Digital Marketing Review

“Why is the other site doing so well whereas mine is not?”
“Has the performance of my portal improved in the last few months?”
“Why is the sales decreasing despite all the marketing efforts?”
“Am I being able to reach my target audience?”
Do you know, whether the user experience of your website is poor, satisfactory, good, or, great? Do you want to achieve customer delight?

Digital Marketing review can help you answer the above questions and many more.
In layman’s language, it helps you know ‘where you are’; ‘why you are here’ and ‘how did you reach here’! Also, ‘where are you heading to’ and ‘what you need to do to reach your goal?’

Digital marketing review will help you in the following ways:

  • Growing organically
  • Increasing page views
  • Increasing average time spent on each page
  • Providing a roadmap to rebuff the website to achieve your targets
  • Analyzing costs associated with digital marketing using web analytic tools
  • Identifying the websites that your target audience is likely to visit
  • Getting a proper placement of the ads in proper websites
  • Analyzing data to find best sites to advertise, i.e., websites have high traffic and contain content relevant to your advertisement

We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will help you to achieve your desired success. Our methodology includes but is not limited to:

  • User interviews to understand the end-use experience better
  • Reviewing your social media presence, technology, tools and resources used
  • Delivering the reviews on strict deadline basis
  • Providing clear, actionable recommendations
  • Helping you actively re-purposing content into different marketing channels to get maximum economic value from your investment on content.

Redberries FactFile:

A study revealed that only 2.8% of participants thought that ads on website were relevant. (Source: Infolinks and

Display Advertising Planning

Do you want to increase your top line?
Have you ever thought of directing the response traffic to promote your new product? How much time do you want
your customer to spend on a particular web page or your site?
Display advertising planning would help you increase awareness of your product/brand and answer questions like,
“Who are my customers?”
“Who can be my future customers?”
“What kind of people are they? What is their interest? Does my product fit into their area of interest?”

We all know that if we can plan well, we will strategize well. If we strategize well, we will achieve our desired goal.

Display advertising planning will help you answer the 3Ws of advertising: What? Where? When? It will help you find what product or brand you want to advertise, which media to target, when to advertise.

The benefits of display advertising planning are:

  • Better targeting by understanding the demographic profile of the target population
  • Getting the ads listed on relevant sites
  • Higher transparency and feedback reports that help formulate better strategies
  • Reducing marketing cost
  • Effectively share space with others
  • Benefit from geo-targeting

We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will helpyou to identify your target population, build your advertising strategy and help you generate more clicks or more user time, and ultimately generating better return on investment (ROI).

Our strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • Finding audience by proper research
  • Determining the objective by following SMART approach – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time specific objectives
  • Organizing the strategy and making the objective more clear
  • Creating the proper advertisement
  • Executing the strategy
  • Measuring the performance and optimizing the strategy to maximize results

Redberries FactFile:

The average clickthrough rate of display ads across all formats and placements is 0.06% (Source: Display Benchmarks Tool).
About 50% of clicks on mobile ads are accidental. (Source: GoldSpot Media)

Media Buying

Media buying offers solutions to queries like:
“Which ad will be perfect for my customer, so that he purchases my product?”
“When should I post the ad?”
“Where should I place the ad so that it catches the fancy of the potential buyer?”
“Which channel should I use for the ad? Whether I should put up the ad only on one channel or several?”

Consumers in the digital world access your message from different media channels. It is highly likely that an advertisement or content for which you have spent money as well as time goes unnoticed. The advertisement or content should reach the target population and that is why strategic media buying is important.

As per Wikipedia, Media buyers negotiate and purchase audience targeted time and advertising space to convey a marketing message. Various factors need to be considered in order to choose the appropriate media. Some of the key factors are demographic orientation of the target population, type of media (radio, internet, TV, print), etc.

Advertising is evolving from a linear, direct response formula for a passive viewer/listener, to an active participant, non-linear, interactive &highly targeted advertising. The advertisement landscape has become demographically diverse. In order to get proper results from media buying, one needs to be conversant with media buying tools like, Online advertising research tools (likeAlexa), Online advertisement competitive tools (like MOAT), etc.

Given the complexities of media buying it is important to hire a professional for a customized approach. We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will help you with the perfect media buying strategy for your business needs, saving you time & money.

Overall benefits that our media buying campaign would provide:

  • Better pricing strategy
  • Cost saving on media and services
  • Better balance between supply and demand
  • Better visibility into media buying, campaign performance
  • Improvement in online ad response
  • Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)
  • Reduce risk while venturing into new media

Redberries FactFile:

A study revealed that 63% of advertisers report either no insight at all or only high-level reports of digital media spend from their agencies (Source: AudienceScience)

Dynamic Retargeting

Advertising has evolved from being static and linear, to being dynamic and exponential. Nowadays, it is about providing customized products, tailor-made for a particular customer. Dynamic retargeting helps in creating real time tailor-made product for a particular customer. It captures the attention of the potential customer by showing them the right ad at the right time.

The importance of remarketing lies in the fact that not all potential customers that come to your site purchase right away. Many of them keep items in their wish list, some in their shopping cart and there may be cases where the customer could not finish the transaction due to some technical error. We need to continue to influence them not only through Google search and/or from our website, but also across Google’s display network, as people spend 95% of their time away from Google.

Retargeting is a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool, but excels as a part of a comprehensive digital strategy.

Retargeting works best when complemented with inbound and outbound marketing or demand generation. Strategies involving content marketing, AdWords, and targeted display are great for driving traffic, but they don’t help with conversion optimization, but act as a perfect complement to retargeting, which helps in more conversions. On the flip side, it does not help to generate or drive traffic. Therefore, an optimal strategy would be one, where one uses tools to drive traffic and retargeting to get the most out of that traffic.

All this sounds too complicated, you need not worry. We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will help you with an efficient dynamic retargeting strategy your business needs, saving your resources.

Overall benefits that our dynamic retargeting campaign would provide:

  • Improvement in the performance of a marketing campaign – Achieve better conversions at lower cost
  • Recapture site abandoners
  • Provide competitive bidding rates
  • Creating easy ads – By creating Google dynamic remarketing campaign, creating ad group and design Ads, etc.
  • Better tracking of shopper activity and better targeting of products
  • Easy scalability of Ads
  • Creating high-performance layouts
  • Real-time bid optimization

Stand out in the digital crowd via Dynamic Re-targeting

How to stand out among the digital advertising competition? How to remind the website visitor and improve the recall value? How to evoke interest in him for repeated visits and conversions? If these ‘HOWs’ are your concern as well, we have a solution in the form of Dynamic Re-targeting that can augment the return on digital spends amazingly. Want to know how? Let us take you through some practical knowledge share.

Ins and outs of dynamic re-targeting

As they say, out of sight is out of mind. Dynamic re-targeting takes this very concept quite seriously and ensures every possible effort to remain in the hindsight of a customer. The concept uses innovative targeting methods to trace your website’s visitors or mobile app users digitally and remains in their sight. In this era of automated marketing, dynamic re-targeting takes a step further in representing a brand in front of a customer and remind them of the products/services of interest.

Why Dynamic Re targeting?

Usually, 72% of online shoppers are likely to abandon their shopping carts. Dynamic re-targeting can be of real help in framing ads tailored as per the audience needs to build leads and generate sales by completing the sale/conversions. With re-targeting, the percentage of users who return and complete the checkout process increases up to 26%. That’s more than a quarter of revenue. And the numbers are going to increase in the coming years.

Dynamic Re-targeting Advantage

According to statistics, 70% of website visitors who are re targeted with display ads are more likely to convert on a website. This can also come true and favorably translate into higher conversions. As a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool, Dynamic Re-targeting is a tried and tested tool for successful digital marketing UAE scene.

According to CMO, re-targeting can lead to a 147% higher conversion rate over time in certain industries when used in combination with prospecting. These numbers signify that this unique targeting concept holds the key to digital marketing success.

Generating traffic is one side, and squeezing conversions is the other side. Now, a perfect digital marketing strategy in Dubai combines the best of both the sides and maximizes revenue over digital footprints.

How we make the most of it depends on the experience and expertise of digital marketing experts in UAE? Red Berries Digital believes in moving with the times and believes in redefining digital marketing Dubai trends with an efficient dynamic re-targeting strategy your business needs every time. Thinking to expand your business’ digital base, contact our team of digital experts here.

Redberries FactFile:

A study reports that a remarketing campaign is a 22% cheaper average cost per click than search campaigns.

Rich Media and Video

Video Production That Increases Conversion Rate
“We have been spending tons of money on ads but we are not getting the response we should.”
“I think I have done everything to draw the customer’s attention. Still I am not getting as many numbers as I expected.”
“How can I engage my customers more than I already do?”
“What can I get the customers to spend more time on my website and get enticed to buy more products?”

When clients come to us with these problems, we simply smile and give them solutions that ensure their smiles too.

The solution to all the above-mentioned client problems lies in one word – “Engage”.

Lack of engagement leads to disinterest. Disinterest leads to unsatisfied user experience. And unsatisfied user experience leads to fewer sales.

If you are able to engage the customers, higher sales are a given outcome.

So, what should you do to engage the customers more?

The answer lies in Rich media and Video. Rich media uses various kinds of digital media platforms that are interactive and provides improved user experience. With this enhanced experience, it creates a bigger impact on the users. The conversion rate of the rich media and video ad viewers is higher than those who view other normal ads.

To get an edge over your competitors, Rich media and video ads are a necessity for you.

And how do we help you in achieving this?

  • We help you to increase the brand awareness of your product or service with rich media and video ads.
  • Since rich media ads have a higher viewing compared to other online ads, we help you in making them more interactive so that the prospective customer stays on your site for a longer period of time, thereby ensuring more traffic and higher prospects for sales. The better the customer has the experience, the more the chances for sales.
  • Our compelling rich media and video content creates new opportunities which can be targeted to people from different age groups.
  • We optimize the video files without compromising on the quality of the video.
  • Our rich media and video experiences remain consistent for the users across all platforms.

Redberries FactFile:

In 2016, 55% of internet traffic across the globe will consist of online videos.

Reports and Dashboards

Our performance is not what we expected it to be. We wonder why?”
“What are we not doing that other companies are?”
“I cannot pinpoint at a single thing that could be the reason for our lack of performance.”
“Why is there a disconnect between what we are doing and what our strategy is?”

With our customized solutions, we have resolved all these problems.

“Business Intelligence” is the solution to all these problems.

Wrong or misguided Business Intelligence leads to bad strategy. And bad strategy leads to failure.

So what needs to be done for correct business intelligence?

The answer lies in dynamic reports and dashboards. Reports and Dashboards allow you to convert huge amounts of raw data into meaningful information that can be used for Business Intelligence.
If reports and dashboards are out of context, it leads to misguided or no business intelligence. While reports give you a global view, dashboards are customized for each individual so that it gives you gainful insights.

Reports and dashboards make you proactive as you are able to act on a trend or an insight immediately. While reports are detailed and its analyses help the company to grow over a longer period of time, dashboards are in short using only few metrics. Dashboards help to take corrective action in real time.

For a firm to be successful, it is necessary to ensure that their reports and dashboards are relevant providing accurate business intelligence for a sustained growth.

How do we ensure that you derive all these benefits?

Our tailored solutions ensure that you derive the utmost advantage from your reports and dashboards.

  • You receive insights into your reports and dashboards from different perspectives.
  • Your reports and dashboards are automated.
  • Multiple and quick views of different charts.
  • Interactive and customized to suit your needs.
  • Helps you identify the problem areas and the opportunities available.
  • Helps you recognize areas where cost-cutting measures could be implemented.

Redberries FactFile:

95% of raw data of the mid-sized companies is useless. Time to focus on insights provided by reports and dashboards!

Cross platform campaign integration

No one would have thought about the mobile phone in the 1980s; keep aside the thought of using it as an advertising channel.
Technology evolves at a faster pace than we can imagine.
Who would have thought “smart phones” and “tablets” would be the driver of innovation today?
Have you observed ads across several channels?
Do you want to promote your products across several media together?
Do you think promoting your product across platforms would help you generate more revenue?

Pursuing a cross-platform strategy will help marketers link their data intelligence to a 360-degree view of the consumer and focus marketing efforts on what’s really important: intelligently and profitably connecting with people.

A cross-platform approach helps to recognizethat the same person is engaged across several screens, thus minimizing disconnect that can happen every time a person engages with a brand from multiple devices. It also uses the information from the interactions on any one screen to improve the interactions on all other screens. Achieving these goals will eliminate waste, scale data-limited environments and drive greater profitability.

We think everyone should be able tocapitalize the cross-platform approach to maximize the synergies available between media. The one successful in cracking the cross-platform advertising code the earliest will have a significant edge over its competitors and generate a high return on investment.

Given the intricacies of cross platform campaign integration, it is important to hire a professional for a customized approach. We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will help you with the perfect strategy, saving you time & money.

Overall benefits that our strategy would provide are:

  • Reduces risk of loss of business
  • Better incremental reach delivery
  • Better frequency planning
  • More opportunities for daily optimization
  • More efficient use of inventory
  • Better control over advertising budget
  • Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)

Redberries FactFile:

A travel advertiser found that 81 percent of all its conversions happened in the “sweet spot.”
By the second hour after a signal of intent, conversion rates dropped seven times lower.
Similarly, financial services advertiser found that 29 percent of all its conversions happened in the “sweet spot.”
By the second hour after a signal of intent, conversion rates dropped 2.5 times lower.

Digital Campaign Planning

Planning is the key to success. In terms of Digital Campaigns, Planning the Digital Strategy is the foundation for the Digital Campaign’s success. It collates organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and products / services in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives.

Why Digital Campaign Planning?
Planning is the key to success. In terms of Digital Campaigns, Planning the Digital Strategy is the foundation for the Digital Campaign’s success. It collates organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and products / services in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives.

How Digital Campaign Planning Works?
Did You Know? A Digital campaign is like a puzzle. You just need to fit in the pieces of the jigsaw in place and voila, the campaign suiting your target audience’s needs and wants is ready. Wondering what are the key elements, and how a perfect digital campaign planning can be designed for you or your brand? For your clarity, we are highlighting the key components of digital campaign planning.

Let’s Dissect Digital Campaign Planning
A successful digital campaign planning has some essentials to cover. Every campaign has different demands and marketing expectations. Our clients at times come with some campaign ideas on which they expect us to develop the strategy and execute it. At times, they even ask us to present campaign ideas. Whatever be the case, we follow a set procedure to come up with the campaign ideas and impressive execution. For this purpose, we need to identify the following:

  • Campaign goals and tracking – Our campaign ideas bring clarity to the audience’s perception regarding a product / service. The ROI oriented campaign goals are thus tracked with the measurable tracking process including data analytics. The increase in website’s footfall and conversions are few of the ways to measure the fulfillment of campaign goals.
  • Target audience, customer insight and targeting – Clarity in knowing and understanding the Target Audience and taking their behavioral insights helps a great deal in making a campaign a success. Who are we trying to reach and influence?
  • Key campaign messages – Positioning statement of a brand is well asserted through campaign ideas and messaging. The idea is to project the product in tune with brand communication to build customer connect, leverage engagement that translates into conversions.
  • Digital Strategy – How will you reach and engage your target audience?
  • Online media mix selection and budgeting – This is the most important aspect of Digital Campaign Planning Dubai. We customise the campaigns as per the budget allocations from the client and carry forward the campaign’s essentials in a clear-cut manner.
  • Defining media – Which media platforms will be effective for a brand? We at Red Berries Digital define that for your brand effectively. While doing so, we even take marketer’s inputs and work in sync to deliver maximum ROI.
  • Media schedule and campaign integration – Cross Platform Campaign Integration is one such way with which we can deploy media and amplify message during the campaign effectively.

How to do Digital Campaign Planning?
Now that you know about the key elements of a digital campaign UAE, it’s the right time to design the perfect digital campaign planning for a brand?

At Red Berries Digital, we not just design a digital campaign strategy, but also conduct skillful executions for brand success and returns on digital media in Dubai. Our team of digital marketing experts can help you make the most of Digital Campaign Planning in Dubai and ascertain success in Middle-East markets. Through a proper phase-based process, the marketers at heart align the nitty-gritties of the campaign; communication theme; content strategy; mediums like blog, social media; paid advertising, Adwords campaign. The result is the success over digital marketing turf with happy clients and happy us.

Plan your campaigns with us for Digital Success!

Email Marketing Services

Emails are one of the oldest medium of online communication.
It helps to reach a large number of people around the world with a personalized message.

Over the years, email marketing has helped to acquire new customers, retain existing ones, increase revenue while maintaining overall marketing costs.

We at Red Berries, help your agencies’ clients to reach out to mass audiences and customize email content which reflects their brand voice and makes the receiver to take an action on it.


Current Situation:
The first step would be to understand your clients’ goals & analyze how these goals are achievable through email marketing.

Planning & Strategy:
At this stage, we help your clients to plan technical aspects of email marketing such as target audience, email content and the frequency of them being sent. This all is decided and finalized at this stage.

We want to ensure that your clients’ message is delivered to the right audience that they would like to interact with.

Creative Development:
Once the strategy is finalized, our team will start brainstorming on the content and the designs to ensure that your clients’ corporate identity and other requirements are met.

Takeoff & Automation:
Once content and designs are approved by your clients’, we launch the email campaign and keep track of the progress made. We consider Open Rates (OR) and Click Through Rate (CTR) as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We will also find ways to automate the entire email process, if possible.

The automated email marketing techniques helps to retarget people who are already aware of your clients’ brand and have either visited their website or haven’t completed a form or left the website without checking out from the cart.

We ensure to follow best industry practices at all times, as it delivers effective results to help your clients’ business grow.

Connect with us to discuss your clients’ email marketing needs.

Digital Strategy

Internet is evolving fast. Faster than what you think. Online digital marketing companies in Dubai are well aware of this fact and are all set to deliver excellence on web front in every way possible. These digital agencies are reaching out to the clients in a better and a faster way.
Web and Social Media are the new socialising arenas in the world. Dynamic SEO Dubai markets are also not untouched from realistic fact of online marketing and are all set to deliver excellently engaging online media strategies.

The first thing we do to build a digital marketing strategy is we research about your company, it’s intended target audience and it’s different industry competitors (online and offline). This helps us to understand the current situation of the company and what opportunities lie ahead for your business. We help you increase your business revenues and ensure to reach your company objectives with the digital marketing strategy developed and implemented by us. We work closely with your team to receive a better understanding of your company’s requirements and work on them to get the maximum ROI out of it.

A 360 Degree Digital Marketing Agency with Experience in UAE & International Countries:

We develop and implement digital strategy purely based on analyzing the data which includes all the possible communication mediums aligned with your business goals. We are able to achieve so as we have years of industry experience and follow nothing but the best industry practices in the region. From auditing your current digital strategy to dynamic retargeting, we take care of all your digital marketing needs. This makes it easy for your company to work with us as all the services are provided under one roof and all the data gathered can be easily extracted if it’s all in one place. As we provide all the digital marketing services available out there, for creating and expanding your company’s digital strategy all over the UAE and abroad, we implement strategies which do not only give a competitive edge to your business but also ensure it’s in line with your company’s long term vision and goals.

Do you own a digital strategy?

Are you utilizing the web and social media platforms without a set plan or approach? All these questions might be confusing you if you are a newbie of online marketing. But if you are not a novice and know what goes

the answer to this is yes, then you are losing out on the bountiful benefits of internet. Using digital marketing is a universal practice, but how wisely one uses it marks the edge. Even if a business is using the search, email or social media platforms for marketing productively, still it might not be able to gain that edge in the business.

Reason being lack of synchronisation in the internet marketing practice. This is the main ground why many business slog on to utilizing digital selling successfully. They must be even missing the important success shots.

Online Marketing Strategy – The Missing Link

A carefully conceived internet marketing and social media strategy is the missing link to a business’ success and ideal audience engagement. The online marketing strategy comprises a thoughtful culmination of customized strategies for online marketing success. It includes a creation of a digital marketing map based on leveraging the strengths, combating the weaknesses, aiming the opportunities and tackling the threats to a particular product or service.

Another facet of this digital media engagement also helps in integrating digital platforms into the marketing goals. Basic approach to online marketing strategy is based upon analysis and identification of the areas to focus upon and thereon build effective representations.

Search engine optimisation, social media integration, email marketing, mobile applications and website s, all come under the purview of this specialized online strategy.

But wait. Is it all over? No it isn’t? It needs engaging communication to hold on and engage a user for a period of time and build strong conversions.

Digital is a dialogue – Engaging Users Digitally

If nourishing a healthy brand and connecting it with the user interactively was so easy, then every business would be doing it. It takes a clearly defined strategy and a plan to actualise the right internet marketing strategy that engages the user digitally in a two way communication. Here comes the important role of leading digital agency in Dubai that help the brands leverage the benefit from the effective online marketing strategy.

As a brand owner, you don’t just get customers. You Earn Them. Through an effectively engaging digital representation.

Yes. It takes a lot of insightful knowledge, experience and expertise to begin a conversation that invites mutual benefits of both business and user. The success of internet strategy depends upon how effectively the users / customers are involved in the digital, search engine, email marketing and social media conversations.

Users’ favourable response is the key to digital marketing strategy success. It takes a holistic approach to create integrated digital marketing plan that successfully caters to and builds connected brands.

Red Berries – Connecting Businesses and Customers

To activate a brand and nourish with a consistent approach, businesses need the different ways to go digital as per the online strategy. The right mix of activated ingredients for a digitally successful engaging strategy can feature engaging blogs, niche articles, appealing videos, inspiring social media platforms, periodic emailers, etc.

Use what you choose to engage the visitor and slowly nourish the relationship with effective conversations for successful business conversions.

This activated business vision can be a reality with Red Berries, provided the companies interested in internet marketing strategy act now. For a free user interface analysis, mail us.