Website Performance is About to Become More Important for Search Rankings

According to StatCounter, a web traffic analysis website, Google has overwhelming dominance as a search engine. It has an 81 percent market share on desktop devices and 94 percent on mobile. Appearing high up on search results is vital for businesses, so websites are always anxious to maintain and improve their Google search rankings.

In May, last year. Google had announced that the next upcoming change in 2021 will have to do with website performance — how quickly a page loads in the browser after a user navigates to the site.

It’s been a big factor for some time, in part because mobile usage has exploded. Hence it is a priority in terms of Google’s algorithm.

Google’s announcement about its upcoming search ranking update spotlighted Core Web Vitals. It is a collection of metrics to quantify the “user experience” factor of a website

The first metric calculates how long it takes the website to load its largest visible piece of content, such as an image, video, or large block of text.
The second criteria measures how quickly a website performance becomes responsive once the user navigates to it.
The third metric is how much a website’s layout shifts during the page loading process. This problem, known as “cumulative layout shift,” is what causes the frustrating experience of having the text you were reading suddenly shift out of view.

Page performance is going to be increasingly important for determining search rank in the future.

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Basic Tips to Increase Load Speed of A WordPress Website

Users prefer to have a decent loading speed while they are browsing the website. The speed of a site is the basic focus of a technical audit.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can improve the speed of a WordPress website:

  1. Top-Quality Hosting 

Choosing a good host is one of the ways to enhance the performance of your website. A host that uses a dedicated server with a VPN could be a good choice that will guarantee a balance between cost, speed, and comfort. Avoid shared hosting by all costs as it could result in slowing your site. 

  1. Using the Latest Tech

Regularly updating technology helps increase the speed of a WordPress website. Having PHP, HTML, and other web technologies updated to the latest version which can have better features and upgrades that will help speed up the website.

A decent host deals with these things all alone and will notify you if the PHP version is obsolete. It is advisable to audit the PHP setup when you sign into the facilitating backend and can control which PHP version is to be used

  1. Have a Simple Theme

Using a lightweight theme is a good way to speed up your site. Identify a theme that incorporates what you require and has the capability to add functionalities later on to it with the assistance of plugins. Avoid themes that offer a variety of features that you will not be using. They can hinder the site with their weight and can lead to very slow, load time.

  1. Database Maintenance Checks

The database center may get stalled after some time. Hence frequent database maintenance checks are a must. Few tools like WP-Optimize and WP-Sweep can help in keeping the database lean and usable.

Ensure to keep an eye on the wp_options table as it can disturb the site speed if not checked. The Advanced Database Cleaner is a good plugin to maintain these checks.

  1. Compress Images

It is essential to learn how to compress the picture size for speeding up a WordPress site as it is one of the main reasons why a website would load slowly. An excellent way to decrease the size of the picture without losing the quality is by compressing them. ‘ShortPixel’ is a good tool that naturally compresses the picture before you transfer it onto a WordPress site.

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