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Those who think SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is simple, that can be a half-baked truth. The SEO process is so intricate that it requires a dedicated approach and penchant to innovate and to achieve a website that ranks high, drives maximum quality traffic, brings conversions and ROI to the business.

Top SEO Agency in Dubai – UAE

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What is SEO?
Over the course of two decades, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has seen a lot more advancements than the world could think of. Be it algorithm updates or syncing with multiple device traffic, the concept of driving searches is evolving day by day. In a scenario where mobile is the most common starting point of a search session, SEO has more to contribute to an overall ROI of a business. Wish to know what makes SEO click with the growing needs of the marketers across the world? Then you are on the right page.

How SEO works?

SEO is neither a science nor an art – it is a mix of a cohesive bunch of tactics and strategies to ensure the higher rankings across multiple platforms. The tried and tested strategies that have been developed over the course of two decades are now redefining the way digital marketing agencies in the UAE are working. Not just this, these tactics also boost website’s presence and generate RoI as well.

But how SEO brings RoI to a business?
Good question! But before answering that, let us set up a scenario for you. Have you ever thought how SEO is very much like a stock market? This can change your perspectives. Both are long-term investments. You can’t expect your stocks to immediately bring in monetary growth. Similarly, SEO also needs a lot of nurturing and thought process to make it work wonders for a business. If you choose your stocks i.e. Keywords wisely with the knowledge you have at hand and then you experience the growth of rank boost or fluctuations.

Patience and commitment only can help you sail through the ups and down of ranking and algorithm fluctuations. This ways, we can channelise RoI to a business with significant growth. The forward thinking mentality as used in stock markets paves the way to wisdom in SEO as well.
Solid understanding of the industry and market is the base to successful SEO strategy. It’s not a one-time wonder, but a regularly channelised process where research on the appropriate keywords based on competitiveness brings in the potential for conversions.

SEO requires constant nurturing to boost RoI in an organic way. Some factors worth considering while conceiving a SEO strategy include:

Potential traffic levels
Keywords Competition
Past performance of keywords for Benchmarking
Searcher intent (i.e. Are they just looking, or are they ready to buy?)
Industry trends and predictions

If followed well, the SEO Strategy is bound to bring long-term rewards in terms of RoI and organic conversions.

Web Analytics Configuration and Audit
Setting up Web Analytics Configuration on a website is fairly simple, but deriving maximum results and RoI out of it is not so simple. To quote, in other words, Web Analytics Configuration is the future of marketing technologies that track the prospect’s imprints during different phases of browsing a website.

Let’s Know Web Analytics First
Web Analytics has lent a new and transparent approach to the marketing initiatives. To quote it as the most potent way of marketing technology or #MarTech in practice is not wrong. For easy understanding, we all know that Web analytics measures, collects, analyses and gives condensed web data findings to understand and optimize web page and digital imprints. The insights derived from Web Analytics audits can be used as an instrument to assess, review and improve the effectiveness of a website. Say, if the bounce rate of your website is very high, findings from analytics can help us find the probable reasons – if extra website loading time is leading the users to deviate from the initiated search. Or after scanning the content that is not too relevant can also lead to the bounce rate. Now, it’s on web analytics to ascertain the reasons and regulate it in time.

Web Analytics Configuration
To get maximum analytics advantage, the configuration of Web Analytics is a must. The best part about Web Analytics Configuration is its customization and flexibility. Relevant and useful data in tune with your marketing objectives can be extracted via customized installation and configuration code. This kind of goal setting, if achieved, can ease out marketing initiatives in a great way. As a part of this activity, web professionals at Red Berries facilitate-

The definition and monitoring of objectives
The monitoring of campaigns
The analysis of online sales

With such amazing insights from Web Analytics Configuration, imagine the renewed possibilities of marketing insights! But this is not the end of it. Web analytics audits complete the function. Let us explore the relevance of analytics audit below.

Why Web Analytics Audit?
Web analytics audit is a tried and tested way to ascertain maximum value from an analytics tool. Business organizations can ensure tangible value from their investments in analytics. The companies with multiple websites, significant online advertising activities and concurrent digital campaigns can secure immense marketing advantage with web analytics audit.

Auditing analytics implementation has a lot of benefits. First among them is mapping analytics solutions with business strategy. This is done to maximize RoI on analytics efforts and investment. Various KPIs like- Conversion Rate, Goal Completion, Unique Visits, Recurring Visits, Visitor Loyalty and Visitor Regency can be tracked through regular website analytics audit.

If a business is in search for a fruitful digital marketing and a connected ecosystem, including a Website, Social Media Platform traffic, SEO traffic and Conversion metrics, then Web Analytics Configuration and Audit is the first benchmark for it.

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