Logo Design Packages

Logo Design Packages

Your logo is the ultimate representation of your brand, appearing on your website, signs, business cards, and all other marketing materials. We can create logos using your ideas as a basis, or come up with our own unique concepts.



AED 3,500

  • 3 Logo Concepts
  • Unlimited Design Revisions
  • Unlimited Color Revisions
  • Letter Head Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Business Card Designs
  • Format : AI, Jpg


AED 6,500

  • 6 Logo Concepts
  • Unlimited Design Revisions
  • Unlimited Color Revisions
  • Letter Head Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Business Card Designs
  • Format : AI, Jpg


AED 9,500

  • 9 Logo Concepts
  • Unlimited Design Revisions
  • Unlimited Color Revisions
  • Letter Head Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Business Card Designs
  • Format : AI, Jpg


Logo Design Packages
Logo Design Packages


  • 100% satisfaction on your logo design
  • You own the copyright.
  • The main Vector format source file, PSD, other important file formats, ai, pdf, jpg, .gif, .png are the files will be delivered in CMYK and RGB color modes.
  • Files prepared with transparent background.
  • Print and web ready files.
  • Initial concepts will provide in 7 working days.
  • Telephonic interaction with designers
  • Great value for money!

* Letter Head, Envelope & Business Card Designs will be provided as Soft copy only.

One logo will be finalized from the logo concepts with main source file AI or PSD and various file formats in all packages. On client request the extra logo from concepts can be settled (extra charges apply).

Catalogue Design

Catalogs are sheets of paper that list groups of items (sometimes with/without price) to sell at least one item to the recipients of the catalog.

They are common in e-commerce websites and regular retail stores. Luxury brands often distribute catalogs in magazines to allow the customers to showcase the latest editions of their brand or any offers that might be available.


Like we mentioned earlier, catalogs are often used by various brands of different scales. Therefore, catalogs are used in various aspects than just one. In fact, catalog marketing has become a full-fledged tool, and it is distributed by brick mortar and online stores. How would a customer buy an item? They can easily call the business through a phone number mentioned in the catalog or through a web address.

Just like everything else we offer, catalogs come in different forms too. We have some designs to get you started, although you can always optimize it according to your needs. Redberries provides you with different catalog designs depending on color, size, style, and overall layout and also format-wise.

We know the struggle of perfecting a catalog to get customers talking. Therefore, if you choose us, we will make sure you get the catalog you deserve for your business. Trust us, our designs are unique and relevant to the field, both of which are important features.

Vehicle Branding Design

Also known as vehicle wraps, it is the marketing practice wherein, you promote your company or organization by completely or partially covering your vehicle in signs.


What is  Vehicle Graphics?


Also known as vehicle wraps, it is the marketing practice wherein you promote your company or organization by completely or partially covering your vehicle in signs. Earlier, they were painted on but in the 21st century, most companies prefer to use vinyl sheets known as decals. These decals last for approximately 3-7 years depending on the thickness and the quality.

Where is  Vehicle Graphics Used?

They are used on all sorts of automobiles and are often found on public transport, like buses and trams. They are commonly known as  Vehicle Wrapping, and this is very beneficial to companies. It serves as a mobile billboard or advertising, which can gain the company more clients or consumers. Companies often use this on their private vehicles too, for instance, cab organizations decorate their vehicles to spread the word.

Types of Vehicle Graphics we offer:

  • Truck graphics and wraps
  • Trailer graphics and wraps
  • Van and Car Wrapping
  • Bus and Coach advertising wraps
  • Taxi advertising wraps
  • Special vehicles

Technical Specs of Vehicle Graphics

Metric Specs
Weight Approx. 150 g/sqm
Thickness With Adhesive: 110 microns
Without Adhesive: 90 microns
Details Vinyl sheets are used on vehicles and automobiles to generate popularity for a company.
Uses They are used in a diverse range of vehicles to serve as mobile advertisements. This promotes the company’s name to a larger consumer base
Print Method Varies by requirement, they come in typographic print, graphic print and vary in quality. This variation affects the lifespan
Estimated Lifespan 7 years with good maintenance, also depending on the thickness and quality
Common Sizes Varies by the size of the vehicle
Shape Options Varies by requirement
Polished Edges
Drilled Holes & Standoffs

Why Redberries?

Vehicle Graphics Project Management

This is an important part of the process. Redberries offers experienced and motivated managers who offer quality-controlled solutions for each challenge. Maintaining good communication with the client is a top priority to ensure their satisfaction. The client is offered many services that allow efficient management.

Vehicle Graphics Design & Engineering

Superior and tested materials are the only materials that are used. Advanced technology is utilized to ensure efficient engineering. The teams are well coordinated to provide the client with a unique end result. The budget is always established at the start to allow the client freedom of choice.

Vehicle Graphics Production

With over 10 years of experience, our signage production and fabrication team utilizes state-of-the-art facilities to produce consistent and lasting vehicle graphics.

Vehicle Graphics Installation

A survey is taken at first to get an idea of how the client visualizes their graphics. The team then uses this visual map to put together the graphics exactly how the client wanted them.

Vehicle Graphics Maintenance & Repair

Redberries understands the importance of regular maintenance checks of vehicle graphics. To ensure a longer lifespan of the graphics, we offer various affordable packages to the client.

Taking Care of Your Vehicle Graphics

Use a non-abrasive detergent to protect the graphic while cleaning it. Wash it regularly by spraying water till the dirt is completely washed off. Avoid using wax as it reduces the lifespan of the graphic. Tackle contaminants by soaking them in soapy water for a short while and then washing them off gently with hot water. Ensure that any fuel spillage is immediately cleaned to prevent the vinyl sheet from eroding.

Exhibition Stand Design

What do we do?

Our experience tells us that exhibition stand designs are an explicit way to show off your brand. They are attractive and can be of many types. That is why all we want from you is to understand the aim of your exhibition. And we will help you choose an appropriate exhibition stand design from our collection. You can even customize the stand designs with your innovative ideas. Our team at Redberries are experts in building custom-made stands and also craft every stand to our client’s requirements and specifications. Our team possesses extensive knowledge in this field and we aim to turn all your ideas into realities. Through our exhibition stand designs, we give you an opportunity to show your brand’s motto and to make it successful.


Why us?

Our mission through the years has been to provide unique and superior quality exhibition stands to our clients. By working in sync with our clients, at Redberries, we give them cost-effective, sustainable, and top-quality exhibition stands.

Our Services

  • Modular exhibition stands: It is very hassle-free to install a modular exhibition stand design. Modular stand designs are very popular and are very attractive. It consists of shelves, LCD monitors, literature racks for reading materials, and many other accessories. It is a creative way to display your brand. You can configure the exhibition stand designs any time making them re-usable into any shape and any design.
  • Custom exhibition stands: Custom exhibition stand designs are always a creative field for you. Here you can customize the designs on your own creative innovations. These are for one time use. But they are portable and come in various colors, contours, and lighting. The custom designs always become unique with a collaboration of ideas in an allotted space which makes your brand look more attractive.
  • Portable exhibition stands: They are very convenient to handle portable exhibition stand designs. These can be transported easily as the accessories are very lightweight. The portable exhibition stands include pop-ups, table-top displays, and banner stalls. Graphics and lighting are the key features of portable stands. But, it is an easy way to attract customers and utilize space aptly.
  • Exhibition space designs: It is very important that you get a minimum space required for your exhibition to carry out. Space designs are an interesting way to attract eyeballs. We, at Redberries, make your space as unique by creating an impressive space design and promote your brand in a smarter way. They are usually conceptualized. They aim to portray the key message of your brand.
  • Exhibition stand manufacturer: Redberries have the best manpower to manufacture the best quality exhibition stands. Be it a small, medium or large space one, we make an adequate space design to make your brand look unique. Whenever it is about exhibition stands, be it modular or portable, Redberries is the talk of the show.
  • Exhibition stand contractor: Redberries always offers to be the best stand contractor. We try our best to work efficiently to promote your brand. From stand designing to graphics printing, we make it a complete art exhibition for you to let others know your brand and its key message.

Let’s Partner Up With Your Next Stand

Our exhibition stands are made to suit all your requirements and standards. So, if you need exhibition stand designs, contact us as we serve you the best. We keep in mind your unique and innovative ideas that speak through our work. Our mission remains to deliver high-quality products with style and sophistication by using the little space available to promote your brand. We assure you that we won’t be only your supplier but, your partner as well!

Corporate Brochure Design

A subcategory for a brochure, a corporate brochure is an important way of communicating brand identity. Brand awareness is so crucial in the business world because customers need to know your history and intentions before they invest. So, whether you’re informing your potential customers or selling an idea, corporate brochures elevate what you do.


Corporate brochures are usually used in businesses looking for a more professional approach. It is to get customers to take them seriously and really invest their time, energy, and money in that business’s services. Corporate brochures have subtle and minimal formats that make them neat and easy to read. It’s all part of the corporate norms.

We at Redberries, present you with a design, which suits your business needs! Since corporate brochures require more simplistic and professional formats, we create minimal and clean designs to even more creative and profile formats too. Whatever you need, we print it.

You could get your layout printed at any service, but why choose us? Redberries use the highest quality material to produce the best end result you can get. We make sure that we meet your preferences for your corporate brochure so there are zero regrets when they are printed.

Keep in touch with Red Berries – A Graphic Design  Company In Dubai. If you have any questions, require any help or you looking for a Digital Marketing Company In Dubai then, contact us today!.

Leaflet Design

One popular way of using leaflets is to exhibit offers and sale alerts. Customers get attracted with leaflets and we are sure you will benefit from them.

What kind of leaflet design do we offer?

Leaflets are available in a variety of forms. For example, they can be printed depending on their size, their fold, material, and style-wise. By size, we mean an A4, A7, A6, or A5 or customized designs based on customer preferences. The material also varies. It depends on you whether you would like a glossy finish or a creased design. It’s all up to you!

When it comes to using leaflets for your business ventures, our services will bring you just that, but in the best way. Reach out to your customers with your new advertisement or new product with Redberriesleaflet designs. Our designs are available in various types and there is something here for every business.

Package Design

Packaging in business is the very soul of preparing a product for sale. It is the outer labeling and designing that also contributes towards the question–will customers be attracted to the product? The packaging is the initial view of a service or product that catches the viewer’s attention first if it’s a new one in the market. Packaging also refers to the process of evaluating and producing packages for business.

We may use packaging as a process to prepare products in its final stage. But why should you invest in good packaging design? As we said, it might be one of the first things your prospects will see. So it’s important that the packaging be at least near perfect. Packaging for any business needs to focus on brand image and portray it in its very design.

Marketing is probably the main aspect where packaging is used. In a world where beauty from the inside (product and it's quality) and the outside (packaging) is given equal importance, good packaging design can turn heads and impress customers instantly. We at Redberries, bring you the best there is in Packaging. Whether its perfume box packaging, corrugated, plastic, side gusset bags, rigid or luxury boxes, we have it all. Choose your design now!

Redberries fulfills all your packaging requirements. We provide our customers with the best designs that are always fresh and relevant to the day’s market. Choose the right one for your business and watch your packaging transform your brand.

Shopping Bag Design

Shopping bags are an important need for any shopper who is out of the house for shopping groceries. They are also convenient for companies and offices who wish to use them for their employees. These days, shopping bags are also getting popular as a promotional product since they are useful and make the recipients happy.


Apart from people using shopping bags for their personal use, they can be used as a promotional technique by businesses to increase their brand awareness. When you distribute some custom-made, personalized shopping bags, you are offering a useful product to your clients.

You can print your shopping bags at Redberries, available in unique and designs. Apart from the existing design choices, you can give us your ideas and we will make them come to life. If you want your logo to get all the attention, then we will make it big enough to grab attention. We can also provide subtle print options or bold looks.

If you want to create high-quality printed and customized shopping bags, then you should look no further than Redberries because we give you complete satisfaction with a top-quality result. Our customer support is exceptional and will stand by you always. Share your creativity with us and take back some excellent-looking shopping bags from us. We will fulfill all your shopping bag design needs.

Magazine Design

By making use of magazines for promotional purposes, you can avail a chance to share your passion with the world. You can find out stories, take interviews, capture and collect photographs to create a superb quality magazine that attracts readers.


Magazines are a good way to engage people and get their attention to the company and its offerings. Magazines open the world in front of their readers.

Magazines can be used to deliver messages and information to potential targets. They can tell people about a new product being launched. The new trends, what new offerings the company has and some other information that may prove essential for both the company and its customers.

At Redberries we give you elegantly and stunningly looking magazines which need to go directly on the store shelves. We offer high-quality standard magazine printing or even customized magazine solutions. Our aim is to make your magazine and its information reach its target audience giving you the maximum views and profitable returns.

We work on the philosophy of making our customers’ life easy and smooth that is why we offer complete service with the top-most product standards and superb quality control. Contact us to see the proven results of our dedicated efforts. In case you want to print your magazine on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, our team at Redberries will do their best to design a magazine for you that is a great medium to reach your avid readers.

Belly Band Design

Belly bands are the most cost-effective way to package and present your product or your printed material to the recipient. It gives your material and products the best visual display branding and communicates your message to your clients. Belly bands come in a variety of width, paper type, weight, shape, and texture.


Businesses can use belly bands to wrap and protect their materials properly. This will increase the exposure for your product or services and will keep your material fully safe and secured. It can be used to wrap invoices and invitations for events, weddings, and family functions. It provides a whole new look to your invitations and important promotional touch to the documents when used for business purposes.

We offer you with belly bands that are attractive and fully functional. Our full color processed printing and superior paper quality will not only give you the best-looking belly bands but the most effective and efficient ones as well. You can very well wrap your invitations in style with our belly bands since they are attractive and premium.

You can choose Redberries to get your belly bands in bulk. Get the best customer support which will guide you in choosing the right ones for you and your business. Bring your requirements to us and we will get belly bands done to according to your business needs. Contact us to know more about our belly bands.