Benefits of Developing a BLE Based App

The newest player in the market is the BLE Technology or the classic Bluetooth has been generating impressive revenue as mentioned by a mobile app development company in Dubai. Observations by mobile app development Dubai companies have exhorted the various benefits of this fast technology. As a fact, mobile application development Dubai has noticed that BLE has connectivity with various devices over an encrypted connection to trade information. Multiple protocols available define the standards of data exchange and govern app development company in Dubai.

The best mobile app development company in Dubai employs the two most popular protocols like the Eddystone, by Google and iBeacon by Apple. The execution of these allows BLE, Android, or iOS apps to scan beacon signals in proximity and broadcast the relevant content and information to the respective apps. Mobile application development Dubai is eager to get on board with this dissemination process.

The applicability and scope of these have found their place in the retail marketers through which they notify their customers with the latest offers and promotions. Just when the device is in range, the BLE Technology activates. This method also has the ambit for personalization of ads and services which acts as a considerable magnet for more users through push notifications and their high rate of conversions.

Under the tutelage of technology behemoths like Apple and Google, the users see information through BLE to be more protected and reliable.

Huge Native Ecosystem

Bluetooth has been in usage since the advent of mobile utilization. They have been found in almost every device connected to this system. Bluetooth Light Energy has been a recent development and is now integrated into a multitude of other devices like smartphones, tabs, computers, etc. With the fluid ecosystem already in place, the only part left is to harness it via BLE apps.

Marketing Solutions

Retailers and business houses have profited significantly with BLE apps. The presence of any nearby device makes the promotional offer hit the user’s mobile devices right away. The notifications are easily configurable to tune into the preferences of the users. Since the target audience gets qualified, the click-through rate grows manifold, resulting in much higher conversion rates.

The beacon devices use the geo-spatial location of the user in the store and pull in more information from previous shopping history, targeting them for offers that they are most likely to be interested in.

Better Communication and Less Energy

The technology thrives upon sensors and with wireless fidelity or any other wireless network, data exchange can take place, including location and cookie data. The gargantuan network of bi-directional communication is smoothly integrated into other cellular gateways.

Business Automation

Businesses often suffer due to a lack of bridges that act as conveyors of information and leads to manual reading and data entry. BLE Tech has impacted these businesses massively by facilitating business automation.

Power Saving

The functional blocks of beacons and sensors are governed by protocols by Google and Apple. At the advent of long-term deployment, the sensors are tuned to operate at specified time durations to use minimal power. With such low power consumption metrics, their operational capacity is heightened noticeably.

Top Trends in Mobile App Development in 2022

Smartphones have been dubbed as the single most pivotal point in the history of technology and have greatly affected app development company in Dubai. Each development has been an upgrade for mobile app development Dubai. Apps have made phones a constant companion and consequently lead to a big boost in the mobile application development Dubai industry.

To keep on top of the game, the best mobile app development company in Dubai strives to keep up with all popular trends. As the world changes and our dependence on mobile app development company in Dubai increases, there is a lot to excite our imagination.

Some of the top trends of the year are as follows-

Internet of Things (IoT)

Affecting nearly every aspect of daily life, the internet of things has received a lot of positive reviews from users. Touching everything from connected appliances, home security systems, and wireless inventory trackers, the internet of things has taken over. The future trends predicted are-

  • mart Homes and Cities
  • mart and Self Driving
  • AI-powered IoT Devices
  • IoT in Healthcare

5G Mobile Internet Network

The connectivity technology has only climbed higher with faster speeds and better features with each scale-up. Theis speed has ushered in an era of high velocity streaming in 4K quality and management of VR and AR 3D Objects. Computed impact include-

  • Cloud Computing
  • Driverless Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Voice search, face unlock, voice translations, user predictions, etc are big examples of artificial intelligence taking over. The future of AI looks like-

  • tactic Image Recognition, Classification, and Tagging
  • Algorithmic Strategy and Performance improving Score
  • Predictive maintenance mechanism
  • Content allocation on social media
  • Object identification
  • Automated geophysical feature identification

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR have genuinely impacted industries like healthcare, tourism, education, e-commerce, and all with added features like motion tracking, people occlusion, etc. Gadgets that support these have already landed in the markets like the Hololens, Oculus Go, etc. Future trends of AR and VR look like-

  • AR-based virtual user manual
  • Virtual training simulation
  • Explorative Activities
  • Live music festivals and concerts
  • Destination Navigators
  • Visual Learning

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Apps are designed by companies especially to cater to the employees of the organization. It is the space where activities and functions are organized and is now a massive trend on the global platform. As employees access the apps, the company makes more profits.

Apart from facilitating internal communication and management, the employee satisfaction score and productivity have also seen a spike.

Beacon Technology

Developed with an improved shopping experience in mind, the beacon technology is all about using mobile apps to direct you to the store that is selling the product you seek at the price you are comfortable with. It accumulates the info from all stores in the proximity and then accesses the cookie data on your apps to corroborate and point to the place where you can actually buy the product. The utility of beacon Technology has been seen in-

  • Healthcare industry
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Powered Mobile Payment
  • Physical games

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Mobile App Development Life Cycle Decoded

When mobile app development Dubai is to be considered for mid-sized businesses, one must take intensive care while the mobile application development Dubai process is undertaken.

Numbers have shown that app development companies in Dubai are in big demand by businesses that are looking for a turnaround or upgrade.

  • The best mobile app development company in Dubai states that mobile apps account for more than half the total time spent on digital media.
  • Revenues generated by the use of native mobile apps are running into billions by the end of the year.
  • One of the mobile app development companies in Dubai propounds that an average consumer has about 30 apps installed on his smartphone.


With all these impressive numbers in place, it is important to understand the place and the process that you must consider while having your own mobile app developed. Having a grasp of your target audience and your competition is crucial and to get that knowledge, consider answering the following-

  • Who are your target users?
  • What is your business goal?
  • Which platform is best for you?
  • Which mobile app language is most convenient?
  • Which is the popular platform among your competitors?
  • What is your app development budget?
  • What is the timeframe needed for app development?
  • What marketing and promotional strategies do you have for your app?

Mobile App Goals and Objectives

Answering the following will put you in a position to develop an effective marketing strategy-

  • What problem does the app solve?
  • What features does it need to include?
  • What is the USP of the app?

Wireframe & Storyboard

One must strike a balance between prioritizing functionality, research, and app design to utilize the budget allocated for app development, judiciously. At this stage, you have a fair idea of the look and aesthetic appeal of the final rollout of the app. However, the following quotes can help you create a rather engaging wireframe-

Which ideas are the highlight of the brand?
How rich is the user experience?
How different is the mobile app from the web app?

The backend of Your Mobile App

As the wireframe developed will serve as the scaffold for structuring the app, the storyboard will impart a seamless and effortless user experience. Similarly, the backend of the app would need to be suitably supported, for example-

  • API
  • Data Diagram
  • Servers
  • Data Integration
  • Push Notification Services

It is often advised to opt for a Backend as a service (BaaS) platform to run your app on as they efficiently solve common challenges like scalability and paucity of in-house experts for mobile app management. One point to note- keeping your wireframe flexible and adaptive is surely an important task in order to overcome technical limitations.

Test The Prototype & Develop the App

At this step, the developer gets to evaluate the design concept, gather feedback, and pinout any non-functional link or flaw that could be a potential hampering in the smooth functioning of the app.

Calling in volunteers to test the app is again a good idea to gain a third person’s objective feedback on functionality and ease of use.

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Best Tools for Advanced Mobile App Development

App development companies in Dubai have spoken of various benefits extended by the best mobile app development company in Dubai. Right from establishing effective communication with customers and improving brand awareness, to targeting the right customers through apps and features like geo-location on push notifications. Mobile application development Dubai has helped multiple businesses to execute tasks seamlessly and effortlessly while attracting new customers and creating a loyalty base with the older ones.

In order to reap all the benefits of this, businesses are flocking to mobile app development Dubai and investing in a good platform. This in turn helps you attain new heights in no time.

Mobile app development companies in Dubai offer a plethora of high-end app platforms upon which you can run your business and here are a few of them-

React Native

Using JavaScript at its core, this is a native mobile app development platform that uses complicated UI and component-based UI. This allowed developers to use the same UI elements in both Android and native iOS formats.

The hot reload feature smoothens the running of new code while retaining the app’s indigenous state. This improves the efficiency of the developers on android as well as iOS platforms.


This is a renowned HTML5 app development framework that offers a proper open-source SDK. Mostly used for building hybrid mobile apps through CSS and SASS. The default components and tools that incorporate JavaScript as well facilitate the development of highly interactive and easy interfaces.


A relatively new player in the playfield, put forward by Google. This has a USP of app creation on Goog;e Fuchsia as well and has immediately shot to fame.

The hot reload functionality helps the developers to preview all the changes made in the code of the app. This leaves the space open for developers to experiment, solve the bug and add in new features. Although it is similar to React Native in certain ways, it stays apart from others in a reactive and declarative style which ups the startup time and the overall performance.


Finding its foundation on the c# programming sphere and running fruitfully on .NET common language infrastructure, this is a big favorite among many native app developers. It makes an extensive resume of data along with the application of business logic layers thereby proving advantageous for large data operations, image recognition, and offline mode.

Android Studio

Based on IntelliJ IDEA, accelerates the whole development process making the production faster with added options for app development.


Known for working like Apple’s Integrated Development Environment, this is a popular pick for iOS app development. With a single window interface, the developers manage the app from scratch to delivery.

The cross functional support caters to other programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python and Ruby etc, The testing realm with it is also immaculate which interestingly, offers three testings to reduce bugs and make the application stronger and reducing the market time.

Challenges Faced During Mobile App Development in 2021

The leading mobile app development company in Dubai has undoubtedly ushered in an era of connectivity and business productivity. App development companies in Dubai have reported a huge hike in the demand for compatible mobile app development Dubai, among many mid-sized businesses. A successful and well-received mobile application helps to drive revenue, but it requires strategic planning during mobile application development in Dubai.

To overcome the hurdles imposed during mobile app development, it is most recommended to hand over the task to the best mobile app development company in Dubai. The pandemic engendered some unprecedented problems at communication and business conduction, and rising to the occasion has been the digitalization of businesses where an important aspect has been app development.

The challenges being faced by mobile app developers are as follows-

Lack of Expertise

Developing mobile apps is one of the more complicated processes in the developer’s realm as they have varied platforms, stacks, and technologies to pick and choose from.

Most businesses opt for mobile apps to facilitate the business but the web and traditional IT system approaches are very different. Businesses mostly lack this level of skill to execute the product development lifecycle of a mobile app.

At this point, a mixed-source model strategy should be implemented to pick and choose the parts of the product being developed internally and those being outsourced. A significant improvement in the quality of the product is witnessed along with better customer experience and lower internal costs.

Lack of Information Security Safeguards

As mobile apps are designed to cater to consumers immediately and in the context of personal convenience, the first problem that arises in this scenario is the security breaches that could potentially affect the highly sensitive personal data. Often, apps are developed with ease, which overshadows the security requirements, leaving the user’s data vulnerable and exposed to nefarious digital elements.

The government, along with technology developers, have implemented stricter data and privacy policies. For mobile apps to be more efficient, testing, stronger validation controls, efficient data management, and complete perimeter security are required. Businesses must invest in companies that maintain the highest standards of continuous development, integration, testing, and deployment.

Device Fragmentation

This implies the variety of devices available with multiple operating systems. The most widely used strategy is the development of native apps and is the most expensive, resource-intensive, and time-consuming for the developers.

But the advent of cross-platform apps allows the user to have the same native app experience for the users which in turn creates a richer customer experience and retains a loyalty base.

Lack of API Strategy

The primary task of API is to connect the business functions and intermediaries to enable certain actions to the user interfaces. If the APIs fall short of the app’s functionalities, they need to be redesigned and developed from the scratch

Big Data Management

Quintillions of data bytes are generated every single day which are continuously analyzed and processed. This data serves as the source for evolving insights and metrics that influence businesses. Apps handling this need to be strong enough to render data processing better without disrupting the flow of business.

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Google AMP Project

Mobile Websites – Turn your website into a Google AMP Powered one NOW!

Better user experience, increased user engagement, more conversions

A research states that humans have shorter attention span than goldfish! A goldfish is said to have an attention span of 9-seconds and for a millennial, the time is even shorter – 8-seconds! Thanks to the smart revolution that started around the year 2000. Appalling, right? But that’s how the world is, so don’t worry.
Wait; there is something you should be worried about now. Does your website load within 8-seconds? Hold on, 8 seconds is all the time you got to engage the visitor and present an interesting story through the website.

So, an 8-second loading website won’t be enough– you need a website that loads within a few twinkles of your eyes – say 2-3. Yes, you technically have 2-3 seconds to prepare yourself for the moment of glory – the big entry of your website.
What’s the loss? It’s HUGE and can bring a big DENT to your business. Remember, 30-40% of all website visitors today are from mobile devices. Not that, the most conversions happens through mobiles only. Over and above, mobile friendliness of a website offers a big Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) boost for search engines like Google. So a poor mobile performing website can lose ranking and thereby potential business.

How do we solve this NOW?

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an answer. Over the last few months, search engine visitors have seen the rise of Instant Articles, not just on Social Media, News Articles, but also on search engines like Google. It has powered up the websites and redefined the meaning of NOW.

What is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP is a Google Initiative that will help the web pages with rich content like video, animations, graphics load instantaneously on a mobile device.
The study shows that 50% of mobile visitors abandon a page if it doesn’t load in 10 seconds. And 3 out of 5 don’t even return to that site. In such scenarios, AMP is a revolution in its own. The project seamlessly amalgamates different elements on a web page and presents it as per the ideal UX interface suited for the mobile visitor. This engages the users more and engrosses them in the best possible mobile experience.

Why should digital marketers go for AMP route?

Web surfers want instant search results and Google AMP harps on the super fast speed to deliver them a cohesive experience. Faster loading of websites with AMP contributes to the SEO. As AMP enabled page will load faster, and will have fewer bounce rates, it will definitely improve search engine rankings. The page is considered valuable and will determine higher placements in search engine result pages.

When should marketers start investing in AMP?

Considering all these plus points, it is extremely safe to say that the TIME is NOW to implement AMP project for the benefit of a business. All marketers need is a support of a digital agency like Red berries (that’s us! :), to facilitate the seamless integration and maintenance of AMP code standards.
Redberries is a Google Partner Agency. We can help you AMP up your website. Request a call back here.

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