Digital Marketing in Dubai for Indian Property Show

Make in India is a popular concept worldwide. Those interested in investment and profits are talking about India and its production capabilities. For such people in UAE, the incredible country is back with incredible investment opportunities through Indian Property Expo 2015, Dubai. Over the years, this event has become an ambassador for the best properties and investment opportunities in India.

The builders and developers in India have understood that the niche markets lie in the UAE markets. This is the one reason why the property show is getting bigger and better every year. Over 170 exhibitors are participating in this event which is touted to be a page-turner in the Indian property sector. Out of those 170 exhibitors, are you the one who will grab the maximum share of the potential business?

Digital Marketing for Real Estate – a better way of targeting!

If you are wondering how it is possible to secure most of the engagements at your event’s stall. Then you haven’t come across a novel strategy of cross-promotion over digital media. Let us make it simple. Each builder or real estate developer has separate projects dedicated to different locations. Each project has different USPs like location, pricing, lifestyle, luxury, etc. Now, it is a call of a builder to convey such USPs to the target audience. And a better way of targeting nowadays is online marketing. Through this versatile facet of digital media, exhibitors can reach out to potential buyers and convey their best offerings to them. With engaging campaigns, they can build a buzz around their presence at the event and drive in the footfall of interested buyers like NRI’s.

Indian Property Show 2015, Dubai, Digital Marketing is an answer to any exhibitor’s requirement. Through simple alignment in these two fields, marketers, real estate professionals and builders can make the most of this property show opportunity. Red Berries Digital can help exhibitors make the most of this event through digital marketing. Want to know how? Contact Red Berries now to find out how you can drive in business through effective event opportunities and echo the promise presented by Make in India.

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