What’s going to be HOT in the SEO space, this 2019!

What’s going to be HOT in the SEO space, this 2019!

Technology is an ever-changing space created by man and it encompasses anything and everything, SEO is no exception. Mobile searches brought a complete change in the SEO world and how! Things are changing within a blink of an eye, faster than you think.

With a plethora of new gadgets coming to life, Marketeers are facing tremendous challenges in devising strategies for both acquiring new customers and retaining the existing ones. As everything is changing at a blazing speed, the SEO strategies have to be redesigned and reworked keeping in mind the trends in the Technological space as most of the E-Commerce business are blindly relying on them.

SEO is not just about making search engine friendly websites, targeting the growth of organic visibility but its also about making them better from a user experience perspective. The Marketeers would require to ensure a seamless integration of the SEO strategy keeping in, what’s coming new, their way in 2019!

Voice Search

Its soon becoming a Voice search dominated world as per some of the field experts and they also believe that by 2020, which is not too far, half of the online traffic would be voice queries. With Alexa, Siri, Google home and similar personal assistant apps, coming in the picture, people are not typing but prefer to ask their question to the gadget, sitting next to them. While looking for the query, people tend to search by asking questions using words from their day to day lives, so its important to use a similar content on the website so that it gets picked by the search engine immediately. By the end of the day its about solving the problem of the existing or potential customer by providing relevant information. So, 2019 appears to be more about voice search SEO.

User experience

At the end of the day everything needs to have a user-centric approach for it to succeed. The attention spans have gone down and to ensure that the customers or the potential customers stay on the site, the businesses will have to go an extra mile to ensure the site scores well on User experience and take a call on revamping their sites which is critical for online success. Users are looking forward to having a seamless experience of the site ,on all the devices. This is not a new trend but will stay as one of the most important ones, as we keep going ahead in the future.


Blockchain is comparatively a new technology and is considered to be a complex one by few but can prove to impact the SEO world in a big way. This technology enables decentralization of the internet space and will make the information or the data sharing to be more public and secure and is believed to affect the big fishes like Google. Another plus about Blockchain is that it would decrease the Click-frauds by identifying real people based on their online activities.

Once people would become more aware of the concept of Blockchain, consumers would want to see the websites with blockchain codes so it is important that the SEO companies look at integrating with Blockchain services in the coming future.

Quality of the Content

Good Content is the key when it comes to higher levels of engagement. Making content that is relevant and entertaining, is what the brands are currently trying to do through different ways including, partnering with influencers on different social media platforms, creating tutorials, videos on the brand story etc. Content generators are also making conscious efforts to use AR and VR in their content to leverage these new technologies to promise higher levels of engagement. Experts believe that AR/VR would replace, the infographics in SEO by providing the same information in the virtual world.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning have a humongous potential of enhancing the customer experience and can be used by the SEO firms to their business advantage. They can help to monitor the customer lifecycle and generate deeper insights about how the buying decision is being made which can a game changer for the brands.

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