Desktop Signages

Desktop signs are often referred as countertop office signs. Such products are utilized to showcase front counter messages, especially in the reception area.

What are Desktop Signages?

Desktop signs are often referred as countertop office signs. Such products are utilized to showcase front counter messages, especially in the reception area. They are prominently used in office set ups, as well as during important seminars, since they can have information such as a person’s name, designation, etc. Additionally, the removable lens allows the replacement of content, which makes such signages a multipurpose phenomenon.

Where are Desktop Signages used?

As the name suggests, it is a countertop sign. Meaning, it is used to indicate a particular location, such as the reception, or the designation of a higher authority, and even as office name plates by several corporates. Desktop signs are especially effective during conferences and seminars.

Types of Desktop Signages we offer

  • Flush mount office design
  • Metal desk name plate with aluminum frame
  • Satin series desk sign with removable inserts
  • Wooden desk name plate
  • Engraved gold frame
  • Small office/exam room name plate
  • Curved desktop name plate
  • Curved interchangeable name plate
  • High gloss name plate

Technical Specs of Desktop Signages

Metric Specs
Weight .68 lbs per square foot
Thickness 5-10mm
Details Professionally articulated and useful Desktop Signage which is not only customizable, but also reusable. Available in a variety of forms, it caters to every need of an office, seminar, conference, or corporate requirement. The information can either be engraved or customizable, as well as replaceable.
Uses Office, lobby, directional, office counters, seminars, conferences, etc.
Print Method Available on standard or glossy paper, otherwise engraved
Estimated Lifespan 8+ years with proper care
Common Sizes Standard size 2*8 inches, can be altered as per requirement
Shape Options Rectangle, Square, curve cut
Polished Edges On wooden and metal frames

Why Redberries?

Desktop Signages Project Management

At Redberries, the customers’ needs are always kept at the highest pedestal. The product management of desktop signages is extremely important, and works in parallel to the growth factor overall. Quality ensured services are provided to keep in check that a product as vital as an information indicator is kept up to the mark. The project management holds the aim to cooperate and fulfill the corporate’s requirements, and values the essence of professionalism.

Desktop Signages Design & Engineering

A synthesis is achieved between engineering, production, and installation. Every signage project, including the desktop signage is a reflection of the client’s vision turned into actuality. Through experienced engineering, production agents, design heads, and ultimately installation members, Redberries ensures that the product is placed in your office ready to use, without a hassle.

Desktop Signages Production

With a legacy of creating professional products, the production and fabrication team works carefully around the demand of the consumer. A wide use of material, available locally and internationally is utilized and product consistency is maintained. As well, a strict policy of quality assurance is religiously followed.

Desktop Signages Installation

Signage installation is given the utmost priority in this institution. Beginning from the survey, to design, and finally the installation process. All required installation assistance will be provided.

Desktop Signages Maintenance & Repair

It is crucial to preserve than to invest more energy to get new ones. Cost effective maintenance is provided by us which extends the life of the product.

Taking care of Your Desktop Signages

Avoid the chipping of the edges and occasional drops. It is generally a long lasting product which does not need a replacement.