E-commerce Websites

E-commerce can be considered as the new age version of electronic data interchange which is a much older concept. In this age where technological advancements such as drones and the internet of things are revolutionizing the way we live, e-commerce is one reality which no business can ignore no matter if it is product oriented or service oriented.

E-commerce is the conducting of business transactions over an electronic medium, which is usually the internet. E-commerce has revolutionized buying behaviour, with more and more products and services being made available online everyday.

A number of companies populate the e-commerce market across the B2B, B2C segment. E-commerce has arguably also led to the growth and prospering of C2C (consumer to consumer) by creating an online marketplace for pre-owned goods.C2B segment, where a customer posts project requirements and budget online to attract bids from vendors has also taken off under e-commerce.

So how do you differentiate yourself amidst all the clamour? Allow Redberries to ring a clear bell for your target audience to hear by evolving a holistic e-commerce strategy that delivers sustainable benefits to your organization:

  • Cataloguing of goods and services
  • Creation of shopping cart application
  • Facilitating shipments
  • Payment module integration
  • Network security and data privacy
  • Database management
  • Customer insights and analytics
  • Compliance with legal requirements


Redberries will ensure that you extract the advantages of e-commerce by making your site the online manifestation of the ultimate shopping experience.

Redberries FactFile:

More than 40% of internet users have purchased goods online. Let millions reach your site through Redberries.