How to Execute a Link Building Strategy

There are several factors that you need for a link-building strategy to work. Starting from people, the process to tactics and measurements. Each of which is explained in detail to ensure you meet your objectives while executing a link-building strategy.

Main elements for effective link building?

The construction of links produces the best outcomes and effects. You need to note when planning an internal link-building approach not all links are identical and that there are primary factors that move success forward. More the effort you would take to get the right links, the more effective you’ll receive the output. Here are some of the main components you need to work on that make up an excellent relationship-building plan to help you understand what a superb connection profile looks like


The most important ingredient for success is hiring the right people. Only when you have reliable people to help with the execution, the planned strategy would be great if not it will be a failure. Link development naturally comes with a ton of rejections. When you hire people do not fail to ask about a time when they have experienced rejection, and how have they overcome that challenge? It’s probably not the best position for them if they can’t take rejection.

Steps involved in a successful link development

  • An established process
  • Good content team
  • Diversity of tactics
  • Key measuring techniques
  • The right people to execute the campaign


The first thing to do is to establish a process at the start. This will help in important areas such as client onboarding, content creation, and reporting.

Many of these opportunities will never be found if work is not done in an efficient manner, for which you need solid processes in place. To understand what could have been done better revisit the processes after every campaign. These are called, “retrospective meetings” it helps to find areas for improvement.

When your goal is to achieve long-term success of your link development campaign, there are three main reasons you need to consider as the link strategy:

  1. Understand how the competition is earning the links
  2. To build links, what are the existing linkable assets that can be leveraged
  3. Understand what content has to be created to build links in the future

Without a strategic vision do not start a link development campaign because there’s so much that goes into the process that doesn’t meet the eye while a link is developed.


A well-done strategy should have the best opportunity to place organic backlinks. It should spark ideas on new content to create and also identify gaps in your content library. It’s critical to consider the customer journey while crafting the content. Your content should always provide the information that solves their challenge and be useful for your audience.


A wide array of KPIs, include quality metrics, outreach and, industry averages. This helps us understand how the campaign is performing.

Decide what the most important KPIs are to be tracked:

  • Organic traffic growth?
  • Backlink growth?
  • (DA) Domain Authority improvement?
  • Keyword footprint growth?
  • Page 1 keyword growth?
  • All the above?

Take a record of baseline metrics at the start of the engagement. It is an important part of continuous improvement.

How important is link building for SEO?

Link building is so important because a large portion of your SEO campaigns’ capital would reap the benefit if done right.

Ensure that you place a heavy emphasis on internal link building for the following reasons:

(a) You will be rated high on Google and other search engines

(b) Google can find new sites quicker that links to your blog

(c)  You’ll enjoy enhanced trustworthiness and reputation

(d) You will increase the traffic to your web page


It would be great if you had a website to create links before constructing links. Often, it would be led to the website’s home page. However, there are connections established to specialized such as analysis study, a blog post, graph, or, tool. These connections are usually built before building any campaign. It is complicated to build links to low-value web pages.

Ways to Avoid Major Mistakes in Site Structure

Often website owners lose focus on site structure and concentrate on optimizing their website content. One should realize that site optimization starts with the site structure. Focusing on optimizing the content on websites with poor-quality site structure is similar to building a house on the sand rather than rock.
Building a site structure might be comfortable at the beginning compared to maintaining a proper site structure which gets difficult later on. The site created is for the consumers rather than the ones who created it. Hence it is better to avoid crucial site structure errors. This will cost to fix them in the later years. Below are useful ways to avoid blunders in your site structure.

Not linking your main articles
If you do not want Google to regard your main articles as less important, and rank them poorly, you should ensure that your important articles should be visible and easily fetched by search engines. Some people make the biggest site structure mistake by forgetting to link to the main articles. If an article receives only a few internal links, search engines will have a more difficult time fetching it and valuing it. Connect the main article links to other blog posts or related topics.
Make sure these main articles are visible and easy to find for your consumers. It should be possible for the consumer to navigate to your main articles in just a maximum of two clicks from the homepage.

Not using breadcrumbs
A big mistake when it comes to site structure is that many people do not use breadcrumbs. Following are the advantage of using breadcrumbs:
– Breadcrumbs show how a page fits into the website’s structure
– It helps users to navigate through the website easily
– It helps search engines determine the structure of the website
To add breadcrumbs to your site. There is a breadcrumb plugin for WordPress.

Not splitting the categories
All the categories should be similar in size. Sometimes one category can slowly grow much larger than the rest. It gets hard ranking with blog posts when they’re part of a very large category. Check the size of your categories regularly so that you can split them.

Avoid too many tags
Ensure to connect each post with the right tag that you have created. Restrict multiple unique tags (s). When you add tags posts don’t become linked. You can ensure that tags are not used more than once or twice.

Failing to visualize your site structure
Do not fail to visualize the site’s structure. Visitors would appreciate it when they can navigate by themselves through the site with ease. The categories of your site or blog should be on the menu on your homepage. Don’t let your menu be cluttered. Provide a clear overview of the menu. The menu helps visitors understand how your website is structured hence spend some time optimizing your menu.

Missing to link the underlying pages
Get the direct link to all your pages which is kind of the hierarchical post. This creates different levels in your pages. That is, it creates a parent page on top, followed by child pages. Ensure to link your underlying child pages to a parent page. This helps users navigate through the site.

Fix it right away
When it comes to SEO Strategy, the site structure is an essential aspect. Google or any search engine can find out the most important articles of your website by the structure of the website.

Work with an Expert
You can save a lot of stress and be confident.

Define Your Needs
Have specific needs while working on the site structure. This will help you define the goals of the website.

Focus on Your Visitors
The website is to be customized for the users and not for the developers.

Optimize Your Content
Everything on your website including the images and content should be optimized.

Pay Attention to Essential Features:
The following should be the primary focus.
● Loading speed
● Page length
● Graphics
● Image size and
● Overall dimension

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Some developers confuse mistakes for impressive features. These mistakes include;
● Avoid hiding your main content
● By using too many tags and not the essential ones
● Avoiding too many calls to action
● Not providing ease of navigation to the website
● Usage of low-quality images for the websites
● Starting a website without optimizing the site structure or the site content
● Poor loading speed of the website

A site structure can be like the foundation of a website. The entire website may get affected if you make a mistake in your site structure. Fixing these mistakes might cost more resources, time, and energy hence you should create a way in which the site structure is maintained well from the beginning.

Various Types of Video Content for Social Media

In 2020, users prefer to watch video content more than any other medium.
Since the last couple of years, content marketing has become very popular and has seen a huge shift with video content being the most preferred option. It is the best way to connect and associate with the target audience.

Yet, many companies do not prefer to opt for video content marketing. Rather, they prefer blogs and case studies as it is quite difficult to create fresh and engaging video content on a regular basis. We provide engaging social media marketing strategies that include video content to take your business to new heights.
This article will focus on various kinds of video marketing content and how it can be used to create brand awareness and influence the audience.

1) Vlog
Blogs are always great but vlogs or video content is much better as it’s more engaging for the audience.
The majority of the companies heavily invest in the initial set of videos but then eventually stop producing more video content, assuming it is draining their budget.
That’s where vlogs come in as a cost-effective approach that is easy to create and shoot. It also engages with the target audience to build a unique brand image.

2) Interview/Q&A
Interview videos are the best way to build and develop the brand because:
● It syncs the brand with a leader or an inspiring personality
● It helps in developing authority with efforts from a well-known person
● It gives a one on one experience to its audience as they get the answers to their queries

An ideal interview should be natural and not feel like it’s scripted. However, it should follow a set of rules and guidelines where the main aim should be to get out more detailed and less known facts about the person being interviewed as it makes the content more engaging.

Your content marketing gets driven from the information gained from these interview videos and with more and more similar content, it can help to gain more credibility and can also increase the reach of your content.

3) Webinar
Webinars are a great way to provide advice and educate the audience or viewers. Most people attend webinars to learn something from them. Different types of webinar topics can include FAQs, product reviews, roundtable discussions, etc.

Also, webinars can be marketed through paid ads where people sign up for it through ads and this can bring traffic and generate leads.
It’s not necessary to create webinars on a daily basis compared to other video content forms. A weekly or monthly webinar is more than sufficient to generate a good amount of quality leads.

4) Presentation
In the last few years, Ted Talks have been the most popular source for speeches and presentations. Speakers speak on several topics and at the same time, provides a platform with global reach to express their views and opinions.

A presentation gives a more convincing and sharable video content. Companies can give such presentations at small events or network groups and then share the video to their audience online to create awareness about it.

5) Tutorial/How-To
Video content is the way forward in current times and we have seen many unfamiliar faces appearing on OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon and achieving fame. Millennials love watching videos and they value the content being provided.

It is important to understand the audience’s taste and preferences and what they would love watching. Tutorials or How-to videos work as it helps the audience to learn something new or ease their process.

Such quality content of videos helps to build trust which can lead to an increase in conversions for your brand, should the content be relatable.

6) Product Review
A product review video is a great content source for people and consumers especially those who are in considering to purchase from you and looking for expert opinions about the product. But in order for the review to gain traction, there should already be a follower base established on the platform so as to reach the masses.

7) Live Streaming
Live streaming videos is another popular and upcoming video marketing content method and this has seen the rise in user base on the Facebook live platform.
Live videos have a magnetic nature and also it has a FOMO aspect attached to them as these types of videos build up suspense and the audience is eager to know what will happen next, which builds curiosity among them.

Live videos can cover events such as product launches, Q&A Forums, behind-the-scenes look, and much more and this makes the audience feel they are present at the event and builds a real-time community interaction.

Based on the different types of video content options as seen above, a company needs to prepare a proper video marketing strategy. By understanding the brand, its goals, and what the audience wants – a video content strategy should be created.

Top Reasons To Choose PHP Over ASP.NET

Two words that strike the mind at the thought of web development are PHP and ASP.NET. You cannot make an exact comparison between PHP and ASP.NET as the latter is a web framework while the former is a programming language.

Why is PHP popular?
One of the amazing facts about PHP is that it is compiled with a number of frameworks which makes website development easy. WordPress and Facebook are powered by PHP.

What makes ASP.Net popular?
ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft as a web framework which is acts as a scripting tool. This helps developers build web pages and applications for the web.

Pros and cons of using PHP vs ASP.Net:
PHP is free of cost whereas ASP.Net is a Microsoft product, hence it has certain charges such as the following:

Buying Windows is Expensive:
ASP.Net has been designed to work on Windows. If you are using other operating systems like the MAC or Linux, you can use the Mono Project to work with ASP.Net.

Windows hosting:
The hosting costs are almost similar when compared to Linux web hosting charges.

Integrated Development Environment:
PHP is one of the most important factors to be considered for cost-effectiveness. ASP.Net development is executed using VS Express which is a free version of the IDE. This is offered by Microsoft.

Performance matters:
The performance capability of web applications is determined by how well the interaction happens between the script, the server, and the database. The LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack ensures enhanced performance. The speed of communication between the time taken by the browser to open and the server are closely related.

Both PHP and ASP.Net are highly scalable. Facebook is powered by PHP whereas is used on websites like Microsoft.

Tools and Editors
Many PHP developers use text editors such as the VIM and Notepad++, rather than a full-fledged IDE. If you work with an IDE while using PHP, then you will get strong support which is absolutely free of cost.

ASP.Net is backed up by various IDE’. You can use it with Microsoft Visual Studio but it is not free. There are ample features and is one of the most flexible IDEs.

Developers love freedom! PHP offers unlimited freedom to code in any way needed.
When using PHP you can use or code using text editors such as the jEdit, Emacs, Bluefish, Notebook++, or Notepad too.
When using ASP.Net, your freedom is limited. You could try using only Microsoft Visual Studio.

PHP can run on the following OS:

● Linux
● Mac OSX
● Unix
● Windows

Popular Frameworks:
Some of the popular PHP Frameworks include:
● Laravel
● Zend
● CodeIgniter
● Symphony
● Yii
● Phalcon

PHP has higher popularity of Programming Language Usage than There are stats that show PHP is clearly a favorite among developers.

Fixing problems:
PHP is good at fixing problems. Unlike ASP.Net, you can find out with quite an extended ease where the issue is arising from. You can get rid of these with help from the PHP community. It is great because an issue with one request will never interfere with the other.

Unbeatable Speed:
No programming language could beat the operating speed of PHP. PHP operates at a faster speed than any other coding language as it does not take the system resources.
Hosting PHP is easy and it is also going to be easy If you are planning to use PHP with other software.

Database support:
WordPress is one of the greatest examples, PHP coding with MySQL is used for its content management system that makes things easier. Wikipedia is an example that utilizes a combination of PHP and Database. This is why many choose PHP over ASP.Net.

Learning PHP is simple and easy:
PHP is easy to understand for someone even if not from an IT background. When it comes to ASP.Net It is not easy or simple as PHP.

Coding in PHP:
PHP was written in C for the first time. If you have an idea about the C language, PHP becomes easier to code. Also, ASP.NET offers a number of programming options, unlike PHP. PHP does not meet the modern needs but ASP.NET provides options to programmers.

PHP can be used with any operating system. This is not possible with ASP.Net. Also, PHP is available with most of the relational database systems and gives the flexibility to run with any web server thus making it the most compatible framework unlike ASP.Net

PHP has its own disadvantages:
PHP has its own cons: a set of disadvantages when compared to ASP.Net. The drawback is that it can only parse code within its delimiters, anything beyond the delimiters will be sent to the output which is undesirable. PHP is not good for building desktop applications.

Performing a Detailed Technical Audit Before Starting an SEO Campaign

For a business to be successful, it’s a must to develop a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy which should be executed methodically and planned thoroughly.
If content and link building are the main building blocks of a content marketing campaign, the cornerstone that binds these two is SEO. This lays down the groundwork for the whole campaign. The foundation of any successful SEO campaign is to perform a detailed onsite and technical audit. It has to be done if the website has to be seen by your target audience.

Benefits of a quality technical audit include:
● Track issues that hinder online visibility
● Know your competition better and how to act accordingly
● Know the factors that affect your website’s search engine ranking
● Increase leads and conversions

Do you need a technical SEO audit? Answer the following and we are here to help you understand if you need an audit or not:
1. What is the total number of your backlinks?
2. What is the page loading speed?
3. bShould the URL structure be improved?
4. Are the meta descriptions written according to the preferences of Google?
5. Are you aware of duplicate content on your website?
6. Do you have a mobile-optimized website?

If you don’t have answers to the above questions, your business needs a technical SEO audit from an industry expert.
Ensure Search Engines Can Crawl Your Pages thoroughly
Your webpage visitors and the search engines do not see the pages the same way. Hence the website needs to be structured and optimized so that it is readable by both. First things first, make your web page crawlable.

There are files such as robots.txt that inform user agents about the pages or folders you either allow or DON’T allow to be crawled.
Also, file such as sitemap.xml tells Google which are the important pages to you. This will help you to understand your site structure better.

Page Crawling ensures the following:
● Your website pages indexed by Google
● The Googlebot can easily navigate through the web pages
● You would easily identify the content which is duplicated

Set Up the Analytics-Based Programs
The objective of an SEO campaign is to boost your online visibility, drive qualified traffic to your website, make leads, and conversions for your business. Do they answer the following questions?
● What are the keywords your business should be known for?
● Is the traffic you get desirable?
● bAre your visitors converted into leads?

If you need data-driven metrics that will help as critical building blocks for your SEO campaign you should enable Google Analytics.
Importance of Content Analysis and KWRM

This technical audit phase involves:
● keyword research
● keyword mapping
● content analysis

The pages need to be targeted towards the keywords appropriately. Pay attention to meta titles, meta descriptions, URL structure, on-page content, focus keywords, and title tags.
SEO companies are leaning towards an intent-based approach wherein the user is already interested in a product and is looking for it via Google. This helps brands to gain high quality leads and increase their conversion rate.

Eradicate Duplicate Content
Duplicate content means the content in your website is present in another URL. This affects your ranking. Hence checking and eliminating duplicate content is an unavoidable part of any technical SEO audit.

Mobile Optimization
Mobile dominates the digital world. With website traffic contributed by Mobile is more than 50% it only makes Mobile optimization mandatory if not your bounce rates would increase. SEO audit ensures your website is optimized to work on all portable devices.

Learn Why Site Structure is Important
The clear and logical structure allows search engines to easily crawl through the web pages. It also boosts consumers to experience effortless navigation.
It is important to:
● Keep your paths and URLs logical, should be clean and simple
● The homepage should be linked to all the important pages
● Do not forget to add canonical tags where ever necessary

Page Load Speed
Page Load Speed, or Page Speed, refers to how much time it takes for the search engine to load the content of your webpage. Your bounce rate will be high if your webpage is taking a lot of time to load. This leads to lower rankings of your website by search engines.

Optimize the following
a. URL Structure
URL can be used to leverage keywords. It informs the search engines, also the users, of what the page is all about.
Following are some suggestions:
● Don’t use special characters
● Keep the URL structure consistent
● Avoid parameters

b. Meta Description
Meta tells the potential visitor what your page offers. You can use keywords within your meta, but don’t overdo it.

c. Image Optimization
Choosing the right format sizes, utilizing the image descriptions, as well as properly hosting the images can be beneficial to your SEO efforts.

d. Structured Data
Well written structured data means Google or any search engine can read, process, and deploy it.

In Conclusion
Technical SEO needs to be approached and handled professionally and with great attention to detail. It is a complex process and may take time to show the results. However, in the long run, it will be worth the time and money spent on it.

Magento vs Shopify – Which One to Opt For?

If you are finding it difficult to choose between Magento and Shopify, don’t worry as you are not alone. Both these brands are two of the most famous and widely accepted e-commerce platforms.

Shopify is capable of simplifying the process of creating online stores of business whether it is a startup or a high-volume business. It works on the model of a monthly fee.

Magento on the other hand is an open-source platform that is similar to WordPress and is also free to install and use but the user will need to pay for additional services like web hosting, domain registration, etc. It is more suited for enterprise-level businesses who have their development team workforce or coding knowledge.

We have differentiated between the two on a certain basis below for you to decide which platform fits your needs.


Selecting a platform that’s very difficult to use will affect the process to establish the e-commerce store according to our requirement and this can harm the image of the brand.

Shopify is an all in one package with drag and drop features which lets you customize the store by organizing elements of the page according to your requirements.

Magento, on the other hand, is a little difficult to understand as it involves technical jargon and coding knowledge to create the store or else needs to rely on a web developer to create and manage the store.


The theme of the store acts as a base for the website store as this is what the consumers first see when they open the site and so the theme template needs to be selected accordingly to create a good impression and build up trust.

Shopify has a range of 10 free and 64 premium themes and all of its themes are mobile responsive and so it will look great on both devices. Shopify themes offer a lot of customization options such as new pages, color schemes, organizing elements, and much more, without any coding knowledge.

Some themes of Magento will require the help of a developer as it’s technical and also mostly its themes are slightly expensive compared to Shopify.

Business Development Tools

Ecommerce platforms require sales tools as it cannot function without one another. Let’s explore the features of both Shopify and Magento.

Some of the exciting features of Shopify are:

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Multi-Channel Selling
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Delivery Partners (USPS, DHL)

Magento has an inventory system with features such as bulk product import, multiple product options, revenue reports, and total visitor details. In terms of sales tools, Magento offers:

  • Multi-Channel Selling
  • Checkout Customization
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Discount Options (Percentage or Fixed)

Marketing Apps

To have a wide range of marketing tools is always useful for a business as it helps to connect with potential customers.

Shopify offers many marketing tools such as email campaign management through third-party networks with Seguno, Klaviyo, Constant Contact. Advertising and direct selling is also possible on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Shopify also provides sites in multiple languages to help products sell in multiple languages in different territories.

Magento on the other hand is dependent on its marketplace for its marketing tools as there are different extensions for different marketing support work that needs to be installed and for its integration, coding knowledge or help from a developer will be required.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is necessary to gain more traffic on the store from search engine websites which lead to more customers and more revenue.

Magento edges Shopify in the SEO department. There are multiple in-built SEO feature options available such as SEO prompts and customizable URL options. For Shopify, a certain app or extension for any of the SEO related features is needed.

Magento has a lot of built-in SEO feature such as alt tags, customized URL’s and much more whereas in Shopify we need to rely on its Apps for SEO services


The main difference between Magneto and Shopify is that Shopify is a hosted platform, while Magento is self-hosted. A hosted platform like Shopify takes care of all your hosting needs. All hosting costs are included within the monthly plan, with no additional expense required. Magento meanwhile is free to install, but you’ll need to pay for security, web hosting, domain, and so on.

Shopify has three packages to choose from, with fixed monthly rates. In contrast, the overall cost of Magento will depend on various factors.

It should be noted that Magento offers Enterprise packages for large-scale businesses. This price plan is specific to each business.

Magneto comes out useful for enterprises and businesses with complex and specific needs whereas Shopify is more for businesses who have simple e-commerce requirements. After weighing all the pros and cons, it depends on your business needs as to which one you should go for.


SEM vs. SEO: What’s the Difference and Which is Right for My Business?

There are two types of search results in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing: Paid and Organic

SEM (Search Engine Marketing or Search Ads): SEM uses paid strategies to appear in the search results. This is done by buying traffic through paid search listing from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When a company pays Search Engines for clicks, the paid result shows up at the beginning of the search results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): : SEO uses Organic results that Google finds most relevant to the query by using organic strategies to appear in the search results. The organic listings in the search results are gained by consistent efforts of optimising the website on different levels. The way forward for SEO is, to begin with, a website that your customers enjoy, sell, and refine. By creating an organic footprint, our ability to improve our exposure to help people find our company will be further improved.

An effective and targeted Search Engine Advertising campaign can be created with the help of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is commonly known as (Search Ads). This will enhance the traffic to your website and will help rank the website on the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs) for the key phrases which are currently not ranked organically.

“SEO is free” is a common notion, but that is not quite true, getting your website on top of the Google search results takes time, attention and last but not least a budget to get the top results of a search engine. Although it is basically an upfront expenditure, it pays returns in the future, except for any maintenance costs. On the contrary, you must pay for one of your advertisements with SEM, for each click.

Using SEMs (Google ads) to target more difficult keywords and concentrate SEO efforts on longtail keywords, which have a lower search frequency and are easier to rank.

Four ways of using SEO, SEM (google ads), or for optimum exposure and traffic of search engines are given below.

  • Run advertisements for competitive keywords.
  • For ad-heavy keywords, use PPC and SEO.
  • Usage SEO for informational keywords
  • To monopolize the performance, use SEO and PPC.

Another big difference is that SEO takes a lot of time to work and deliver outputs, especially if the website is new, while PPC is almost instantaneous. So it depends better on the overall digital marketing objectives. You should resort to SEO if you want to develop a long-term online business without relying on paying traffic.

When to should you focus on only SEO

You Have a Very Limited Budget: You probably want to rely on SEO if you are a startup or a small company with a relatively small marketing budget. There could be no ROI for months or years in your SEO budget. However, it also makes more sense than to burn your PPC advertising marketing budget for one week only.

You Can Rank For Informational Keywords: We already know the keywords that are most interesting to us and how many people look for them. The next step is to use the data to prepare our marketing strategies by adjusting these keywords to our website, blog and social media. Informational keywords are terms like “What is X” or “How to X”. While search queries such as these cannot be very well converted, they obtain a lot of search volume. Then SEO would probably be your best bet, if you believe you can write great content on topics customers in Google look for.

You Can Wait: SEO and content marketing needs time to bring in the results. You can go for SEO, if you can take 6-12 months and wait for legit traffic to roll in Google search.

You’re Good at Link Building: High quality content creation is a core component of Google’s ranking. But that doesn’t suffice. You could also use a couple of separate link building tactics if you are serious in rating, in order to link other websites to you. The effort that we put into SEO is for gaining organic listings. SEM helps build a more powerful and targeted advertising campaign which will help you identify the words you are not organically ranked for on your website.

SEO and SEM are stronger when working together than they would individually work. You can use SEM (Search Ads) and work on the SEO campaign parallelly if you want to bring in quality traffic to your website. The important factor to remember is that both are only as good as the website that is being marketed. If the website does not have the quality that Google claims, both SEO and SEM won’t work and you will be disappointed. The goal is to gain visibility on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and more importantly to drive traffic to the website. Each approach uses click-through rates (CTR) strategies which allows more people to click the search results.

Your marketing campaign will perform more successfully by having your SEO and SEM partnership work cohesively together. Request a free consultation. Reach out to us via email at or call us on +971 4 295 7880 or +971 55 4140 870.

Most Important Google Ranking Factors A Beginner Should Know

Web Analytics Configuration and Audit, an important aspect of SEO

Setting up Web Analytics Configuration on a website is fairly simple but deriving maximum results and ROI out of it is not so simple. To quote, in other words, Web Analytics Configuration is the future of marketing technologies that track the prospect’s imprints during different phases of browsing a website.

Let’s Know Web Analytics First

Web Analytics has lent a new and transparent approach to the marketing initiatives. To quote it as the most potent way of marketing technology or #MarTech in practice is not wrong. For easy understanding, we all know that Web analytics measures, collects, analyses and gives condensed web data findings to understand and optimize web page and digital imprints. The insights derived from Web Analytics audits can be used as an instrument to assess, review and improve the effectiveness of a website. Say, if the bounce rate of your website is very high, findings from analytics can help us find the probable reasons – if extra website loading time is leading the users to deviate from the initiated search. Or after scanning the content that is not too relevant can also lead to the bounce rate. Now, it’s on web analytics to ascertain the reasons and regulate it in time.

Web Analytics Configuration

To get maximum analytics advantage, the configuration of Web Analytics is a must. The best part about Web Analytics Configuration is its customization and flexibility. Relevant and useful data in tune with your marketing objectives can be extracted via customized installation and configuration code. This kind of goal setting, if achieved, can ease out marketing initiatives in a great way. As a part of this activity, web professionals at Red Berries facilitate-
The definition and monitoring of objectives
The monitoring of campaigns
The analysis of online sales
With such amazing insights from Web Analytics Configuration, imagine the renewed possibilities of marketing insights! But this is not the end of it. Web analytics audits complete the function. Let us explore the relevance of analytics audit below.

Why Web Analytics Audit?

Web analytics audit is a tried and tested way to ascertain maximum value from an analytics tool. Business organizations can ensure tangible value from their investments in analytics. The companies with multiple websites, significant online advertising activities and concurrent digital campaigns can secure immense marketing advantage with web analytics audit.

Auditing analytics implementation has a lot of benefits. First among them is mapping analytics solutions with business strategy. This is done to maximize ROI on analytics efforts and investment. Various KPIs like- Conversion Rate, Goal Completion, Unique Visits, Recurring Visits, Visitor Loyalty and Visitor Regency can be tracked through regular website analytics audit.

If a business is in search for a fruitful digital marketing and a connected ecosystem, including a Website, Social Media Platform traffic, SEO traffic and Conversion metrics, then Web Analytics Configuration and Audit is the first benchmark for it.

Technical Audit:

An SEO Audit is conducted in order to understand where the website currently stands. SEO rankings help to increase the visibility of your website on search engine platforms and increase website visitors through specific keyword which in turn grows your business. Being an SEO company in Dubai, we ensure that the best practices are followed for an SEO Audit.

Our team has the expertise to carry out optimization practices to give your business the best possible results. Our team helps you provide with on-site and off-site optimizations for your website. We identify areas of improvement and provide suggestions, accordingly.

Once we agree on the SEO modifications, we will formulate a strategy and share with you. Once that is approved, we start optimizing the website to increase the brand visibility of your business. We only recommend services which will improve your website in the long run.

Quality of the Content

Content is still the king. Over the years, Google has focused a lot on improving the analysis of textual content. This helps for ranking it on the search engine, accordingly. This is a continuous process and as time goes by, further improvements can be witnessed.Good Content is the key when it comes to higher levels of engagement. Making content that is relevant and entertaining, is what the brands are currently trying to do through different ways including, partnering with influencers on different social media platforms, creating tutorials, videos on the brand story etc. Content generators are also making conscious efforts to use AR and VR in their content to leverage these new technologies to promise higher levels of engagement. Experts believe that AR/VR would replace, the infographics in SEO by providing the same information in the virtual world.

Featured Snippets:

Users require simple answers to question. And featured snippets deliver on it. A quick overview of an article can generate more leads than any other content. A question and answer type posts are working well for most of the websites.

Structured Data Becomes More Important:

Content of a blog/article has to have a structure. Either a chronological, bullet points or question and answer type, content must be displayed in a well-structured format. This helps Google to auto select rich snippets from your content.

User Experience:

SEO is of no use without understanding the user journey. A website which is optimized for mobile, loads faster and offers a seamless experience, will have a higher number of visitors and conversions.

AMP: Page Speed Boost:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are mobile optimized pages which load quickly. As the usage of heavy HTML, CSS and image coding is removed, AMP can load content in an instant on mobile devices.

Voice Search:

Due to the rise of home devices and digital assistants, voice search has seen a significant increase in recent times. These devices also help to anticipate the question and is an interesting tool for search engines to improve their results. Its soon becoming a Voice search dominated world as per some of the field experts and they also believe that half of the online traffic would be voice queries. With Alexa, Siri, Google home and similar personal assistant apps, coming in the picture, people are not typing but prefer to ask their question to the gadget, sitting next to them. While looking for the query, people tend to search by asking questions using words from their day to day lives, so its important to use a similar content on the website so that it gets picked by the search engine immediately. By the end of the day its about solving the problem of the existing or potential customer by providing relevant information. So, 2019 appears to be more about voice search SEO.

Google’s Mobile First Index:

Mobile browsing has been outgrown compared to desktops. This has led to Mobile First Index by Google. Pages optimized for mobile will be ranked higher and shown first when searching through a mobile. Businesses need to adapt and start optimizing websites for mobile.

User experience

At the end of the day everything needs to have a user-centric approach for it to succeed. The attention spans have gone down and to ensure that the customers or the potential customers stay on the site, the businesses will have to go an extra mile to ensure the site scores well on User experience and take a call on revamping their sites which is critical for online success. Users are looking forward to having a seamless experience of the site ,on all the devices. This is not a new trend but will stay as one of the most important ones, as we keep going ahead in the future.


Blockchain is comparatively a new technology and is considered to be a complex one by few but can prove to impact the SEO world in a big way. This technology enables decentralization of the internet space and will make the information or the data sharing to be more public and secure and is believed to affect the big fishes like Google. Another plus about Blockchain is that it would decrease the Click-frauds by identifying real people based on their online activities. Once people would become more aware of the concept of Blockchain, consumers would want to see the websites with blockchain codes so it is important that the SEO companies look at integrating with Blockchain services in the coming future.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning have a humongous potential of enhancing the customer experience and can be used by the SEO firms to their business advantage. They can help to monitor the customer lifecycle and generate deeper insights about how the buying decision is being made which can a game changer for the brands.

Rank Brain:

A machine learning based search engine algorithm, RankBrain is the third most important factor when it comes to search engine rankings factors. Google has not disclosed all of the 200+ search engine factors but has stated that RankBrain is one of the most important factors.
Rank Brain basically makes a guess for an unfamiliar word or phrase and matches up with the words or phrase which may contain similar phrases to it and filter the results accordingly. This displays search queries or keyword which would otherwise never been shown. It has allowed Google to boost up its algorithm testing speed to choose from the best content for a particular keyword search.

TF-IDF:What is TF- IDF?

Full form of TF-IDF is Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency. It is a Google text analysis ranking factor to show the importance of a word or a phrase in blogs/articles. It takes a deeper look into the value of the content and displays it to the relevant audience who are looking for it.

TF-IDF does two things mainly. Firstly, it factors how often a word is displayed. Words like “a”, “the”, “is”, are more frequent in general. This is the “Term Frequency” part, which tells you the frequency of word repetition.

Secondly, it assigns the value to each word. The more frequent a word is repeated, the lesser it is valued. This is the “Inverse Document Frequency Part” as the relationship it has with more repeated words is inverse. If more unique words are used, higher is the value of the content.

How does it matter for your search engine rankings?
Google ranks quality content higher and considers it more valuable than any other. By reducing the frequency of repeated words and focusing on unique, targeted keywords, your blog or website can see better results.

E-A-T Score: E-A-T stands for

• Expertise.
• Authority.
• Trustworthiness.
Google ranks content higher on search rankings which meets the above three factors. Red Berries, the best SEO company in Dubai suggests these to improve your E-A-T Score:

Include Author Details:

It is crucial to include details of the author such as name and their biography. This helps Google to understand the E-A-T of the writer, who has published the content and if they have any other similar content produced elsewhere on the internet.

Personal Branding:

Content with negative reviews will lower your website rankings and lead to fewer visitors to your website. Choose content creators who have a positive influence and are reliable for the information they share. More reliable the author higher will be your ranking.

Low E-A-T Content:

Not only the E-A-T of individual authors, but the E-A-T of your website will be also ranked lower as your website may have multiple contents from different authors who may have negative reviews. Ensure to edit and remove any content from lower ranked authors.

Technical Security:

Security is another aspect of trustworthiness. If your website doesn’t have a secure checkout, you won’t be able to grow your business. Users trust a website which offers security. Ensure to buy an SSL certificate for your website.

User-Generated Content (UGC):

UGC posts are not verified authors. That doesn’t mean a UGC post will have lower E-A-T score. But the value of content generated by the user is a ranking factor. A UGC post with accurate information will have higher E-A-T score for the whole website and vice versa.

Breaking Down Google’s Desktop “People Also Search For” Box.

“People also search for” is a feature offered by Google which displays frequently search queries after you have initially entered a search query. This feature relies on most searched queries before or after the original query was typed into the search bar.
People who share similar interests with the original search query will most likely click on these queries and redirect themselves to a new search result page. This shows us that there is a behavior pattern among users for search queries.
Being an SEO agency in Dubai, we know that SEO requires constant nurturing to boost ROI in an organic way. Some factors worth considering while conceiving an SEO strategy include:
• Potential traffic levels
• Keywords Competition
• Past performance of keywords for Benchmarking
• Searcher intent (i.e. Are they just looking, or are they ready to buy?)
• Industry trends and predictions

If followed well, an SEO goood Strategy is bound to bring long-term rewards in terms of ROI and organic conversions. Request a free consultation. Reach out to us via email at or call us on +971 4 295 7880 or +971 55 4140 870.

10 Points to Consider When Designing a Website

The internet world is rapidly changing with many users moving away from the traditional desktop or laptop computers and adopting tablets and smart phones. With that changeover, many new different design challenges are taken into account by developers when they build websites. These simple phases in a website creation have a lot of importance. To save you from a website dud, let us take you through a journey. All that's involved in making Website Design & Website Development Strategy.

1. Research Information

Website Design UI, UX Company Dubai, UAE-Redberries
A start without research can lead to increased budgets, lack of productivity, disorganization. Take the case of a building. You can’t build a skyscraper in UAE without foundation, architectural plans and firm engineering. Same is the case with a website. Research provides a seamless start to digital goals.

Now you must be thinking where to start researching and referencing for a website.
The beginning point of it is to set Goals. You might want to drive in potent leads, or generate online branding or both. One reason could be charting out the ideal customer behavior after visiting your website. Either he should fill the contact form, or book a package online or place a query. Identify the ideal user journey. How he should respond to your website. Building up user connection is the first step for effective web design and development strategy.

Things to note while doing Research :

  • Identify the purpose of the website
  • Know more about your Target Audience
  • Set the customer expectation
  • Furnish your expectations to the digital agency


2. Planning

Website Design Company Dubai UAE-Redberries
Some people may wonder why use planning after loads of researching in step one. But as digital marketing experts in Dubai, we know the inevitability of planning in a successful website generation.

Here, all the pains you took during research, information gathering and knowing the customer will be used to develop the site-map, its topics or subtopics. This will take you one step closer to the user experience.

You involve the web development company in Dubai with your research, your ideal buyer’s demands, expectations and site navigation plan as well.
You also prioritize your backend technologies for website development during this phase.

3. Navigation

Web Design Agency in Dubai, UAE-Redberries
Most of the designers use a lot of patterns, colors and effects on the websites while designing to make it look a lot fancy but in reality, “A lot” can cause confusion in the minds of the customers and the brand mind end up losing them. The navigation is the key when it comes to designing a website. It should be very easy to explore the components of the website for the customers and the designer should make sure that the customer is easily able to find what he/she wants from the website in the least amount of time which will lead to conversion. Navigation needs to be intuitive. One may design the best of websites for a brand but the User experience is the something which would guarantee success or failure.

Content on the website plays a vital role as it communicates about the brand and its values. Having the authentic and trustworthy content on the website is crucial. The designers should make sure that there is not too much of text on the page as it will make the website look cluttered, ensure that the readers get some time to rest their eyes and process the information. Delivering the right message that reaches the target segment and stays in their minds, will make them stay with your brand, so its very important to strike the right cord. Relevancy of the content is a must as one may have good quality content on the website but if it is not relevant to your target audience then it is of no use. So, a detailed research needs to go behind what’s going up ,on the website. The design of the website should in a way compliment the content on the page.

4. Content

Website Content
Content on the website plays a vital role as it communicates about the brand and its values. Having the authentic and trustworthy content on the website is crucial. The designers should make sure that there is not too much of text on the page as it will make the website look cluttered, ensure that the readers get some time to rest their eyes and process the information.

Delivering the right message that reaches the target segment and stays in their minds, will make them stay with your brand, so its very important to strike the right cord. Relevancy of the content is a must as one may have good quality content on the website but if it is not relevant to your target audience then it is of no use. So, a detailed research needs to go behind what’s going up ,on the website. The design of the website should in a way compliment the content on the page.

5. Trust

Redberries offers Website Design and Web Development in Dubai, UAE
The brand should ensure that the website looks trustworthy. If the visual communication on the website is not aligned with the Brand communication on the different platforms, then the visitors will have trust issues about the brand and conversion will be a problem. Building credibility through the website , will assure the potential customers to believe in your brand. Once the brand is able to instill the trust , customer turn loyal and rest all is taken care of.

6. Design

# 1 Website Design and Development company in Dubai - Redberries
Here comes the phase where you will see how your website is shaping up. It includes shaping up look and feel of your website. The actual relevance of User Experience comes to the picture in this stage.

How navigation is designed? The nature of your product / service, colour schemes, logo usage - all should combine together to create the best digital journey for the customer. In the first phase of designing, a web designer will provide you with a wireframe prototype of home page, inside pages and its overall look. This phase gives the mere ideas a perfect visual shape..

7. Development

Website Development Agency in Dubai, UAE-Redberries
To transform your website’s prototype images into the real website, you need the support of web development. This is an actual phase where website is actually created.

The technical web designers use the visual and graphic elements of a website prototype and use them to create a functional site.
Starting from home page to inside pages, the whole website is completed technical. Forms, Content Management System or Shopping Carts are then made functional in this stage.

8. Testing and Delivery

Creative Web design & development solutions | Redberries Creative web design Agency, Dubai
Even after the website is complete from the development front, still you can’t term it complete. Reason – it’s not TESTED. Testing gives your website a final functionality review of pages, forms, and backend scripts. Browser compatibility is also checked during the phase for website’s proper visibility upon every click. Nowadays, digital marketing agencies in Dubai offer mobile visibility optimization as well. Remember, don’t hurry up to bring your website LIVE. The testing phase removes the scope of any hindrance on any user’s visit and assures seamless web experience. Accomplishment of this fact completes the website development. Well, Almost! As the vehicle with which the website will be visible on the global scale, i.e. SEO backend work completes the website. This is a long-term process that aims at organic ranking of your website on search engines. After all such efforts, finally, you can say hi to the world with your Live Website.


9. Search Engine Optimization

SEO friendly web design services - Redberries Web development services, Dubai

The web design needs to be aligned with the SEO in order to produce successful results. It is important to include important constituents in the design which drive traffic to the website. It is also important that the website is supported by all the devices to maximize the reach. Including tags, keywords etc in the design is important so that the site is easily detected in the online search. SEO helps in enhancing the reach of your brand and hence the visibility increases and so does the awareness. The prime focus of any brand is creating awareness about the brand and then everything comes to play as far as the strategies are concerned. Search Engine Optimization is a need of the hour while you design a website because at the end of the day, every brand wants to have its presence felt to their target audience and SEO does act as a catalyst by enhancing the visibility of the website.

10. Maintenance

Redberries offers the best website design services in Dubai

Now, once your website is complete is NOT the end of the process. Website is a dynamic tool that requires proactive support from digital marketing agency in Dubai as per the changing times. You might require , page additions or blog postings. To keep the dynamic nature of the website, ideally customers like you take a website maintenance service. These are the phases which assure you of steadfast success on the search marketing front. But before going to hand over a web development project, choose the best digital agency in UAE for your company. Trust your instincts and go for nothing but the best. Considering the recent scenario, it is extremely important for the brands to have an online presence in this Digital world. The online presence doesn’t just include designing a website but also ensuring that it is done smartly. It doesn’t mean investing a fortune in creation of website but identifying the right style of website that fits your business model. Being one of the best web design agencies in UAE, we know how better website design can lead to increased customer traffic and better customer engagement. However, a poor design can lead to losing potential customers. As they say a website is the “Digital Face” of the brand so make it your best one!

Smart phone overrides website for online shopping?

In the changing era of the digital world, use of mobile devices and connected objects is increasing rapidly. This has shown a tremendous impact on the use of mobile for quick search. Gone those days when mobile was just for the sake of calling and gaming. Shopping is an addiction. Millennials even consider it a hobby. It brings pleasure, the adrenaline from the money spent, and satisfaction.

Mobile users for online orders have been growing steadily since… wait!

For 10 years mobile browsing has claimed such a huge percentage of global internet traffic. Do you know why?
Stay here and have a look at these numbers.

Averagely people spend 1.7 seconds of their time on the mobile phone. 3 out of 4 smartphone users prefer customized home screen applications for quick search.

Globally Mobile users are developing each day with spending power and time; Needless to say, it is now a single point of attraction for people to shop online. Digital shopping trend using mobile has given rise to a notable phenomenon.

One of the mind-blowing facts of emerging digital markets is that cellphone is a one-stop search for entire Y and Z generations and has a tradition of outperforming the rest of the world.

Access to shops through smartphones has proved to take things to the next level. The forecasts by experts for the next years stand as evidence.

What is driving users to make more use of phones for placing orders?

Faster navigation-
Due to slow browsing experience through websites, nearly 40% of people have been diverting their source from website to phone searching.

Payments made using mobile devices-
Nearly 75% of online shoppers prefer mobile payments over other ways. It gives a kind of luxury for making payments wirelessly.

Personalization of services-
Almost 98% of mobile users choose to pay brands who offer them a personalized experience or service.

Easy keywords to search-
Nevertheless, mobile SEO has been already personalised by digital marketing experts for easy navigation, quick loading times, and smooth experience that easily steals users attention at its best.

Why limit the pros of cellphone usage to its handy experience, when it continues to be a pro in rapid developments in cloud technologies. The technology has paved the way to save records, access to more information, see cloud computing and better security of information.

To sum up, cell phones act as a personal assistant for its users– after all, it is a smartphone for a reason.