobile marketing engagement with us. Just fill in your details in the form below and our digital marketing experts will surely take you on to a prospective world of mobile marketing.

Redberries FactFile:

Redberries FactFile: 93% of people who use mobile to research for a product/service, go on to complete a purchase of the same.
By 2018, half of the world’s population will have a smartphone.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing (or retargeting) is done to reconnect and recapture the attention of those people who visited your website but did not convert. Most of the people who visit your website are not ready to make a purchase therefore, remarketing is the best way to strategically position your ads and create a top of the mind recall to your potential customers while they make up their minds. Amongst several advertising platforms to do so, Google provides the most useful tools to remarket due to its massive reach.

“Honey, Look how cute these earrings are!”
“You just got some earrings few months ago. Do you really need more?”
“But they have discounts and I like the delivery options and quality guarantees that this website has to offer.”
“Ok honey, let’s think about this for a day or two. Just don’t buy right away okay ?”

In the above scenario, if the husband was reminded of the same earrings on his Facebook timeline or some blog he follows through “Remarketing”, there’s a very high possibility of him surprising his wife with the earrings that she liked. Remarketing induces that flair of familiarity. As the content and/or products shown in Remarketing are very closely related to the customer’s preferences, they have higher chances of getting clicked and/or purchased. Remarketing acts like a gentle reminder to customers to finish what they started. This also indirectly helps in building a strong brand image due to the familiarity with which the customer starts perceiving a logo and company.

Remarketing holds an inverted trend when compared to the traditional advertising. The reason why Remarketing as a strategy is not very famous amongst small and medium enterprises is its complexity. We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will provide you with the perfect Remarketing plan that ensures visibility, conversion and does not dig deep into your marketing budget. Digital marketing companies often tend to forget the core of business when it comes to website traffic and analytics. A business is not formed for high traffic of visitors, it is there to sell products.

Our Remarketing campaign will help you:

  • Create remarketing tags
  • Set up remarketing campaigns
  • Track audience and traffic
  • Set up contextual targeting and other strategies
  • Targeting websites that are relevant to the target audience of your website and products
  • Help in remarketing through Apps and other contemporary mediums receiving high traffic
  • Creating customized templates which are attractive and relevant

According to an analytical data, Google remarketing can boost sales by an average of 107%.

Google remarketing is indeed an effective technique that keeps you connected to your target audience while also building brand awareness. If you are considering (and you should), following are its benefits.

Benefits of Remarketing

More targeted ad copy
You get to choose a more specified ad copy in order to target the customer who has previously visited your site. You would not want to speak to the customer who has already visited like you would to a first-time user. For example, you could now remind your potential customer who did not make a purchase previously for whatever reason that you now have a “Black Friday Sale – Up to 70% off on all items”. It is also a great way to address a concern your customer may have.

Lowest cost per click
Through automatic bidding aka Google’s auction, you can win the ad placement on best possible rate. Real-time bidding on Google calculates the optimal bid for the person viewing your ad costing you nothing extra for taking part in the auction.

Custom graphics
Through remarketing, you can serve visually appealing ads using Google display network as opposed to search engine marketing which only involves text and no graphics. In addition to that, you can also include your logo in the visual creating brand awareness too.

High conversion rate
In internet marketing, the main focus of every brand is to get the user to engage with you whether it’s through query submission, downloading a document or making an online sale. Therefore, remarketing to someone who has already shown interest in your product or service is likely to do the trick for you.

Specific site selection
By choosing to deliver ads on the website with relevant audience which is relevant to your business, you significantly improve returns on investment.
While these are the benefits you can reap from Google remarketing. We are now going to look into the ways to remarket your ads to the potential customer.

Types of Remarketing

Standard remarketing
This Adwords feature allows you to simply retarget the past visitor by serving them your ads while browsing through websites or apps on the Display Network. You can target via specified dates or through specific URL visits based on funnel stages. For example, those customers who contact you from a features, pricing or check out page which shows they are close to converting.

Dynamic remarketing
How many times have you seen a product you were browsing for on the internet and then it starts showing no matter where you go (on the internet, of course)? Happens with us all the time. This is where Dynamic Lists have taken things up a notch as they show that specific product or service they viewed on your website.

Remarketing lists for search ads
Also known as RLSA - it enables you to target past visitors on search engines. These search ads can be customized accordingly to be shown to past visitors while they search on Google and Google’s Search partner sites.

Video and App remarketing
This type of AdWords retargeting involved YouTube videos and mobile apps on both Android and iOS. When targeting app users; you can choose to target all app users, users who downloaded specific versions, who haven’t been active recently, or who took specific actions. And there are wide range of options available to choose the best suited audience for retargeting on YouTube.

Customer list remarketing
This feature is like Facebook lookalike audience. Not only can you upload the email list of your current customers to serve ads at every touchpoint but also produce a new list of audience related to those customers.

Redberries FactFile:

Remarketing is ridiculously cheaper and ensures higher Click-through and Conversion rates.
(On average, client can save upto $0.57 per click on adverts while using Remarketing.)

Google Grants

“One of the toughest things to access in the developmental sector is funds and volunteers!
We do all this good work and yet people with money just don’t care!”
“Have you tried approaching these people through online marketing?”
“Do you know how costly these advertising campaigns are?
I am unable to give decent clothes to my volunteers and you want me to advertise online?”
“Haven’t you heard of Google Grants?”

Often lack of information leads to lesser accessibility and uninformed decisions. Advertising is one of the ways to tackle these issues and bringing together providers and people in need. The same goes with developmental sector which focuses on better results and impact, often neglecting the outreach of those results to people interested in donating their time and money to increase the scale of that impact.

Google Grants is an initiative which can help qualified organizations with $10,000 per month (i.e. more than 36,000 Dirhams) in the form of AdWords. This can have a huge impact on the potential donors and volunteers for the organization which will further have a ripple effect.

One of the toughest part of Google Grants is to maintain eligibility for Google Ad Grant. We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai understand the importance of such a great scheme and the impact of the Grant on the development of our client and hence our society.

We can help you with:

  • Legal and Marketing advice for Google Ad Grants.
  • Consumption of the Grants in most effective and efficient manner.
  • Accessing the Grant and maintaining the status.
  • Targeted audience needs to be treated in a customized manner for developmental market as against regular company advertisements. We can create such campaigns.
  • Help with technicalities of campaigns, leaving you to focus on impacting the society.

Redberries FactFile:

Implementing Google Grants has the potential of attracting 10,000 to 40,000 new website visitors each month. All of this for FREE!

Startup PPC

Advertising can be funny!!! The same strategy can work sometime for all and none at times.
Are you a start-up and thinking about how to go about promoting your product?
Are you thinking whether to go for pay per click (PPC) or any other strategy?
Have you ever thought whether advertising would improve your return on investment?
Do you know how to measure the performance of the advertising strategy?
Are you a start-up and worried about exploring new opportunities, optimizing your account,
and in dark about adjusting your ad spends to align your paid-up search goals?

A start-up is still early in the lifecycle of an enterprise where the entrepreneur moves from the idea stage to securing financing, laying down the basic structure of the business, and initiating operations or trading. One of the many problems that a startup faces is managing finance and the resultant inefficient advertising strategy can really be painful. If effectively used, PPC can be a powerful game changing tool for start-ups.

Though, the going can be tough for the start-ups as there is too much data available to analyze, and there are so many factors that one needs to consider for building a robust marketing/advertising strategy .

Given the aforesaid complexities, it is important to hire a professional for a customized approach. We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will help you with the perfect PPC strategy specially drafted for start-ups that would meet your needs, saving you time & money.

Overall benefits that our PPC campaign would provide:

  • Reach your target customer at the right time with the right ad
  • Better pricing strategy
  • Keeping advertising budget under control
  • Better visibility of your products
  • Real time “trackability”
  • Better placement of ads
  • Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)
  • Better synergy with other verticals like, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), etc.

Redberries FactFile:

Spending on PPC Ads rose 12% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2014

Bing Yahoo PPC

Are you thinking whether to go Google adwords or Yahoo! Bing Network (YBN)?
Here are some facts that might help you:
Cost per click(CPC) in YBN is significantly lower than AdWords, ranges between ~37% to ~77%
Cost per mile rates(CPM) in YBN are higher than Adwords.

Google brought a path-breaking change in advertisement through Google Adwords, the first 100 percent measurable advertising platform, to us. It is the logical first choice for paid search advertisers for two reasons: superior impressions and click-through rates. However, due to the aforesaid advantages of YBN, i.e., lower CPCs and CPMs and less competition for ad position, it is a choice worth considering.

Google Adwords has become a very competitive place for online businesses primarily due to Google’s massive search volume. And that’s why we’re pointing you in the direction of a slightly less competitive, cheaper and friendlier network: The Yahoo! Bing Network. Weat RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai suggest you to at least consider YBN as an alternative, which will help you get sales results far more quickly.

Given the several complexities in putting up the effective online marketing strategy, it is important to hire a professional for a customized approach. We will help you with the perfect strategy that would meet your needs, saving you time & money.

Overall benefits that our campaign would provide:

  • Low Cost per click (CPC)
  • Significantly lesser competition
  • Make search advertising easy
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Reach your target customer at the right time with the right ad
  • Better pricing strategy
  • Keeping advertising budget under control
  • Real time “trackability”
  • Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)
  • Better synergy with other verticals like, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), etc.

Redberries FactFile:

The unique searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network spend 23%more online than the average Internet searcher and 4.3%more than Google searchers.

Multilingual PPC

Are you a global company? Do you want to sell your products in more than one country?
Are you in a fix whether the same marketing strategy would work in different countries?
Whether the same advertisements would work in different places?
Whether the same key words would work in different countries?
Do you know whether your target population searches in English or native language?
Do you know that Google isn’t the leader everywhere? Yandex has 62% market in Russia, and Google has only 26%,
Bing has ~ 16% market share in US, Baidu has ~80% in China.

Now …

Have you ever came across a funny ad that appeared like a string of separate words tied together? The reason is that agencies and brands take short-cut while localizing PPC campaigns.

Having a multilingual PPC strategy can be a wonderful way to break into international markets.

For building an effective multilingual PPC campaign, one needs to understand the target population well, contents need to be properly translated, identify the proper search engine, conduct multilingual keyword research, build quality landing pages, keep a close tab on campaign settings, etc.

Given the aforesaid complexities, it is important to hire a professional for a customized approach. We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will help you with the perfect PPC strategy specially drafted for multilingual campaigns that would meet your needs, saving you time & money.

Overall benefits that our PPC campaign would provide:

  • Well targeted and optimized web marketing strategy in each language you work in
  • Offer native-level understanding of markets
  • Improved international online visibility
  • Conversion focused adverts
  • Conversion optimized landing pages
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Reach your target customer at the right time with the right ad
  • Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)
  • Better synergy with other verticals like, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), etc

Redberries FactFile:

87% of web visits come directly from search engines, 9% come from banners and only 4% come directly from the browser.

PPC Audit

Do you want to know whether your pay per click (PPC) campaign is yielding results?
What is the quality score of your campaign?
Do you want to know the areas of your PPC campaign which needs improvement?
Do you want to know the negative ad words?
Do you want to keep your AdWords cost low?

No one is perfect and the same applies for any strategy. Someone working on the same campaign for a long time might miss opportunities and best practices. By letting a fresh pair of eyes evaluate every aspect of your PPC campaign, you will generate a list of possible improvements, expansions and corrections that should increase the quality and performance of your campaign.So it’s not about daily (or weekly) optimizations like bid changes and keyword research, but it’s looking at the bigger picture and making sure no opportunities are missed.

A PPC audit would answer most of your queries. An audit would include analysis as well as recommendations.

The various issues that a PPC audit would delve into are:

  • Goal Setting and measurement
  • Campaign Settings & Bid Adjustments
  • Ad Extensions
  • Impression Share
  • Quality Score
  • Account Structure
  • Keywords and Match Types
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Bid Management
  • Landing Pages
  • Remarketing
  • Display Network

Weat RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will help you with the audit of your PPC strategy and would meet your needs, saving you time & money.

Overall benefits that our campaign would provide:

  • Actionable insights and competitive intelligence
  • Measure click through ate (CTR)
  • Review quality score
  • Analyze campaign/ account activity
  • Optimize landing page
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Reach your target customer at the right time with the right ad
  • Keeping advertising budget under control
  • Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)
  • Better synergy with other verticals like, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), etc

Redberries FactFile:

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Adwords

Google shopping

Have you heard of Google product search or Froogle?
Google shopping allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors.
Have you observed quotes from several e-commerce sites along with the search results of a product?
Do you feel that your target population would buy when they see the product along with the quotes?

Google shopping encourages “clicky” behavior and spark shoppers’ interest with special offers, reviews and ratings!

Google shopping campaign puts your product images, price, and business name right in front of your customers across devices.

As the shopping ads display only local inventory, they reach to the right shoppers.

As Google shopping helps in winning customer confidence by certifying “Google trusted store” and product ratings, one can look to improve the sales. You can also encourage interested shoppers to make a purchase by showing special offers or codes on your ads, right at the moment they’re deciding where to buy. You can also give every sale a second chance by using dynamic remarketing.
Google shopping can be a very powerful tool that can help you generate revenue and profits. But, it is important to hire a professional for a customized approach. We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will help you with a customized strategy tailor made for you to meet your needs, saving you time & money.

Overall benefits that our campaign would provide:

  • Reach your target customer at the right time with the right ad
  • Better conversion
  • Keeping advertising budget under control
  • Better visibility of your products
  • Improve click through rates
  • Achieve higher return on advertising spend(ROAS)
  • Better placement of ads
  • Better synergy with other verticals like, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), etc
  • Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)

Redberries FactFile:

1 in 3 searches on Google is local. Yes, 33% of searches on Google are related to location.

Looking for Google Ads Management, Search Engine Marketing or a Google Ads Agency in Dubai?

Want to capture the potent leads in the fiercely competitive SEO market?
Being a Google Ad Management Agency, Red Berries is a viable answer for drive in highly relevant visitors to your website, increase revenues and generate more leads.

A thorough Google Ads Management can help you reach out to the relevant visitors to reach positive ROI
Want to capture the potent leads in the fiercely competitive SEO market? Proper Google Ads Management is a viable answer to drive in highly relevant visitors to your website, increase revenues, and generate more leads.

Securing profitable Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can be a task, but not for Red Berries Digital. Our Google Ads Management experts here know how to gain maximum traction of the allocated budgets. Even in the case of competitive markets, Our Google Ads Management company has the key to stay ahead through our professional keyword management solutions. This is our way to stay ahead of paid ad competition and other Google Ads Management agencies in the UAE.

What we do?

As a Google adwords agency, we employ google search ads and reach out to the streamlined markets with our Google Ads Management services and get maximum ROI.

How we do It?

Our Google ads management foundations lay deep in the paid search campaigns and we’ve evolved with the same over the past 8 years. As an expert Google Adwords Management Company, we’ve developed the most cost-effective ways of letting people find your business and targeting customers in a seamless way.

Our Partnerships

With our Google Ad campaign manager experts, we offer vantage point to our clients with our close association with search engines.

Creative Strategy

Thoughtful minds create ads based on analytics data to ensure great client success and as a Google adwords service provider, we exactly do that.. More than keywords targeting, we as an adwords agency, monitor target behavior and customize our campaign’s messaging in real-time to reach users effectively.

Get to know more about Google Ads Management before getting an agency to manage them for you. Have a read of the questions and answers below to get a better understanding. We will be glad to answer for further information about Google Ads Management if it’s not listed below. We are a Google Adwords Management agency and we are official Google Partners, we provide not just information but to bring tangible results through the various features of Google Ads Management.

The most targeted form of advertising is Google Ads. When people are searching on Google search, they are telling you exactly what they are looking for, and your ad can show up alongside those searches quaries withthe help of Google Ads. Hence this is the reason why it’s called the most targeted form of advertising. You can set up conversion tracking on your website which makes Google Ads pretty much the most trackable form of advertising.

The disadvantage of the traditional medium is the advantage of the digital medium. For instance, take print and radio as an example, it is difficult to know the ROI- Return on investment. It may give you an idea on the whole if the store gets crowd after your print or radio ad. By implementing Google Ads, you may know

  • Cost per lead
  • You can target the ad at different times
  • You can implement AB testing and know which is best of the two ads, and then run the one that performs better.
  • All this output is important to achieve through print or radio.

Absolutely not. Google Ads is an advertising platform. It has a vast network of advertising at various locations and through different campaign types. Some of them include the following:

  • SEM or Search ads
  • GDN or Display ads (banners you see on websites)
  • Remarketing (Marketing to different people who have been on your website)
  • YouTube (banners and video)
  • Gmail ads (There are ads that appear as small snippets at the top of your email sections)
The formats vary for each of the above, it could be text display ads, static banners, animated banners, videos, or lightboxes. A Google Ads Management agency can help you choose the right type of Ad Type for you.

Cost is the main difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google Ads, which is also know as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). There is no cost associated with any traffic that is gained through SEO but there is the cost incurred while you try to set SEO right. You don’t pay for this traffic because it brings traffic through organic search and referral traffic. SEO should be a mandatory element of your digital marketing mix but it is often overlooked and underestimated by both business owners and web developers.

Google Ads is fast to set up, and quick to generate traffic than SEO. Both are ongoing investments. There are two forms of pays when it comes to Google AdWords, you’ll only pay for AdWord clicks when people are interested in your products this is called PPC (Pay per click) or the other way is CPM (Cost per thousand impressions of your ads) The click through rate of your organic listings may increase due to running a paid advertising with Google because the organic SEO link would subtly be present below the paid ads. The organic search ranking will not change because the Google Ad campaigns and SEO are not interlinked.

None knowing the benefits of Google Ads would consider it a waste of money. The right Google Ads Management agency will have strategies to utilize the marketing budget wisely and not just spend the money evenly or without an ROI plan. Contacting the right Google Ads Management agency can help you cut the cost by two, save money and achieve greater reach and lead to proper conversion. twice as much money as they had to.

Of course, you can, you can trust it with an experienced Google Ads Management person. Ensure you're in-house talent is well experienced not just to execute the Google Ads Management but to strategise the same. You should know which metrics are to be followed or considered to be set as a benchmark if this is miscalculated then your objectives won't be met and your money would not fetch the desired ROI. Even if it is handled in House ensure it has Google Analytics set up correctly. A well-planned Google Ads Management campaign can save your marketing budget by four times. Many in-house campaigns target extremely vague keywords, and having competing versions of Google Ads running at the same time. By this means you may be bidding against your own keywords.

It takes a lot of investment in time and learning to run successful and therefore Google ads management services should be outsourced. Many organisational heads choose to spend that time working on their business which is their core strength and delegates their Google adwords service to a digital agency.

Setting up a new Google Ads campaign involves the following but not restricted to the following:
  • Understanding your advertising objectives
  • A good understanding of your products to plan the targeting message to the right target audience
  • To learn if the products belong to the Volume category or to a value category this will drive the ROI
  • Deciding which campaign types are most appropriate based on the target group
  • Keyword research: You should have a mix of general keywords, brand keywords, competitor keywords
  • Writing copy for many different adverts
  • If it’s a Google Display ads, creating or providing input to several different banner adverts may be a probability
  • Ensure to set up conversion tracking within Google Analytics as objectives, though its time consuming, it will be handy in making the right decisions.
An experienced Google Ads Management team will set up campaigns which will definitely save money and you’ll get better returns.

To make your campaigns work better over time your Google Ads Management team needs manage and optimise your ad campaigns regularly. Hence it involves creating new ad groups and keywords. Ad campaigns has to be analyzed, if the keywords are having a response or being inactive. Once it has been analysed you can pause the Google ads or keywords that aren’t working. By managing new campaigns, you can keep a check on the budget if it is adequate and make suggestions around where to increase it, ensuring your ads aren’t being shown for irrelevant keywords and lots more.

There is a real-time auction every time an ad is displayed. This is to achieve optimisation, it means your campaigns will continue to improve and expand. Even if nothing was touched, and other advertisers started new campaigns, your ads will automatically be altered. Your results could be very different on a weekly or monthly basis.

Maybe, but probably not if they are reputable and the keyword you are searching may not be a keyword specific to your brand keyword (You may not be entering the keywords that have been set up in your account), or it may be of least important generic keyword. If not all the above there might have been a greater bid laid by another competitor for the same keyword you are looking at. Your ad doesn’t get shown all the time if your website’s ‘quality score’ is lower. Contact a Google Ads Management Agency to get your website’s quality score checked, or your location may not be the targeted segment as per your digital strategy.
There are some great staff at Google but may not be able to help with more detailed elements like tracking ROI and discussing the best objectives to set up in Google Analytics to measure as per your company’s goal. They are not out to sabotage your account, but you will never get as much input and expertise as you would get from a good Google Ads Management agency.

There are many ways Google Ads Management agencies charge. The main fee variations are:

  • Number of campaigns and Number of ad groups
  • Fixed fee plus a percentage of spend
  • Fixed fee per month
  • We are not in favor of the percentage of spend model.
  • More campaigns mean more things to manage and optimize, but it probably also means your budget will work better.
  • Pricing is based on the complexity of your requirements. You can add a group to increase performance, we’ll just add it in.

We as a Google Ads Management agency, spend time optimising your account then trying to get more money to add in a few new advert groups. If there is more you would like to know about AdWords Get in touch with our Google ads management team and we’ll add it to these questions.