Mobile Search Advertising

“Okay Google, what’s the best restaurant in town?”
“Hey Siri, What is the best way to attract large traffic, have high conversions, make sales and ensure audience outreach and brand building?
Siri – Contact Redberries Digital Marketing in Dubai. Calling in three, two, one…”

The last conversation may have been fictional but it is known to many, mobile search has taken over the Search market on internet. Mobile handheld devices such as smartphones have transformed the Search market due to its mobility and ease. Google, the search giant has recognized this and hence customized its search results and search advertisements to reflect this new need.

One of the major conveniences of mobile search is the ‘Click to call’ feature through which the customer connects with the advertiser directly, leading to higher probability of conversion. Also, there are app based searches which have further diversified the mobile search market, hence increasing its complexity and outreach at the same time. This also breaks Google as the sole provider of these services which has led to lowering of costs and better services and output.

We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai understand the importance of constantly evolving and helping clients with contemporary technologies and easy solutions. We would help you in Mobile search advertising through:

  • Remodeling the advertisements to suit the Mobile search features of Click to call, Maps and others.
  • Creating tags and data which attracts the most relevant customers and traffic which has higher probability of conversion.
  • Customizing the campaign in a way which suits all kind of smartphones and search engines.
  • Keeping the campaign up-to-date with technological and other changes in the Mobile Search advertising world.

Redberries FactFile: 93% of people who use mobile to research for a product/service, go on to complete a purchase of the same.
By 2018, half of the world’s population will have a smartphone.